Various options for balcony flooring Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Various options for balcony flooring | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Balconies are the pendant of your home and porches that allow you to breathe when you get tight, the summer season is one of the areas that is used as a living area in your home for four seasons. Although themes such as cycle, green space, and large decoration are the first things that come to mind in balcony porch and decor, flooring is one of the main themes of balcony decoration. Ceramic, tile, parquet, wood, concrete and porcelain-like wood used for balcony floors provide a balcony with a sleeker and healthier floor.


Floor tile which is the most preferred flooring material in balcony flooring types, is an economical material besides being economical. Nestled among balcony flooring materials and famous for its water-repellent properties, ceramic is an ideal choice for those who want to make aesthetically pleasing decorations. One of the waterproof balcony flooring materials is PVC-based plastic tiles. Plastic tiles, which are glued together and are water-resistant, are a little more expensive than other options from an economical point of view. If you want the panda to be in the balcony and want to use economical flooring materials, the ideal choice would be wooden floor tiles or balcony flooring.

Although wood floor tiles prices are not economically advantageous, balcony balconies prices will give you an edge as they are very economical. If you are going to decorate a balcony with nature in the foreground, you can also choose the outdoor wood flooring material. For this, you can choose tiles, tiles, and concrete floor slabs with wood and wood patterns.

With wood-like outdoor flooring materials, you can make the floor covering waterproof and you can bring nature to the fore with its natural look. The laminate flooring materials given in balcony flooring ideas will include economical materials and will rock your budget. Therefore, you should always check laminate flooring prices before making a selection.

If you prefer ceramics on the balcony, you will have the advantage of choosing non-slip ceramic models among the ceramic varieties. When you wash the balcony or when the rain water changes, the prices of non-slip ceramics that allow you to go smoothly are different according to the prices of ordinary ceramics. Because all of these materials are outdoor flooring materials, you can easily use them in the garden.

You should look at the examples of flooring and make the most economical and useful option for different floors in order to give you an idea before choosing the flooring material for your garden or balcony.

tiles 30 * 30

If you want to make a colorful decoration inside the balcony , you can choose one of the 30 * 30 cm color tile models. With this preference, you can make a colorful floor decoration on the floor and contribute to the colorful world of the balcony.


Epoxy floor Epoxy floor obtained by pouring a thin layer of chemicals on concrete floors with a view of stone pacers, but many years of economical flooring materials able to maintain the visual appearance.

wooden floors

For balconies and terraces, you can also choose wood or wood with tiles instead of stone-based materials such as tiles and tiles. By applying different designs, you can get a wooden floor in the look of tiles as in the picture. You can examine the balconies and terraces inspired by this style of wood, and get ideas for different floors.

stone cladding

Stone flooring materials, which is one of the flooring materials, can be painted on the floor as the outer surface. Especially for balconies and verandas, floor decoration in harmony with the exterior will look very elegant.

stone patterned tiles

You can create a visual application on the balcony and terrace floor using stone tiles. You can lay stones on the floor instead of tiles and pour epoxy-concrete mixture in between and patch the surface. The first option will be a more economical option.

tangible preference for land

There is another material that is preferred to be used on balconies. You can add the desired color paste in the pure concrete and get a visual balcony floor as in the picture with the flat floor application.


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