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Interior Designer in Ghaziabad | Best Interior Design Firm


Interior A to Z is an interior design company with headquarters in Delhi that focuses on giving its clients the perfect fusion of artistic attitude and architectural superiority. Delivering high-quality services to our clients and striving for perfection in every project we work on are our main priorities.

At Interior A to Z, we think that a person’s environment has a big impact on their work and lifestyle. Our goal is to give our customers the best service possible so that the atmosphere in their homes and places of business matches their personalities and surroundings.

Interior A to Z has taken on the task of offering services that would revolutionize the way you live and making for them the greatest landscape at both their home and place of employment.

Interior Designers in Ghaziabad

Our headquarters are in Delhi, India’s commercial centre. Interior A to Z is a family of dedicated experts who love to embellish your homes and workplaces to improve the environments in which you would love to live, work, or play.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with furniture that blends with your personality, surroundings, and cutting-edge technology. To give you accuracy, we develop our goods and services to be both classic and cutting-edge.

We draw inspiration for our designs from the natural world around us since we think that everyone’s nature has a big impact on which they are. So, every design that our staff considers is intended to give you decor that reflects your ideals.

Rest confident that you won’t be able to resist our unique architecture and imaginative patterns. Our team of qualified designers and skilled architects will work together to create your dream house or place of business a pleasant reality if you have one in mind.

We provide services as an interior designer in Ghaziabad

Interior A to Z’s employees are passionate about what they do, and it shows in every project they work on. As you enter your freshly painted living room or office cabin, we take pride in seeing how happy you are. We take care of all of your furniture needs, from adding a closet to designing the interiors in Ghaziabad, to making sure that they appeal to your aesthetic sense and are enjoyable to use every day. Call us soon to elevate your space.

Home interior in Ghaziabad

You can rely on us to turn your ideal home into a reality because your house is a reflection of your individuality. We guarantee that the design of your home will be aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free as part of our services. For every room, including the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, kids’ play area or kids’ room, stairways and much more, we provide planning solutions in Ghaziabad.

Hospitality interior design ideas

When you work in the hospitality sector, it’s crucial to make the correct impression from the start. When a customer chooses you, you must make them feel welcome and at ease. Our designs offer the ideal fusion of architecture and utility that is focused on satisfying every sense of your customers. As we don’t adhere to a particular aesthetic, we have the opportunity to think creatively for you and provide a distinctive design for each of our clients.

Retail Interior design

The best visual experience is crucial when you work in the retail industry. Leave it to us to entice clients with our interior designs and assist you in growing your company. We offer design services for exhibits, innovative fittings, store interiors, and branding your businesses with a distinct identity. We ensure a functional design in your stores while delivering an engaging and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Best Commercial Interior

It is common knowledge that a successful design will generate successful sales. We offer the most comprehensive and effective space solutions for commercial real estate. For corporate offices, storage facilities, libraries, museums, shops, etc., we provide interior designs. We are a one-stop shop for all of your needs about designing commercial properties.

Low budget Other Services

In addition to building your home and professional space, we also take on a variety of projects for designing pavilions, exhibitions, or gyms (both public and private), as well as projects for revitalizing historic heritage sites. Our team of experts will enhance your experience by creating a room that is both extremely functional and artistic in design.

Interior design projects

Each design should be created in a way that achieves both functionality and the best possible use of the available space. We give you with the most cost-effective solution using the most recent technologies.

Our headquarters are in Delhi. Interior A to Z is a family of enthusiastic experts who love to embellish your homes and give you a better environment so that you can live or work there with passion. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with furnishings that blend in with your environment, personality, and state-of-the-art technology. In order to give you exactitude, we strive to build items that are both original and timeless.

We feel that a person is profoundly influenced by nature, which is why our designs are inspired by the natural world around us. So, every design chosen by our staff aims to supply your décor Ghaziabad in accordance with your beliefs. We promise to offer you beautiful constructions that you won’t be able to refuse. If you have a vision for your home, our team of qualified designers and experienced architects will work diligently to make it a reality.

