Low Cost Home Decorating

Low Cost Home Decorating | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Cheap decoration is a saving solution. It would be very nice if you managed to beautify the room at a low cost. It will provide unparalleled satisfaction, as well as streamlined expenses that are maintained.

Small changes can often make a big difference. The right decoration, even if only done in one or two parts, is able to increase the comfort as well as the aesthetics of the room. What are some examples of cheap decorations that you can apply? Check out our opinion below.

Paint Color

Changing the color of the walls is basically the most instant solution for decorating a room. For aesthetics, apply new colors randomly on one or two sides of the walls of the room, then you will feel the difference. Decorating is cheap, effective, and easy for anyone to do.


If you need a richer feel, opt for wallpaper instead of paint. Here, of course, the choice of motive becomes very important. Because it must be in accordance with the existing concept of the room. Apply on the side of the wall that is still ‘blank’ for maximum benefit.

Wall Lettering

In the kitchen area, bedroom, or workspace, you will need a more personal touch. For that, you can also use wall lettering containing motivational writing to increase passion and beautify the room.

Get rid of Useless Things

Before thinking about adding and buying decorative items, or hiring a professional interior decorator who is expensive, consider first about the arrangement of a room. Maybe you just need to reorganize or get rid of obsolete and useless items that could spoil the aesthetics.

Choose Open Shelf

Even long before that, the choice of furniture should also get more attention. For example, cabinets are great for storage, but they tend to lead to boredom over time and can be quite difficult to change. So, why don’t you choose open shelving? This can be an inexpensive decoration option, as a storage area as well as a display for your beautiful collection.


Even new tablecloths, or modifications from materials you already have at home, can make a big difference to the appearance of a room. If the motif matches, this will be a separate point of interest as a manifestation of your taste.

Sofa cushions

Apart from that, there are a few other small pieces that can make a difference, such as a beautiful actual patterned pillowcase. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than replacing a sofa, but the results can be felt right away. If necessary, add a collection of sofa cushion covers and replace them regularly.

Change Table Surface

If you have more budget, try consulting with your trusted decorator to consider replacing the counter top surface with a different material, for example from wood to glass. This is also a cheap decoration option, rather than having to buy a new table.


Or another way, namely by replacing the carpet in the middle of the room that already looks boring. Prepare a little budget for a new carpet or two. This decorative item is easy to assemble and disassemble. So, if it is dirty or starting to look worn, you can replace it with another carpet. Wash and clean the old carpet to use again when it’s his turn.

Decorative Curtains

Likewise with the curtains. You can do a similar way with the carpet above, which is to add a collection of curtain fabric as a substitute, if it starts to get dirty and boring. If it’s too expensive, consider seeing a tailor with the fabric you’ve chosen yourself.

Bed Cover

In addition, the same way you can do in the bedroom. Bed covers, blankets, or pillowcases are a relatively inexpensive and effective instant decorating solution. Make sure the motif really matches your taste.

Indoor Plants

The next inexpensive decor item is to bring green tones in the room. Indoor plants are generally inexpensive, but can make a big impact on refreshing your home. Choose affordable ones, such as ivory betel, palladium, or Malone, they are also easy to care for. If you don’t want to bother, there are also many tiny cacti found on the market.


It is well known that glass can enhance the elegant facade of a room as well as give it a spacious feel because it is light friendly. If it’s not transparent glass, you can look for a unique framed mirror to install in the room as a substitute for paintings or other wall decorations.

Updating Back splash

Cheap decorations for the kitchen can be applied to the back splash. You can install new tiles in this limited area, so the costs are relatively low.

Accent Light

Make no mistake, lighting also plays an important role for decoration. Highlights at the right place will instantly enhance the beauty of the room.

Change Corner Lamp

In addition, the glow of the lights also plays a big role. The white fluorescent lamp gives the impression of being spacious and bright. The yellow color of the bulb can trigger warmth. Practical and affordable, right?

Go Thrifting

Try to spend some time walking to the flea market. You’re sure to find unique items that can be transformed into charming decor items. Oriental plates, classic frames, ancient wall clocks and much more. Bold bargaining allows you to get them at a low price.

Red Room Decorating | Low Cost Home Decorating

In addition to giving a cheerful and calming impression, the choice of red in the house can also provide comfort and warmth. Not only red wall paint, red nuanced decorations are also interesting to apply. Want to elevate your mood while creating a positive effect on your home? Check out 12 red room decorating ideas from our decorators below.

1. Eclectic Atmosphere

The use of red wood decorations adds to the eclectic atmosphere of this traditional impression room.

2. Center of Attention

Although dominated by neutral colors, the placement of the antique red cabinets managed to become the center of attention.

