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Have you ever seen the famous movie scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when a curse causes things to multiply when touched? Suddenly Harry Potter and his friends drown in the midst of the many goblets, we often get similar things we need them, and sell them cheaply.

But sometimes everything is solved by organizing these things and keeping them in drawers and searching all the spaces and rooms of our house for places to store them.

Find furniture that can be used for organization

Mess is not caused by the lack of space, but by the lack of organization. The starting point is to find the appropriate furniture to organize the items, and then put everything in a suitable place for it. Empty all your closets and get rid of the things that do not need to exist and replace them with other things. Having a list of things in each drawer or cabinet will save you a lot of searching. If your kitchen has a small storage space, you can put the utensils that you only use a few times in these additional cabinets.

Use drawers under the bed

The space under the bed is usually less used, empty space than anything advised experts to use it by purchasing a set of practical storage boxes to keep your childhood and teenage memories in one place away from prying eyes.

Libraries aren’t just for books

If you are a fan of literature and reading, the library is a special place for storage, and the shelves should be wide and larger in order to use them in storage. For example, this library does not accommodate books only, but other things such as pictures and lamps.

Divide areas by units

If the bedroom has enough space, then there is a very practical idea that can be applied, which is to install an open dressing room at one end of the room to allow organizing clothes in a more effective way. These wardrobes can be customized according to specific sizes or they can be purchased ready-made. The first step is to know the place for each type From clothes, whether pants or shirts, to shoes, everything has a place.

Organize shoes

Regarding the previous point, storing shoes is not easy and in the end they end up in a messy drawer that we are unable to reveal, you can use a piece of furniture like this one we see in the picture, you can assemble the shoes in pairs in an orderly manner.

Use the spaces under the stairs

The space under the stairs is usually wasted, as you end up placing a pot with a plant that we forget about, but you can put a set of shelves under the ladder and use it for storage, such as storing household items, and you can paint it in bright colors and add a beautiful look to your home.


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