How to use your balcony in a practical way? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

That outdoor space that belongs to your home, which is called the  balcony,  is one of the most neglected places in its design, although it may hold them a great practical value in recreation and achieving calm and relaxation after a hard day’s work, so you can rely on the creativity of decoration in designing A practical balcony that is beautiful and elegant at the same time,  we will provide you in this idea book a set of tips that will help you design a wonderful balcony in a more practical way.

1- Separate sessions for suitable spaces

Use separate seats and sessions in your spacious balcony to be multi-use, whether for a single session in which you regain your activity and inspiration, or a double session to exchange conversations with your family or friends, or a group session and a trip to eat in the fresh air outside the walls of the house that you are tired of throughout the day

2- Modern Corner

Use a corner and a slightly low table to give an informal atmosphere to an informal session on the balcony that helps you to receive your guests with more freedom, non-stagnation and formality. It is only noted as a decoration because of its low and modern length.

3- Parquet and floors

Parquet floors are very practical in general, especially if they are used on the balcony due to their superior ability to deal with erosion and dust factors and their wonderful ability to renew with every maintenance, periodic painting and polishing. The wonderful color of natural wood gives a superior beauty to the balcony and the furniture used in it should It is lighter than usual to achieve the desired balance with the dark wood color

4- Pool umbrella

If we are thinking of designing a session without extra costs and a wonderful canopy, you can think of the sea or pool canopy, which is designed from wood and fabrics, and it will dispense with the expensive design of metal, acrylic or glass arbors.

5- Small and modern Entree

Designing a balcony in a practical way can be achieved by placing a complete sofa in the kitchen, but the calm colors and the smallness of its details and letters are taken into account to match the nature of the open and modern balcony.

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