3. Room Balance

A unique red chair that is comfortable is presented to compensate for the predominantly white bedroom.

4. Artistic Walls

As a private room, the selection of decorations that suit your personality is important. Like this bathroom with artistic walls.

5. Fresh and Bold

The minimalist-style living room is even more attractive with red walls as a fresh and bold background.

6. Boho Theme

To emphasize the bold and sharp Boho style, our decorators added a touch of red through accents on the chairs and dining table.

7. Luxurious and Enchanting

The placement of a red tufted or chesterfield sofa gives a dazzling luxurious impression.

8. Color Game

The play of colors and textures on the gypsum surface creates an interesting and unforgettable atmosphere.

9. Boosts Mood

In addition to giving a fresh and bright impression, the choice of red can also improve your mood.

10. Room Energy

The natural elements of wood combine perfectly with the red color that can increase the energy of the room.

11. Tiny and Attractive

Our professionals turn a small corridor into a neat and attractive room through the placement of a versatile wardrobe with red accents.

12. Wardrobe

The wardrobe is as good as the scenario in the room to convey a personal impression. Enjoy the surface to increase the aesthetic appeal of the room. And whenever your space and needs call for it, don’t miss the opportunity to create a work zone that attaches to a closet. There are other storage solutions, such as shelves.

Unique industrial style decoration ideas

Concise reductionism paired with fragmental possibilities like rusted steel components, untreated wood, and walls that aren’t plastered are all a part of the appeal of elegant industrial design. Each place has a strange comfort because to the amazing economic trend atmosphere. The trend in interior design today is to add finishing touches to spaces decorated in an industrial style.

Ideas to highlight wood

While it is easy to think of metal and concrete when considering business design, wooden is also a very good material that shouldn’t be overlooked. Wood is the ideal complement to many cold, harsh commercial materials since it breathes, moves, and emanates a warm temperature and tranquilly.

Exposed wall

Exposed concrete walls, which first gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, are now one of the most popular contemporary interior design components. A natural wall can have a lovely but rustic vibe if it is constructed poorly, and it then becomes an inside feature in and of itself.

Combination of leather and steel

One of the elements that makes commercial-style interior design ideal is the combination of the soft and rough experiences of leather and metal. Industrial spaces commonly combine old and contemporary elements, but interior designers are particularly fond of the combination of vintage leather and industrial iron.

Pipe design

Metal pipes made of copper, brass, and metal have been prized for their durability and practical use for a long time and may be found in many buildings. With the contemporary appreciation of corporate design, those pipes are gaining fresh attention as decorative elements rather than pieces of machinery.

Vintage accessories

Finding a way to incorporate vintage accessories into your decor is one of the finest ways to give it a professional feel. A modern space might benefit from the aged feel and strong texture that vintage furniture and textiles can add. For instance, the modest bedroom with the picture graph and the Edison-style bulb within evokes memories of the countryside.

Unique industrial style

Commercial design has the distinct advantage of attracting both contemporary and vintage styles, in many ways. Industrial style antique elements can add warmth to a hard look, but if you incorporate business design successfully, you can create a more cutting-edge space than any other style even with ancient artefacts.

Point lighting

The lighting of the design, which accurately captures the feel of the industrial era, illuminates the area and acts as point lighting at a particular location.

Pendant light

This pendant light is a beautiful example of commercial ornamentation. Any room can be given a natural commercial environment by using glass and metal information.

Metal detail

Use metal liberally because it has a significant role in a commercial appearance. This bedroom design features a piece area with thin, simple metallic details and a charming tables. Modern metallic details blend beautifully with the wood used to support commercial design features.

Industrial furniture

To develop a business style, furniture like steel chairs, swivel seats, worktops and tables, metal cabinets, roll containers, or zinc cabinets that look like they were taken straight out of a brick attic in New York are highly helpful.

Industrial item

Antique suitcases, tools, professional lights, leather cushions, old containers, and carefully chosen accessories with history are items that emphasise commercial fashion. Of course, traditional accents like vases, candelabra, and artwork would also look great here.

Brick wall

A brick wall should never be painted or integrated in a design. The sturdy brick walls give it a completely cool and design-focused appearance. Due to its attractive brick walls, the space in the image resembles a modern office in one of the hippest big cities in India, such as Gurgaon and Delhi.

Attic style

You could build and decorate the entire house in an attic style if you need a more upscale and modern place. With concrete, load-bearing beams, and ceiling constructions, the clinker partitions inside the image have a commercial appearance. Modern fixtures and stoves that are connected to the ceiling draw attention and add comfort to the area.

Warm atmosphere

In this well-designed loft, a lot of wood is employed, together with clinker bricks and steel components. It’s also remarkable how lighting are used to draw attention to the lovely and comfortable surroundings. Here, modern furnishings like pink bar chairs and large wood-framed windows complete the look of this distinctive commercial loft.

