How to match the colors of furniture and walls and foolproof tips
  • How to match the colors of furniture and walls | Gurgaon NCR

  • How to match the colors of furniture and walls | Gurgaon

How to match the colors of furniture and walls | Gurgaon NCR

Colors are perceived by the human retina because of the wavelength and reflection of light. In fact, colors can also be used as special symbols to distinguish styles. These colors are very important in our lives, not only in a physical sense, but also in a psychological sense. Color conveys emotions and also has many symbolic meanings. We often associate colors with certain signs, locations, occasions, ideas, etc., such as the more popular purple recently. Mastering some purple color matching skills can not only make your home look new, but also have some finishing touches.

The colors in the home, which appear in different furniture, decorations, household appliances, etc., are all necessary equipment in the home. Take furniture for example. White furniture can always improve the overall look and feel. It is simple but not simple. In addition, the walls, ceilings, and floors also have their own colors, forming the boundaries of the house, such as doors, windows, and walls.

Matching the colors of furniture and walls will give us a certain impression and awaken some feelings. For example, gray-blue walls often give people an elegant and generous feeling, while gray walls have a low-key and steady high-level sense, which changes the color of the wall can bring new air to the room and bring amazing visual effects. Below, we will show examples to encourage you to play with color in your own home.

1. Stainless steel furniture

It is worth writing an article about metal furniture. Because this furniture will never go out of fashion, it is often found in auxiliary function furniture, such as the coffee table in the modern salon, the dressing table in the restaurant, etc., which can add the industrial style of the space.

Usually this type of furniture will be matched with white or gray walls to create a cooler atmosphere.

However, stainless steel can be combined with almost any color, even if a warm color is chosen as the kitchen floor decoration, it is OK. Because of the brightness of steel, it can decorate any space, even the deep walls are no problem!

2. Warm tones or cool tones

The main color of the room will give us a different feeling. Depending on the space used, warm colors such as yellow, brown or earthy yellow can stimulate the senses and create a comfortable space.

On the contrary, cool colors, such as gray, blue, green, and purple, can create a relaxing atmosphere, but they may also make people feel that the space is more distant and not so close.

3. White furniture

White furniture can be matched with walls of any color, whether it is cool or warm.

White furniture always brings light to the space and serves as a connection between the two color ranges, as in this case, the whole space is harmonious. The white furniture also allows us to choose the wall color without going wrong!

4. Shabby and chic furniture

This room mixes warm and cool colors, but the overall color is lighter, which is also a principle of the recently popular “fashion shabby style” (shabby, dirty, special and elegant).

This style of furniture mostly comes from English country houses, mixing rustic style with modern and retro antique furniture.

“Fashionable and shabby” furniture, the furniture usually looks wood, white or beige. As for the walls, use safe white, smoke pink, light blue or purple.

It is also often seen that photos are placed on gray walls, which not only add texture to the wall, but also personalize the photos to make your space look more yours!

5. Natural wood furniture

For the bedroom or living room, warm toning is the perfect choice. Because these are the spaces we use to relax, we must convey a comfortable feeling. Therefore, it is ideal to use a variety of wooden furniture!

Natural wooden furniture and light-colored walls are the perfect combination, like the same warm colors, such as white or beige, these simple colors are very suitable.

These combinations are very safe and are also popular home color schemes. If it can be matched with warm indirect lighting, it will make your home space design very popular.

6. Metal furniture

Metal furniture is very suitable for industrial style design. However, it is not recommended to be used in small spaces. It is very suitable if it has high ceilings and can provide design products that enrich the space.

When our room has such a piece of furniture, our experts suggest that it should be matched with light-colored walls, otherwise, it may be a little heavy.

If the color under the furniture uses the same color system as the furniture, it is also OK, because as long as the furniture is used as a visual focus, the wall is only the background. This combination makes the space feel very avant-garde.

7. Furniture design

The design and color of the furniture will give a different impression. Furniture can be minimalist, clean lines, but in different colors. This Nordic style cabinet provides us with some ideas. Cream color, green water, and wood texture are perfect and harmonious.

For this minimalist furniture, the background color can be slightly stronger. Emphasize the existence of exquisite furniture.

From the fashionable dark blue to this dark red, we can see that dark walls can dominate the atmosphere of a space, creating a dramatic and very personalized space.

How to match the colors of furniture and walls | Gurgaon NCR

How to match the colors of furniture and walls and foolproof tips

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