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What is a terrace?

The terrace area inside the house is one of the most popular places for me, as it is the only place inside the house that allows us to separate a little to breathe a fresh air with natural sunlight. Sitting on the terrace and enjoying the outdoors is the best remedy for stress and depression, through the terrace you can separate from All in the house and enjoy a refreshing drink, eat delicious food, or even spend a nice evening with a friend.. So you have to pay special attention to him by adding some touches.. Even if it is simple, it definitely has its role in getting you out of a bad mood or helping you more to relax.

What are the terrace design ideas?

1- Furnishing and mixing:

Make the terrace a wonderful guest room, save you space and steal the hearts of your guests!! Especially if you make it a tidy comfort and its colors are attractive and elegant.. It may be much more beautiful than an expensive interior guest room. The secret is that you can impress your guests with your taste in choosing the design and not the pieces of furniture themselves.

2- Make it like a living room:

Have you ever thought about making the terrace inside your house a complete integrated living area? It may seem a little strange, but this is what you can also do to design the terrace, combining all the details of living from a kitchen, So that it contains all the living necessities, especially for the summer, when you can spend a nicer time outside.

3- Use of space:

In a different and creative way, it certainly results in a genius design, and this is the secret of a good terrace design. The process of exploiting the terrace area to become a miniature living room inside the terrace, the floors of the terrace were designed entirely of parquet, for example, with a lot of hidden cabinets and the exploitation of side spaces, with the use of modern furniture And modern to complement the aesthetic scene of the distinctive terrace.

  4- Balcony plants:

I always see plants and add them in the decor a very different and joyful touch, they always give a distinct and different impression, when used in the decor, and this touch was really exploited in the design of the terrace, the designer may depend on placing those colorful vases of plants in the terrace to give the place a touch Aesthetic, especially since it did not depend on traditional colors only, but rather introduces the element of nature and its colors to the balcony.

 5- Pergola:

Pergola is a structure consisting of a group of columns and panels used as a support for a variety of materials to provide suitable shade in the garden. This cover can be of wood, fabric, metal or even climbing plants. Having a pergola at the entrance to the house is a good idea, as it gives the facade a distinctive and welcoming appearance, attracts the eyes to the entrance and highlights its aesthetics, and to achieve more attractiveness, choose colors that harmonize smoothly with the colors of the facade.

 6- Floors:

Flooring plays an important role in the aesthetics and effectiveness of the terrace or balcony. You have a lot of options between wood, parquet, colored tiles, and cement or stone floors of all kinds. As you know, each type has its features and advantages, apart from some negatives, especially with regard to its quality in withstanding the rays of the sun and rain in winter because it It will be exposed all year round! It also differs in the ease of cleaning, for example.

What are the accessories for the terrace or balcony?

Outdoor furniture made of weather-resistant materials

Paint your old furniture and accessories in coordinating colors and use it to decorate your balcony.

Using pallets to make a stylish and inexpensive sofa.

Making a small fountain, but this requires special specifications for the buildings, so we recommend referring to the specialists.

Lighting your balcony to get a magical atmosphere, you can use portable lanterns to get lighting.

Shelves for placing pots and different plants A hammock on your balcony on which you will relax and forget your worries.

If you are a grill enthusiast or like to invite family and friends to barbecue parties, you can put grills

What mistakes should be avoided when designing a balcony?

Not planning ahead:

We are all well aware that postponing the design of any space is nothing but canceling the task completely and leaving it forgotten, and the balcony is one of the spaces most vulnerable to this long-term postponement, but we are aware that the large number of tasks makes the balcony a difficult task, but the design task should not be difficult. All you have to do is plan ahead and achieve an affordable design that doesn’t need a big budget, and that’s the best realistic approach. The designer knows how important a balcony is, so we find a very elegant and warm space here, thanks to the pre-designed space.

 Lack of cheerful colors:

Nature always comes with bright and cheerful colors. If you find plants on the balcony, it is natural to be surrounded by cheerful colors inspired by them, so do not skimp on yourself with a space in which all your favorite colors, the balcony is your real opportunity to create a space in which everything you love without being bound by rules or regulations.

  Poor and ill-considered lighting:

One of the elements that may transform the balcony from a boring place to another very elegant and warm is the attention to night lighting. This not only gives an aesthetic scene and a wonderful view for everyone inside the house, but also achieves the possibility of using the balcony for quiet night gatherings of family and friends away to enjoy the outdoors.

 Choosing impractical furniture:

When choosing furniture, some make the mistake of choosing balcony furniture based on the aesthetic form only, but we always have to take into account that the balcony contains practical furniture that can withstand humidity, heat and various climate changes so that you do not face the need to change the balcony furniture periodically.

 Absence of elements from nature:

The balcony is the perfect space to have a bit of nature in order to enjoy it in your home on a permanent basis, so do not skimp on yourself with this wonderful opportunity, it is possible to turn the balcony into a small garden through some diverse pots among different plants and flowers. Designing the interior room overlooking the balcony as a separate space.

  Neglecting the fun side of design:

The balcony is the room where you can abandon all the rules and traditions and make unconventional choices from different elements that make you happy, so make good use of this opportunity.

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