Interior Designer in Ghaziabad | Best Interior Design Firm


The walk-in closet and the boudoir are combined in the ideal modern room. It is a location where the man and woman of the house can pamper themselves and make plans for their clothing. Prized designer dresses and shoes are frequently displayed in this area.

A room is exactly that, though. In addition, it serves as a haven from the hourly bustle, a place to make private phone calls and have a moment of “me” time, and a spot to gather with friends for a cocktail or a glass of champagne before going out for the evening. That is why an increasing number of homeowners are converting underused extra bedrooms into their ideal spaces in Ghaziabad.


Being in an atmosphere that piques one’s interest and imagination is helpful when determining what to dress. Because of this, the room might be an area of the home where owners can let their decorating style shine, whether that be by designing a pretty grotto in pink and lavender or a gilded. Yet it’s crucial to keep in mind that, in most circumstances, the primary function of a room is to provide storage, independent of the visual scheme.

The majority of styles will thus begin by developing a notion for a set of fitted cabinets and shelves that are all ideally open (i.e., without doors), since this will quickly provide an inspiring overview of all the combined clothing and accessories. This structure can help to give the space a sense of order and theatre with the right amount of symmetry and repetition.


There are two basic approaches as regards room color. One is to use a neutral palette – for instance, various reminder off-white, or natural wood tones – to supply a discreet backdrop which will boast clothes and shoes without distracting from or clashing with them.

The opposite is to use bold colors and patterns to make a subtle mood of fantasy – as an example, lavish striped wallpaper for a baroque, vintage boudoir feeling. Which to settle on will largely depend upon whether the main target of your room is on the garments or on relaxing and socializing.


Soft carpeting is that the ideal option for a room floor, which must be comfortable to steer around on in bare feet. Carpets in pale pastels and neutral tones work well as they reflect light upwards, making the room feel bright and flesh. A smooth hardwood floor also can feel very opulent, with a couple of thick rugs placed in those parts of the room (i.e., ahead of mirrors) where the occupant is presumably to face fitting clothes.


Needless to mention, different room designs will suit different people counting on their individual priorities. For instance, a few planning a “his and hers” closet will probably want to avoid anything too overtly feminine and appearance for a method that creates them both feel reception.

For a fashion lover who wants an area where they will showcase an outsizes designer collection, a room with no frills and many of storage is perhaps the simplest bet. If the house owner features a particular fondness for shoes, then these could be the key feature of the room design, with different sizes of shelving for top heels and knee-high boots. Alternatively, for social butterflies who like to leave, a nightclub inspired decor, with neon hues and jazzy wallpaper, could be more appropriate.


There are many little touches which will be incorporated into a room to form it a pleasure to use, like back-lighting for shelves, angled shelving for shoes and chubby-holes for handbags.

Additionally, remember to incorporate a dresser, a full-length mirror, and a few quite versatile and compact seating for sitting down and fitting shoes. If there’s room, it’s also an honest idea to feature little sofa or daybed where friends can relax and luxuriate in a sip of wine. a really large room can enjoy having a central island – this creates a focus , and may even be a convenient place for laying out a tray of drinks and displaying a variety of recently purchased handbags, shoes and trinkets.


Accessories are often an excellent how of introducing a component of fun and fantasy into a room. Mixing together some new pieces with a couple of antiques can create a uniquely eclectic, individual style which will mark the room out as a special, private place within the house.

As an example, a vintage chandelier can provide soft, sympathetic lighting, while an outsizes Victorian footstool can make an excellent all-purpose seat or cocktail table. Other quirky accessories that would be added to a room include library steps for reaching high shelves, a coat-stand for displaying hats and a favorite suitcase for days when it’s necessary to pack during a hurry to leap on a plane.

Additionally, one shouldn’t overlook simple but useful room accessories like padded hangers which will protect clothes from wear.


It’s still possible to be very creative with little room. A method of compensating for limited floor space is to choose extravagant decor – patterned wallpaper, gilt furniture, attractive printed fabrics and high end carpeting can all help to open out little room and make it feel less confined, also as giving it a jewel-like bijou quality.

