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Floors represent an important issue in terms of thermal and sound insulation. Before opting for a particular coating, you must absolutely take into account the issues aimed at meeting specific needs in order to optimize your comfort, reduce the heating bill and thus achieve energy savings. However, it is not necessarily to navigate among all the offers available to you … You want to see a little more clearly about the floor covering adapted to your surface and your requirements? So follow the guide!


Choose an appropriate coating for your floors:

Each type of floor has its particular properties and qualities, but the choice of a floor covering is above all aesthetic and must adapt to the room where it will be installed. Several solutions are possible according to your desires and of course according to your budget and the technical constraints to which you may be subjected.

What are the criteria for choosing the floor for a room?

Each soil has its own identity. And difficult to make a choice in front of the infinity of possibilities available to you. Here is a quick summary of the elements to take into account in a room before choosing a floor.

The entrance:

In the entrance, hallway and other passageway, turn to an easy-care and moisture-resistant floor covering. Tiles, parquet, and waxed concrete are therefore options to consider for the flooring of your entrance hall.

The kitchen, living room, dining room and other living room:

If the aesthetics of the floors of such rooms intended for conviviality and living together, it is essential not to neglect certain criteria such as resistance to time, to shocks and possible “attacks” (water, stains, frequent soiling. ) The ease of maintenance of these floors is fact essential in order to keep these spaces clean, always longer. If wood is really popular and comes in all its forms, from solid parquet to laminate via floating parquet, tiles and mosaics are to be considered, especially in the kitchen.

The adult bedroom and / or the office:

In these spaces, priority is given to style and comfort, without forgetting good sound insulation. Here too, wood stands out as a must but you can also opt for vinyl for composite concrete (light enough to be used on the floor) or reconstituted stone. Carpet is also illustrated as a comfortable and inexpensive choice, however beware of allergies, and, if you share your privacy with pets, it is also to be ruled out.

The child’s room:

The criterion to absolutely take into account? The sound and thermal insulation but also the resistance of the floor and its hygienic and comfortable character. How about painted parquet? We say yes to pastel colors in our children’s room!

The bathroom and toilets:

In these areas, the choice must be made on a floor that best adapts to humid environments, resistant to water and splashing.  Mosaics, tiles, treated wood, PVC see very aesthetic waxed concrete are therefore to be invited into our bathrooms!

Which professional (s) should I turn to for the installation of a floor covering?

The professional to contact will depend on the level of difficulty and the type of soil you choose. If you choose a wooden floor, you will turn to a parquetry, if it is tiling, on the other hand, you will use a tile. Do not hesitate to consult the “Experts” section of our site, you will find many professional floor installers in your region. Check them out for a free quote! Also take into account that their fees will vary greatly depending on your project.

Choosing the right craftsman:

Among the elements involved in the choice of the craftsman you will elect to work with you, ask for references as well as copies of his insurance in order to have peace of mind. A good parquet florist is distinguished by the quality of the advice he will be able to give you. After a discussion and a series of evaluations, he will explain to you the best approach to adopt, starting from an important element: the budget that you will allocate to the installation of your new floor.

Professionals base themselves above all on the amount you are willing to spend, and then they will be interested in the conditions of realization relating to your space. A high-traffic room or bedroom will not require the same type of parquet. It is also necessary to take into account the aspect of the room, the walls, and the furniture. Rather dark walls will thus require a light parquet to avoid darkening the room, and vice versa!

And how much does that cost?

It will depend on your type of projects and how many square meters of floor you want to lay. Note, however, that all operations must be listed on the estimate and that everything will be calculated per linear square meter. In the context of renovations, the drafting will be significantly different because as it is a case-by-case work, everything will depend on the amount of work to be done. In this eventuality, the professional’s fees are not calculated based on the surface area but on the time spent by the professional on the project.

Soils of floors | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Interior Designer

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