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How to choose the right corner colors for the living room? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Having a corner in the living room has become very common recently, certainly each of us is creative in choosing pieces of furniture in it, and getting a distinctive and beautiful living area for a special rest and relaxation session, and of course each of us has a different taste from the other, so we offer you today in this The article is a collection of different shapes and colors for the corner of the living room that may suit your taste and needs, and now we leave you with the pictures and colors..

  1. Dark turquoise

If you are a fan of this color, you should choose it in a suitable atmosphere that shines in most of the light tones, and this is in order to show its elegance through the clarity of everything around it. Here, turquoise has been used in the corner of the living room on the same fabric, with off-white wood and white paints, and it seems Gorgeous and sparkling.

  1. Light gray

Light gray is neutral and elegant, and it is a great choice for lovers of simplicity and calm. In addition, it suits all decorations and choices. You can choose warm colors with it, such as red, burgundy, dark green, or dark colors such as black, and cold colors such as white, off-white and light beige, and it also shines with parquet, ceramics and marble. You are free to choose here because it looks great with everything – so don’t waste your time looking for corner pictures, you will find what you are looking for here.

  1. Lime green

Have you ever used mustard color in your home? If you really want to use it, you should consider painting the walls around it so that they are light colors because it will actually lose its luster if it is surrounded by dark paints and details.

  1. Creamy white

According to many different studies, white is the purest and most psychologically comfortable color for an individual, so you can rely on it in the corner of the living room to get this expected comfort.. You can use white with it, or other different colors in wall paint.

  1. Blue Black!

Blue black is one of the most elegant and wonderful colors. It has a special charm and a remarkable strength and unity that only the strong are fond of, but with it you can only use light and bright colors such as white, in order to reduce its darkness and so that the globe does not spread throughout the room.

  1. Red

The red color is a bold, strong and bright color. It can add shots of fun in the room. Here, the red shines in a leather corner amid light colors that show its beauty. You can also combine it with black, as it gives a charming and special luster with black as well, and it is better for red to come alone and not It is mixed with other colors inside the corner as you can see in this example.

  1. Deep purple

This color has its own charm and extraordinary elegance that accompanies it wherever it is. Here, this elegance appears in a small corner decorated with colored pillows surrounded by the light colors of the walls and the parquet floor, and high lighting. You can use the pillows in bright and light colors such as pink, red and yellow and you will notice that they have become especially beautiful.

  1. Black is the master of colors

Are you daring enough to use black in your home?… Some think it darkens the place, but let’s look at its luxury and elegance that fascinates this area, a corner of black cloth and black pillows in a living room painted with white paints and white ceramic floor as well.. But recommend Experts do not use dark colors so as not to cause depression.

  1. Mix of colors

Choosing a combination of light colors to get a great combination looks great and gives a look full of joy and vitality to your living room, here for example light green with light orange, yellow and purple in a great overlap to create a distinctive combination that gives a great look to the corner.

  1. Brown is no longer traditional

The brown color that many have relied on and has become a classic color can now be very beautiful and elegant for your home, so it is when it is used with light colors and paints, an elegant carpet with colorful geometric drawings like this, and high lighting that makes it easy to see and clear.

  1. Light Mauve

This romantic and calm color is the purple color when it is used in the forms of a Turkish corner for your living room, and you can use light colors and the parquet floor with it to get a wonderful and distinctive atmosphere, and yellow-colored pillows may be the most appropriate for it at all, and you can also use pink with it for a beautiful touch.

How to choose the right corner colors for the living room? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Ways to choose coordinating colors in your home

Colors are the vital touch in life, and because your home is your real kingdom, the good choice of colors brings joy and gives you comfort and relaxation. Choosing consistent colors seems to be the most important thing in the matter. Colors are not only limited to paints, and they are the colors of furniture, floor, carpets and curtains, all This we will cover in this article, by displaying a group of great models in the experts guide to choosing coordinating colors in your home.

  1. Fantastic recruitment of lions

Some believe that black is one of the colors that is difficult to use in the house because of its darkness, but this appears due to poor employment. This room used black in the furniture and was repeated in hollow frames on a gray painted wall, with the use of a light floor to brighten the room.

