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Home decor ideas

At home we often throw away a lot of things that accomplish our purpose. Another big mistake we make is that we don’t see how much the same thing can be used.

It is not necessary for you to buy expensive things from the market every time for decoration, but if you think about it, you will see many things around you that can help you decorate your home in the best way. Are Can’t believe it? Then see for yourself.

1- With the help of old glass jars, you can make the best vases that can make any place very attractive.

2- With the help of glass jar you can easily make lamps. It can also be used by painting on a bottle of olive oil.

3- Making shelves with the help of cardboard or plastic boxes is a very easy task.

4- Bring the old ladder lying in your house as a decoration in the room to hang books, purses or scarves etc.

5- Many essential items can be hung by making hangers from card board or any other similar material.

6- Use pieces of wood as a charming table or make the environment more beautiful by placing a pot on them.

7- This beautiful chandelier made with the help of shuttle cocktail is very beautiful in every way and is not very difficult to make.

8- Proudly present your children’s artistic talents to everyone.

9- Paint it on a glass jar or put a beautiful wrapper on it and use it to keep a brush or toothpaste in the bathroom.

10- Turn old pots into pots.

11- Have you ever thought that wood can make such a great towel stand?

12- Hang the old or leftover plates of the kitchen set for decoration.

13- You can also make such a lovely vase with the help of your old jug.


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Customize interior design with vintage style

When thinking about the interior anew, first of all, I want to decide the style. If you’re looking for a unique interior, why not try the recently popular vintage style, for example? Depending on how you arrange it, you may be able to create a nice interior at low cost. !! This time, I would like to explore the possibilities of arrangement while looking at vintage-style houses. You may be surprised that the range of change is surprisingly large.

Add personality to the interior? In vintage!

Depending on the atmosphere of the interior, the feeling and feelings of the time spent there will change unexpectedly. That’s why I want to create my favorite space. The vintage style, which has been attracting attention recently, is especially recommended for those who aim to create a unique home. This house is a space with attractive materials such as wood, iron, and concrete. Vintage furniture and architectural structures that make you feel the passage of time promise a unique and wonderful interior.

For creating an atmosphere

When aiming to create a vintage interior, it is not always necessary to stick to the age of the house structure. Of course, when you build a new building, you can try to incorporate your commitment here and there, but as an idea that can be imitated even in rental properties, for example, there is a method of incorporating vintage items as part of accessories and furniture. If you arrange things such as tin boxes, old glass bottles, and enamel, you should be able to create a space with a casual atmosphere.

Feel comfortable with a leather sofa

Doesn’t something that makes you feel retro or the times feel like it has the power to relieve people? If you are aiming for an interior that makes you feel fashionable visually, what you want to keep in mind is the used leather sofa. Here, too, the leather sofa with a mellow feel shows the coziness of the space. Also, the kerosene heater, which is rarely seen these days, gives a retro feel to the room.

Gorgeous space

Vintage styles tend to be associated with Western styles because of their horizontal character, but of course there is also a way to customize the traditional Japanese space. Western-style furniture such as chandeliers, tables and chairs are installed in the lighting, although the space is eye-catching screens and lattice doors with Japanese paper. It has a gorgeous interior with a special atmosphere unique to this space.

Arrange with DIY

Props and antique furniture are becoming more popular in flea markets, and even small items are often surprisingly expensive. If you want to easily create a vintage-style interior, you can modify the existing one to make it antique. It is possible to create a worn-out atmosphere by painting a wooden chair or the like and partially peeling off the color as if it was worn out with sandpaper.

Special feeling with old materials

Old materials sell at high prices, and commercial facilities such as restaurants made from such materials are gaining popularity. It is said that people like the nostalgic atmosphere that makes them feel nostalgic, but it seems that more and more people are trying to incorporate old materials into their homes. At this house, old wood is combined with the wall material in a patchwork shape and reused. There are various shades of calm wood, making it a unique space that mixes playfulness and special feeling.

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