Utilizing 100% of space- Various tips for living room storage

Utilizing 100% of space- Various tips for living room storage

Home is the place where our lives are based. As a place that forms the basis of our lives, the interior and the beautiful appearance of the house are important, but it is important to fully function as a house first. A house contains a variety of items, from personal items to household items, whether living alone or with several family members. First of all, in order to have a neat and tidy house, you need to store these various things in the right place. Just putting things in any place doesn’t make it perfect storage. It is important to properly utilize the space in the house to enable storage without inconvenience in living. In particular , in an open space in the house, such as the living room , you should pay more attention to storage and properly cover and store the items to be covered. In addition, interior elements cannot be left out, so you need to organize things more meticulously. In addition, it is important to make the living room use more convenient by efficiently using the space called the living room. Today, we are going to look at various tips for living room storage that make it possible to store the living room in our house. Also, let’s find out how to fully utilize and fill the limited space, and how to help the efficient use of the living room. Let’s find out what items are full of practicality that will add elegance to the house, help the image of a neat living room, and be practical.

Interior and storage together!

You want to have perfect storage for a neat living room, but if you pay too much attention to storage, you may miss out on the beautiful, dreamy living room. So what exists are interior accessories that make storage possible. By arranging interior accessories or furniture in an empty space in the living room, you can fill the empty space beautifully and change the atmosphere in the house. Also, if you bring in trendy furniture or your favorite furniture, you can decorate the living room that reflects your taste.

In fact, hiding everything does not make the inside of the house tidy. This is because storage and interior decoration can be completed by taking out the items that should be put out in moderation. You can create an atmospheric living room by sensibly arranging objects and accessories using open shelves or small tables. In addition, with the help of various functional furniture that saves space in the living room, the living room can be used more effectively. Don’t think that storage and interior are impossible at the same time, but let’s look at furniture that has both beauty and practicality.

Built-in storage closet

Built-in storage is recommended if it is difficult to find furniture or accessories you like, or if it is difficult to find new furniture that suits your home. When doing the basic construction of the house, think together and put together the design, color, shape, size, etc. to suit your personal taste and the atmosphere of the house. It can be placed in the center of the living room by connecting it with a cabinet for placing a TV, and can create a neat feeling. If you want to hide things, you can make a lid together and use it. If you want a cleaner and more organized feel, or if you have a narrow living room, we recommend a white cabinet. In addition to this, it is also a good way to build a long storage cabinet in the leftover space of the living room or horizontally in the space remaining on the ceiling. If storage is always a concern because of a lot of luggage, use the built-in storage cabinet like this to keep things tidy and hide clutter and other things.

Use the shelf

One of the ways to enable interior and storage at the same time is to use shelves. There are many types of shelves. First, a small mini shelf can be installed on an empty wall to place books or small items. If it is burdensome to install many shelves on the wall, it is good to install one or two. In addition to this, if you place shelves all over the wall and sensibly arrange various objects, you can create a living room with a feeling of hiding the things that should be hidden and highlighting the senses of the owner.

Ottoman furniture

The name ottoman can be a little unfamiliar. But basically, Ottoman furniture is a type of chaise longue that has no back and no armrests, and refers to furniture that was first used in the West. Ottoman furniture is convenient because it has no backrest and can be moved easily, and is mainly used with sofas. It goes well with any kind of sofa in a luxurious way because the surface is usually covered with fabric. Another advantage of the Ottoman chair is that it has deep storage space. The Ottoman chair has a large storage space when the lid of the chair is opened. Putting things you want to hide or things you don’t use often can hide clutter. Let’s take storage and practicality at the same time by using atmospheric ottoman furniture

Using nesting tables

This time, I would like to introduce furniture that helps space utilization. The nesting table is the first table designed by Marcel Bureauer, and it is a table set in which two to four tables of different sizes can be stacked on top of each other as needed. When you do not need to put a lot of things, fold them into one to save space, and when you need space to put several things, such as books, you can spread them freely as if they were layered. Because it does not occupy a lot of space, it does not feel messy, but it has the advantage of being able to use it widely as needed. In addition, it can be freely used not only as a living room table, but also as a small table next to the bed when folded. It is popular because it can be combined and separated by size, and it is not inferior to interior accessories. It is a product that is more widely used in Europe and is highly recommended if you need minimalist interior accessories with a Nordic sensibility. It’s also perfect for those who have a small living room but want a comfortable sized table.