  1. Neutral colors with bold color

If you want to use neutral colors with bold colors, you should paint the walls in beige and burgundy, the neutral colors must impose their influence to obtain calm and harmony in the place.. Here in this example, the gray color was employed in the furniture, the carpet, and the lighting unit, with its repetition in a palette Simple against a bright orange painted wall, this design matches the gorgeous parquet wood floor.

  1. Single color shades for more fluidity

The use of single color shades seems to be one of the great options that fit the open parts of the house, giving flow and elegance to the place, and here this house used the shades of blue for a wonderful recruitment on the walls, with the light marble floor, the white concrete ceiling, and the use of a gray carpet that suits the general atmosphere for design.

  1. Cashmere and Gray for a Delightful Combination

Tones of cashmere always add a cheerful atmosphere in your home, and we offer you the best example of using it with another color, and we chose a design that combines it with the purple color – one of the shades of gray – using pink walls, chiffon curtains with pink rings, and a gray sofa with pink cushions, And a gray carpet too.. All this was on a light parquet floor to make the room look bright and beautiful.

  1. Cool colors

This design of a living room combines a combination of cool colors azure blue, gray, silver, and lavender in a wonderful combination on the wall, in the furniture, paintings and side lighting unit.. The cold color combination gives a very calm and simple design.. with a beautiful parquet floor for a touch of difference.

  1. Smoky and parquet

This design of smoky painted walls – a light shade of gray – harmonized perfectly with the beautiful parquet floor, matched by beautiful wooden furniture, and a white light unit with small white paintings on the walls.. The best thing that could be done to decorate the room was the green touches to stay away from any other colors that lose color Smoky calmness and simplicity.

  1. Apricot and gray

We suggest the apricot color for a distinctive ambiance with the neutral gray so that the walls and the carpet are in a beautiful peach color, the furniture is light gray, and they match a beautiful parquet floor and a wooden table in the middle.. Try this color combination in your home now.

  1. Beige and pistachio

If you like the beige color, we advise you to use it with the pistachio color for more wonderful and elegant details. For example, we offer you this design with light beige walls, which has been repeated in the wood of chairs with beautiful pistachio-colored seats, in addition to a wooden floor, a wooden table and a wicker lighting unit to match the details.

  1. Harmony with the colors of flowers

Nature gives us the best models to imitate in the details of our daily lives, this design used purple with mauve to create an elegant romantic atmosphere, where the purple color was one third and the mauve color was two thirds to reduce the darkness in the room, and it fits perfectly with a light wooden floor, and a light fur rug as well.

  1. Woody accents on the walls

This wonderful design of a room whose walls were painted in a beautiful agar wood color, and what best suited her was the color of natural wood to brighten the design, she used an elegant wooden table, with wooden shelves of the same color inside the wall in a wonderful way, in addition to the white lighting unit for more elegance.

  1. How was the choice for the bedroom?

A perfect choice of light beige on a wall full of geometric squares, with a gray concrete wall, gray furniture and also a gray rug, in a perfectly elegant combination that fits perfectly in the calming atmosphere of the bedroom, which is complemented by a gorgeous parquet floor.

  1. Gorgeous sandy tones

The use of beautiful summer colors gives a wonderful touch full of vitality in your room, this is how beige, sandy and woodsy tones came in the walls, curtain and elegant wooden floor, however, use a gray rug and simple white furniture.

  1. Solid colors and patterned furniture

A red and gray wall, a white curtain, a wooden floor, pink flowers, and an elegant chair that combines all the previous colors beautifully and fills the room with joy and radiance.

  1. Olive and Green What suits them!

This wonderful design shows you how to use the olive and green color in the walls of your home, and that the wooden furniture is the best fit for them to get the desired elegance, with a beautiful light beige curtain.

  1. Pistachio and turquoise separated by brown

Dark lovers are the ones who will realize the elegance of this design, which combined pistachio and turquoise on one wall to separate them in perfect harmony between the spaces, with the use of dark parquet flooring, a gray linen rug and wooden furniture as well.

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