In practical terms, it’s essential to form use of each sq in of space for storing within the room by installing high shelves and taking advantage of any niches or under-seating areas.

These can then accommodate any out of season clothes, which may be wrapped in acid-free tissue and housed in breathable storage boxes and bags for safe-keeping.

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Interior design ideas about shoes rack

Shoes that change according to the season and the weather. It changes depending on the purpose such as exercise and commuting, so even if you don’t carry many things, it will increase. Many people say that they can’t fit in their shoe box. Then how about changing the storage method? Here’s a summary of some eye-catching shoe storage methods, such as show storage and storage that uses props to keep things neat.

At the front door, under the bench

The royal road for shoe storage, the entrance. If the shoe box is full, why not put a bench next to the entrance and store your shoes under it? The shelves here are quite wide, and small items and umbrellas necessary for going out are displayed fashionably, but there is also a space where you can sit in one corner, so you can sit down even if you have people waiting before going out. So very convenient. Above all, it’s nice to be able to make the entrance look stylish.

Put a shoe hanger in your wardrobe

Boots are the most formidable shoe storage. Many of them are long and cannot stand on their own without a boot keeper, and it is difficult to find a good storage position in the shoe box. In such a case, why not change your mind and use a shoe hanger to hang it in your wardrobe like this. Not only will it be neat and tidy, but it will also make your shoes last longer.

Use pallets to store athletic shoes, etc.

If you want to store a lot of shoes in a compact space, it seems better to use pallets and drain boards. By stacking multiple pallets, you can store a lot of shoes in between. The storage furniture is ideal for flat shoes such as athletic shoes and you can adjust the height to your liking or increase the number of steps with DIY, so it seems easy to try.

Sliding shoe box

You want to keep your important shoes neat, but you want them to be easy to find when you take them out. Also, if you have a deep space to store your shoes, why not use a shoe box that slides into a drawer type like this? You can make full use of the space in the back, and at the same time, you can easily see the shoes and store them in good condition. It’s a dressing room and shoe storage that looks beautiful and makes you feel a little more original.

Display by hooking on a ladder

It doesn’t have to fit neatly, but if so, how about storage like this? It is a display in the form of sticking your toes into a ladder-shaped rack or hooking your heels. The casual feeling makes you feel stylish and playful again. If it has such a shape, it may be a good idea to process a ready-made ladder or procure wood and DIY it yourself.

Display your favorite fashionable shoes on the bookshelf

Very favorite and nicely designed shoes are something that shoe lovers will be happy to see. Then why not display it like art? Fashionable shoes are displayed like a shop on a very unusually shaped shelf. Even the writing is elaborate; it looks like a real art work. Even if you don’t decorate a lot, just put it between the books on the bookshelf and you will have a play like an object.

As an accessory for stairs

If you want more shoe storage, but want to keep what you have at home, simply decorating your shoes like an object. Why don’t you put your shoes on the stairs like a display shelf? Accents will be created on the plain stairs, and it will be a fun living space. However, if you wake up and use the stairs vaguely, you may trip over your shoes, so be careful not to get injured!

Unadorned naturalness. Scandinavian bathroom interior

Scandinavian style, which emphasizes practicality and pursues unadorned natural beauty, is good for bathrooms that have limited composition and need a clean image. 

How can you complete a Scandinavian-style bathroom that seems simple, but takes care of essential elements, and strongly appeals to one’s own charm if it seems to be restrained?

Today, let’s take a look at bathroom interiors decorated in Scandinavian style.

Bathroom with wood furniture

Wood furniture is a very useful item to create a Scandinavian style. The unique soft and warm texture of wood expresses the comfortable and natural Scandinavian style. You can complete basic styling just by fitting waterproof wood furniture to the bathroom and matching white colorIn this bathroom, the floor is finished with tiles with a pattern characteristic of Scandinavian style to express the individuality more clearly.

Interior with a modern touch

If you want to add a clean modern style, it is better to use a tile with a simple design as the main. If you add a transparent partition to widen your gaze, you can expand the sense of space and create a more comfortable and clean feeling.