Console table

A console table is a table that can be attached to a wall and is a kind of side table. Many of them are shaped like a half-moon so that they can be easily attached to the wall, and they have two legs that are placed in front of the wall. It is mainly attached to the hallway or empty space of the living room to fill the empty space sufficiently, and can be used to store small items through chests of drawers, etc. In addition, the table is matched with a mirror to add convenience, and by placing a picture frame or small props, it plays a role as an interior element. Console tables of various designs and materials exist in a form commonly found in the West. If you want to use the empty space, you can choose a table of various sizes to match the size of the space.

Use of functional furniture

In order to effectively use the space in the living room and make it easy to store it, you need to utilize the hidden space. It would be nice if it became a hidden space for furniture. Rather than filling the empty space of the living room with new furniture for storage, finding a hidden storage space for essential furniture can make the living space more spacious. The functional open sofa in the photo is one example. Furniture with a functional idea using the inner space of the sofa is very practical. Since the sofa is one of the necessary furniture in the living room, if there is furniture that uses the extra space among the necessary furniture, you can select it and effectively store outdated clothes, curtains, and other miscellaneous items. Let’s increase the usability of storage and living space by using various functional idea furniture. If you need more information on storage furniture styles for living room.

Tips to Perfectly Decorate Your Living Room Walls

There is a saying that the living room is the heart of the house. This is because it serves as a space for communication where families come out of the room and chats, and serves as a hospitality to stay when guests come, because it serves as the center of the house. As the functions of the living room have been diversified, there have been many changes in the perception of importance. Until the Joseon Dynasty, the Sarangchae was placed in the best location, and the living room and the outside house were built accordingly. Recently, the living room has the best light and ventilation.

How to make this important living room comfortable? The condition of a good living room is that there should be no waste of movement lines leading to other rooms based on bright light. Furthermore, we pay attention to the furnishings so that the occupants are comfortable, and balance the interior with the atmosphere of the whole house. Due to the nature of the living room, it is necessary to have a space to store various things according to the purpose to create a neat living room.

In today’s article,  we’re going to show you some tips for decorating the walls, especially in the living room interior. Choosing wallpaper that matches furniture is more cost effective and effective than replacing expensive furniture. Basic changes can start with lacquering and painting, and there are many simpler ways to decorate with point wallpaper or sheet paper.

Decide on style and theme

If you decide to decorate your living room, start with the overall concept first. You can think about whether there is a style you have wanted for a long time or refer to interior photos that you have liked. However, it is important to consider the taste of the whole family as it is a communal space, not an individual’s private space. Next, think about the scale of whether you want to change the entire wall or give a point. Once you’ve decided to change the whole thing, it’s time to decide on the color. Depending on the color of the wall, you can create a variety of atmospheres. When choosing a color, consider the sense of space first. Bright and vivid colors have the property of diffusing to the outside, which has the effect of making things appear larger than they actually are. Conversely, dark and cold colors make objects appear smaller, which are called expansion and contraction colors. With reference to this, if the living room is relatively narrow, use bright colors to create a cool sense of space. Conversely, if it is too flat, you can make a cozy living room by using shrink colors. In addition, another option awaits depending on whether you want to create a warm living room or a modern and neat feeling. It is wise to take the views of all family members together, but choose one that does not harm the overall harmony of the house.

