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Bedroom and living room design

When a house is built, a serene bedroom and a magnificent hall are its basic concepts. Dormitories and dormitories are the focal point of all stages from construction to  decoration . A few great examples on this topic have been selected for your guidance. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

A living dream

A pattern of decorating the bedroom with vibrant colors, furniture and carpets is prominent in this pattern. The background of the double bed is beautifully painted. The bed and furniture are decorated with lighting angles and window sills.

Openness and sophistication

This spacious dormitory is still under construction. Its decoration includes the installation of curtains, wall painting, proportional lighting and carpets. What colors, curtains, rugs, etc. do you think would be suitable for the desired decoration in this masterpiece? If you own the bedroom, how do you decorate it according to your circumstances?

Innovation with tradition

This bedroom pattern has been completed with the right combination of colors, beautiful floors, artistic installation of tiles and carpets. But the choice of lighting, wall decoration and curtains remains to be seen. Which suggestion would you like to make? /

Bright vision of the bedroom

This dormitory offers a fantastic and romantic concept. After waking up in the morning, your eyes fell on a wide lawn, also with fresh air. So life is happy.

A lovely dream

The concept of the bedroom in the sample under consideration reflects a clear, transparent and bright life. The lush greenery and clear air from the window create a romantic atmosphere.

Hassan repair

Although the architectural element is more prominent in this dormitory, a calm and refreshing atmosphere has been created by the transparent colors and elegance.

Seating area

The spacious backdrop of this seating area offers breathtaking views with fresh air.

Combination of light colors

The hall under observation is based on a beautiful combination of light colors. In which the unity of the walls and furniture represents the tasteful artist.

The style of combination and management

After modifying the above pattern, this type of divan can be designed in which the colors are given a golden color and the combination is given life. Both samples are not yet complete. How do you think the lack of curtains should be addressed? If this is your first post, what kind of change would you like to make to your needs?

Simplicity and dignity

The look of this hall represents simplicity and elegance. In which various needs including study can be met.

Wide and spacious

The Dewan Khana under observation provides the most suitable facility for a large family. In which people of all ages have been taken care of without sacrificing decency and elegance. The combination of floor and furniture is a sign of beautiful artistry.

The glory of the pharmacy

The dark color of the furniture and the light variable color of the walls in this hall represent the modern trend. The best beauty of the living room is its furniture. Click on this link for useful and useful tips on choosing the right furniture for the living room.

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