Sensual modern interior

A pricey and simple area is finished with an industrial-style rustic gallery that exudes modern charm and has white walls and fantastic flooring. It implies a minimalist aesthetic that is successfully achieved without further complication while maintaining a challenging feeling.

Home Interior Storage Solutions | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi | NCR

Smart storage ideas are essential to make the most of a small space and keep all sorts of clutter neatly organized. As people’s interest in interiors increases, storage ideas are also evolving. A good interior designer creates the most ideal space by considering everything from the design to the layout of the cabinet.

It is not the size of the cabinet that determines the excellent storage, but the creativity and imagination of the space. So, how do architects with professional knowledge of space prepare storage space?

The first step to a practical storage idea is to find some leftover space in the corner. Rather than blocking the space by placing large cabinets in places frequented by residents, it is wise to install them in a corner space that is easy to empty or on the wall. In the photo, neat shelves were placed on the wall to maintain a comfortable flow and appearance.

Who strives to create a home where the owner’s family can tell the story of the owner’s family through a heartfelt housing project , and where they can stay comfortably. In the photo above, the storage idea that considers the growing children stands out.

A small library made by installing bookshelves next to a well-lit opening or next to the stairs the family passes through helps children to spend a comfortable reading time in the warmth of the family. A bright book space created through creative storage ideas is also a great play area for active children.

A good storage idea is an idea that has enough storage capacity to store a variety of things, while also keeping the space perfectly organized. boldly changed the thinking frame to provide a cleaner and more practical storage space. For an architect with a great imagination about space, every space in everyday life could be a storage space. The cabinet, which fits snugly against the wall of the living room, boasts abundant storage capacity and creates a clean flow without clutter.

In a typical house, stairs often function only as a circulation line connecting the upper and lower floors. However, the leftover space on the side and under the stairs can be a great storage space depending on your perspective. In the photo, the stepped shelf installed with a wide width has the advantage of being able to store books and other things abundantly. It is also wide enough for a person to stay, so it can be used as a chair where you can sit or stop for a while to enjoy a simple reading or a break.

The built-in wardrobe, which is installed from the ceiling to the floor, not only has abundant storage capacity, but is also the most neat idea to organize the movement of the space. The white cabinet with a smooth design without irregularities has the effect of expanding the visual sense of space, so it is often loved in a relatively narrow hallway or hallway. The entrance hall is a space where various miscellaneous goods such as shoes, umbrellas, and hats gather and become cluttered, so it is ideal to create a bright and clean interior.

Storage in the bathroom is recommended to be as neat as possible for safety and hygiene. While carrying out the housing project, paid attention to providing a practical and beautiful storage space so that miscellaneous bathroom items would not harm the well- organized bathroom interior .

The sink chest of drawers made to fit the space and the stylishly arranged recessed cabinet next to the bathtub show the architect’s consideration. If you want a more unique storage idea, refer to the photo of a retro-style bicycle installed under the sink. The bicycle, which has an excellent interior effect with a distinctive personality, is produced like a structure of a washbasin, and the idea of ​​using the front basket for storing towels stands out.

What would it look like if the storage space was not just a space to store things, but had various functions? favors custom-made furniture for space and purpose for storage ideas with various practical functions. The desk with ample storage space underneath and the closet under the stairs that creates a space for the TV to look like a TV cabinet is a good example of the architect’s imagination about space.

The kitchen is a space that needs to be organized more neatly for safety and health. Therefore, there is a need for a practical storage space that can store various cooking tools and food materials in the kitchen well. The architect chose to utilize the abundant lower cabinets and vertical space as a way to keep the kitchen wider and to place various items in a visible manner.

The built-in lower cabinet under the sink and counter top is effective for neatly storing heavy cooking utensils such as pots and frying pans. On the other hand, the shelf installed high on the wall has a practical advantage as it can increase access to tableware and food materials with an open, exposed display method.

A distinctive decorative design idea for your homeA distinctive decorative design idea for your home | Gurgaon | Gurugram

In any home, the front room is a crucial social space where you spend fun with family or together with your friends, so this space needs appropriate arrangement, comfortable furniture and decoration to offer a way of relaxation and distinction, you spend tons of your time in your front room, so you are doing not need Just to seem cool, but also to be practical and cozy.

If you’re just beginning to believe decorating your home, and therefore the very first thing on the list is that the front room, these simple and effective tips from will assist you achieve the right design. Be inspired by these gorgeous styles, be it modern or classic.