Dandy style

Here are some styling ideas suggested. The interior is impressive with a black-toned grid pattern partition and blue-colored lighting as points. It is worth paying attention to if you want to express a simple yet dandy atmosphere.

Chic feeling

If you like a chic style, gray color is recommended. If you match it with white color, it can prevent the overall atmosphere from becoming too heavy or dark. It is a basic bathroom interior that is useful for effectively expressing a neat and clean image.

Combination of wood and gray color

The combination of wood and gray color tiles gives a different feeling. It looks gorgeous at first glance, but since it is a very monotonous composition, it doesn’t feel complicated or burdensome. The pattern in the washbasin is a point, adding a bright and bright image.

Black White

The harmony of black and white is the main item that creates modern style as well as Scandinavian style. Here, if you use wood furniture with a three-dimensional frame, you can see that the Scandinavian style is stronger than the modern one. Because it has a simple yet neat image, it is an example of interior design that goes well with any narrow or spacious bathroom, making use of its strengths.

Styling with marble

Marble has a strong sense of elegance and luxury. If you match the monotonous design with cute Scandinavian-style accessories, you can complete a Scandinavian-style bathroom with a feminine and comfortable atmosphere. If you want to create a more natural atmosphere, it is recommended to add small, soft lighting rather than large and colorful lighting.

Make a narrow bathroom spacious

Scandinavian style, which pursues a simple style without extravagance, is particularly well suited to small spaces. If a small bathroom is a concern, pay attention to this interior.

Although the toilet and washbasin bathtub are configured in a small space at the same time, the stylish look is more striking than the cramped feeling. You can feel that your eyes are focused on one place because they are all painted white and only the floor is finished with colorful and colorful patterned tiles. If you want to create a bathroom with a small but strong personality, remember the point of ‘selection and concentration.


There is a municipal town called Ghaziabad. Many residential and commercial structures are being built in this region. The nicest interiors for their spaces are needed by many of the locals. The top interior design firm in Ghaziabad is Interior A to Z, and they offer the best support. We work with you to create interiors that are cozy and long-lasting for both your homes and businesses. Several original and inventive concepts were used to develop the interior designs.

Unique Interior Design Solutions

Many of us dream of having a completely private indoor place. The interiors that we are used to seeing could not make us feel happy. Many of us want a well-designed and distinctive interior to prevent this issue. The top crew for creating lovely interior spaces works at Interior A to Z. For our clients, we create locations that are ideal, appropriate, original, and innovative. As a result, the Interior A to Z team is the top choice for providing unique interior designs in Ghaziabad.

Modular Kitchen Interiors

Most of our homes’ most often utilized space is the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen is where we operate with several appliances and store a lot of objects, including food. So, for better performance, it must be precisely designed. The top interior designers for creating practical modular kitchen interiors in Ghaziabad are Interior A to Z.

The kitchen has high-quality appliances. Similar to this, having appropriate and effective storage areas is also recommended for having a clean kitchen. They will be specifically created so that they are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. The Interior A to Z’ modular kitchen interiors are created to give you a relaxing and delightful working environment.

Shop Interior Designer

The top shop interior designer in Ghaziabad is Interior A to Z. The nicest interiors are desired for shops and other business locations. This is due to how important it is to have satisfied customers. We offer interior designs that might help you showcase your products more effectively and draw customers.

Also, we can provide designs that will provide a comfortable working environment for your personnel. We also provide enough storage space and a more effective manner to display the products according to their category.

Appropriate interior designs are provided for office interiors in order to impress clients. The distinctiveness of Interior A to Z is that they provide adequate solutions for various interiors. As a result, we became well-known for designing both residential and business interiors throughout Ghaziabad.

Budget Friendly Interiors

People are choosing affordable options in all sectors as the economic crisis worsens. Similar circumstances apply to interior design as well. When compared to other interior designers, we provide high-quality work at reasonable pricing. As a result, many visitors were impressed by the interior design of the Interior A to Z. Therefore, a well-known interior design business emerged in Ghaziabad.

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