Unique ideas for clothing units Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Unique ideas for clothing units | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There is no doubt that the designs of clothing storage units are modern and used in our modern times, as they are rooms or storage units for clothes, shoes and personal items such as watches, socks and accessories attached to the bedroom or as it is called the dressing room, and it is also possible to be inside The bedroom as part of it and a special place to arrange and organize clothes in order to get rid of the chaos and demagoguery that exist in the rooms as a result of the accumulation of clothes in a chaotic manner, so the designers turned to this ideal idea to save spaces and create an atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom and easy access to your purposes with a kind of smoothness and simplicity.

We will review for you In this article, some designs that can contribute to reaching the appropriate choice in terms of space and material capabilities with the general taste of the house in general and the bedroom in particular, and of course, attention and care must be given to each of the colors of paints, lighting, storage shelves, floors, and the exterior shape of the furniture.

1- Stylish and distinctive design of the clothing unit

This design is bright; Where the dominance of the white color on the various parts of the design between the floors, the ceiling and the pieces of furniture, we find the unit consists of three main sides, the first right side is a mirror for the possibility of seeing the clothes properly and is longitudinal in shape, and the middle unit is wide in space, it is several shelves to put Women’s bags, then drawers and the upper shelf for placing large items. In the middle is a place to hang clothes, or the last side is for shoes of various shapes and sizes. As for the lighting, it is artificial through the presence of side, interior and upper lamps.

2- Large space design

This design is characterized by its large area, as it is longitudinal in shape, consisting of two main opposite sides, one for women and the other for men. This design is separate from the bedroom; What connects them is an internal staircase, and the design is characterized by the predominance of colors between gray for the units, wooden beige for the floors and white for the walls and ceiling, while the lighting is artificial through the interior lights and others.

3- Pleasant and simple design

The design of the dressing unit is attached to the design of the bedroom; As it is an integral part of it, it is coordinated places for placing clothes and various special purposes. As for the colors of the paints, they are light and bright colors between pink, white and beige with an elegant and comfortable seat. Lighting is one of the prominent industrial means.

4- Small space design

Despite the small space of the design, it is suitable for the purpose of the clothing unit, as it is multi-drawers and units to contain clothes and items. The design has a glossy wooden floor with the entry of the light violet color to give an atmosphere of joy and distinction, in conjunction with the white color that characterizes the design of the clothing units. The design is not devoid of The presence of the white curtain and the fact that it shares natural lighting with artificial.

5- Geometric angle of the clothes placement unit

From the first look of the design, we find ourselves in front of a harmonious and organized clothing unit, and there is no doubt that the colors play the largest role in the design, as they vary between the light gray color and the quiet wood color in the units and floors, as well as wall paints and lighting similar to all industrial designs of the first class.

6- Multi-module design

This design shows the large number of units for placing clothes with the lack of drawers on the three sides with the possibility of placing the things for the drawers in a separate piece in the middle of the design, and the design enjoys its neutral colors, which is a light gray color, while the lighting unit is industrial by the presence of a large crystal chandelier.

Unique ideas for clothing units | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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