Multi functional furniture

Living room furniture should be as versatile as possible, in order that the space is often better organized to seem less cluttered. A settee or cocktail table with storage underneath is ideal. This extends with all the opposite pieces. For instance, you’ll think about using chairs that either functions as stools or as tables as you would like them.

Creative ideas for wall decor

We suggest that you simply think outside the box when it involves decorating your front room walls. Get inspired by this great concept the lighting unit is that the most vital feature of the space. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You’ll work with an indoor design professional to assist you create innovative solutions to embellish your front room.

Fashionable blue inscriptions

Even if you favor classic furniture and straightforward design, you’ll also get wallpaper with bold patterns, this way; you’ll make your home look amazing within the eyes of your visitors.

Marble for an ideal kitchen

Marble isn’t only for the kitchen counter, if you wish to use marble, you’ll cover the walls with artificial marble tiles to reinforce the design of your kitchen, and you’ll feel more elegant.

Nature inside your home

If you’re keen on nature, this wood-paneled entrance is certainly perfect for you, and therefore the glass panels add slightly of modernity and class to the planning , making it an ideal example.

Inscriptions aren’t only for walls

When you take a broad check out this design again, you’ll see how the colors divide the space, and you’ll use the patterns also for the floors in a perfect way.

Contrasted color contrast

For an easier look, you’ll choose one color to color the wall, the blue here is ideal for the planning , and therefore the zig-zag effect on the wall looks great alongside the crisp white bedding and wood flooring .

Textured decorative wallpaper

Today there are many new and interesting wallpaper designs to use in your home, this white and red one fits the front room and dining room too, think twice about the proper place.

A striking wall up the center

If the doorway to your house is ordinary, you’ll turn the wall into a definite piece of art, you only need to cover it with random-shaped stones to feature truly distinctive and unique features.

Accurate engineering design

To create an unforgettable look, you’ve got to think twice about the weather you employ to renovate your home, we discover that this dining room is modern and stylish, especially with the presence of marble walls and distinctive lighting units.

Add some cement decor

If you would like an unexpected and modern design, try cement panels, they’re very contemporary, and that they will look great regardless of which room you employ them in.

Mosaic in reminder blue

Bathrooms are the right place to use bright and fun colors, choose a youthful and vibrant design, with multi-colored blue tiles covering the wall and façade of the bath.

Perfect detail

Add some depth

Niches and shelves are one among the right tools for a front room. If you’re trying to find simple decorating ideas for that room, choose shelves and niches with built-in spotlights that accentuate the decor accessories placed inside. They will also enhance the sense of depth, which contributes to the space appearing more spacious than it has.

Get creative together with your wall decor

Instead of investing during a large, expensive piece of art to hide a blank wall, how about incorporating an ingenious mantel, just like the one you see here, on which you’ll display a spread of accessories ?, you’ll also create little gallery with many unique family photos.

Flexible and innovative design

There is no strict rule that the front room should have a cocktail table within the center. If the space seems crowded, replace the cocktail table with several small tables or stools, which may offer you the pliability to maneuver it easily as an area to rest and have snacks and drinks. This design adds many dimensions to the space, which increases the sense of capacity.

Add some mirrors

Our list of the simplest front room decorating ideas would be incomplete without mirrors, it not only reflects light and space to form little front room look bigger but it also brings tons of elegance, especially when it’s unusual and crowd pleasing frames.

Distinguished wall

While dark colors should be avoided for little front room walls, there’s nothing wrong with painting one among those walls a dark color. This concept will add a pleasant feature to the space. You’ll also hang some photos or artwork in lighter shades to make nice contrast and reduce the intensity of dark colors.

Innovative seats

When trying to find ideas to embellish your small front room, low stools should be your first choice. They increase the capacity of the vertical space within the room. And choose the furniture that matches the overall design and therefore the decorations that add an enthralling artistic touch thereto important place.

Count on simple furniture

Simple classic furniture is one among the foremost important small front room decorating ideas you’ll adopt. Wooden sofas and tables just like the ones you see during this photo provides a feeling of airiness compared to modern sofas that do not leave a niche between the seat and therefore the floor. And therefore the free space adds more spaciousness to the space.

Stylish white design

White and neutral shades work well in modern homes. However, many householders, especially those with young children, are hesitant to settle on light-colored furniture. But by choosing the proper quite material, like sofa leather, you’ll safely use white without fear about staining.

Simple and functional shelves

When designing a front room, you’ll cover the walls with shelves from floor to ceiling. It helps you display books, photos, and other decorative accessories that add warmth and luxury to an area; also as help organize the space.

Delightful colors that catch the attention

To add some joy and radiance to your front room, you’ll put some colorful furniture as during this picture, therefore the yellow seats here give the planning a way of distinction and difference. We see the paintings add some depth and consistency to the space.