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Fabulous Industrial Style Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Trend during 2021, the industrial style combines modern design with natural materials creating spaces full of contrasts. Protagonists of lofts and apartments, it is a style that can be easily adapted to homes. Sensible, sober and functional it can be found both in a kitchen and in a dining room, living room or bedroom. Yes, bedroom! You want to know more?

Find in this book several tips and projects from Interior A to Z professionals to achieve an industrial-style room . Materials, colors and everything you need to know to make that space look splendid.

  1. Factory inspiration

The industrial style is inspired by the look of warehouses, factories and other industrial structures. It includes materials seen with bricks, wood and metals being the great favorites.

  1. Timeless

The industrial style is timeless. Its flexibility allows elements of the present and of the steps to be included in a simple and harmonious way. It can also be applied in both a matrimonial and a youth room.

  1. Natural materials

Another characteristic of the industrial style is its inclination towards the modern style. The spaces are spacious, without large divisions and extremely bright. It pays tribute to functionality and adds luxury details especially when it comes to furniture and design objects.

  1. Naked facilities

In the spaces, the industrial style also exposes the facilities. There are no finishes, or officiants on ceilings and on the floors there are mostly materials such as wood or cement.

  1. Original details

A tip to personalize an industrial room is to use designer furniture and solid upholstery with natural textures and neutral colors. You can also add original details in the lighting design.

  1. Color palette

In the bedrooms, the industrial style stands out for its elegance and functionality. Warm and sophisticated is based on a color palette that leans towards light tones, sand and earth. There is also a place for red and black and if you like a bold brushstroke, the use of reds, blues and greens is notable.

  1. Flexibility and contrasts

One of the great benefits of the industrial style is its flexibility. It can be combined with other styles such as rustic or minimalist. It stands out for its comfort and modern atmosphere.

  1. Simplicity

Despite its simplicity, the industrial style can be combined with other styles by juxtaposing the modern with the old.

  1. Designer furniture

In terms of furniture, this style includes utilitarian furniture with straight or organic lines. Wood, aluminum, iron, steel, tin, stone and copper are some reference materials.

  1. Recycled items

The industrial style includes recycled or reclaimed materials. There is no need to overly ornate the space. Well, emphasis is placed on the use of natural and nude finishes and materials.

Fabulous Industrial Style Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Fabulous Industrial Style Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Fabulous Industrial Style Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • || Fabulous Industrial Style Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

  • Fabulous Industrial Style Rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Natural style: fresh air for your living room

Bringing nature to your home and living room is possible. Give that space an organic look with the help of natural style. A style that makes you feel calm and at peace whose aesthetic is inspired by nature. Wood, stone, neutral colors, gray scales, soft surfaces and natural fibers are some of the characteristics on which this decor style is based. You want to know more? Join us on this tour that includes several projects by Interior A to Z professionals where nature stands out in every corner.

  1. Simplicity and shapes

The natural style is characterized by the simplicity of the forms. Furniture with straight lines is a favorite for furnishing a room in this style. Flexible and adaptable we can see it in tables, armchairs and support furniture.

  1. Natural plants

Natural plants beautify the spaces and in the room they look amazing. You can group them or use them to highlight a particular area. Always put them in an important container and in a special place where they have the necessary light and shade.

  1. Natural materials

Natural materials are a trend. In a natural style room we see them in furniture and finishes. Rattan, wood or stone are favorites. This mix is ​​very easy to combine and is a great option not only for indoor rooms. Well outdoors they look divine and are very resistant.

  1. Soft textures

Soft textures never go out of style and are allied to natural style. They can be included in upholstery, carpets and curtains. Lightweight yarns are favorites. Dare to combine them in your spaces to give a fresh air to your room.

  1. Dynamic spaces

The natural style stands out for including a dynamic decor. Different heights and open spaces serve to create a room where movement is dominant. This idea is reinforced in the spatial distribution and in the wide views towards open areas.

  1. Harmony and balance

Another aspect of the natural style is its ability to achieve spaces where harmony and balance are the protagonists. Furniture, colors, finishes and architectural elements combine in just the right measure. Do you like the room in the image?

  1. Stone accents

Another material, widely used in natural-style rooms, is stone. We usually find it on walls and in small decor objects. A tip to highlight the benefits of this material is to use a lighting design that highlights it.

  1. Neutral colors

Neutral colors go with everything and are great allies of natural style. They are timeless, bright and very elegant. Either in the whole space or in some small detail, they are a good alternative for your room.

  1. Combination of styles

The natural style can be combined with other styles such as modern, classic, Nordic, boho chic or contemporary. Eclectic spaces can be generated with wonderful natural notes. Dare to include it in your living room!

  1. Gray palette

Finally, the gray color is another of the colors that can be included in the natural style. It is a great partner for natural materials such as bamboo and provides a sophisticated and pleasant note.

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