The living room in the photo is an eclectic interior design decorated with a combination of individual elements. The painting on the wall blends with fabrics of various colors and warm furnishings to create a cozy living room full of personality.

Harmony with the room

Guests who have difficulty entering the master bedroom or private space tend to sit in the living room and finish imagining the whole house. Since the living room is a representative space of the house and a passageway that connects other rooms, it should fit well with the overall atmosphere of the house. Therefore, the sense of creating elements common to the living room and the room has the effect of further enhancing the interior perfection of the house. If it is difficult to choose a color, please note that the low-saturation color is not distracting and goes well with the furniture. If you are bored with the color saturation, one way is to change the texture, and you can see the effect by looking.


If the living room wall is still empty, hang up frames and photos to fill it. It is a way to further enhance the quality of a space in a way that is not difficult or special. A unique painting not only enhances the atmosphere of the living room, but also elevates it. Similarly, if you decorate the photo wall by printing photos of family memories, you can add identity to the living room, a common space. The simplest and most popular method due to its vintage feel is to decorate the photo wall using twine and tongs, which cost around 1,000 won. By inserting a vertical pin between the wallpaper and the wall to hang a string, you can easily fix the photo without damaging the wallpaper. Let’s create a different atmosphere by attaching various objects as well as photos to the string hanging on the wall. If you try various things by adding lace or postcards, you can decorate the wall with personality. However, when decorating the wall with frames and objects, it is important to consider the width and color and arrange it so that it does not look too distracting. Let’s make a fun wall that makes you smile every time you see it with a variety of ideas.

Optimizing your space

The living room is a space where all sorts of things are easy to accumulate due to the nature of the whole family using it for various purposes. It is a place where the whole family gathers, starting with various remote controls, reading books, children’s toys, DVDs, and so on. In this case, it is necessary to use the appropriate storage space. In the remaining space in the living room, use a well-designed shelf or wall mount to secure storage space. By arranging a standing coat hanger for hanging coats in the corner of the entrance and providing a space to store various types of remote controls within reach, the flow can be optimized. Covering unused home appliances, such as wall-mounted air conditioners and heating devices on the living room wall, with fabrics appropriate to the season, can prevent dust from accumulating and create an interior effect. Useful items that give information, such as clocks and calendars, are also provided with a design that matches the living room.

Visual harmony

The living room is generally oriented towards an interior that creates a sense of spaciousness. For this, the arrangement of objects without distraction and the harmony of colors are important. Instead of feeling stuffy when entering the living room, let’s look at the elements of the wall to create an open view. The first is the harmony between the wall and the floor. For example, imagine that you enter a small living room, and the wallpaper is yellow and the floor is black, creating a contrast of complementary colors. This high-contrast color makes the viewer feel frustrated because it cuts off the narrow space once more. If you want to make the living room look spacious, it is better to direct the walls to the same color saturation as the floor. The next thing to pay attention to is harmony with the fabric and other objects. Since the living room is not a space for sleeping like the bedroom, it is ideal to use brightly colored curtains that do not block the light during the day. If you refer to the living room in the photo, which is neatly decorated in off-white, you can see the effect of overall harmony on the sense of space.

Place objects hanging on the wall in a way that uses space as much as possible without leaning to one side. Rather than putting a lot of things next to the TV, keep them neat so that they don’t distract your attention. The reason why point wallpaper is usually decorated behind the TV or sofa rather than the side of the field of view is also a way to avoid distracting attention.


The living room is usually located in the place with the best light in the house. This is because the light pouring into the veranda not only brightens the house, but also creates a warm atmosphere and is an important device to help communication between families. That is why the role of lighting in the living room is especially important in the evening when there is no sunlight  . When watching TV or reading a book in the living room, it is recommended to select a light with high illuminate considering the effect on the eyes. An incandescent lamp with a warm feeling is ideal rather than LED lighting, which can easily cause eye strain. Depending on the size and concept of the living room, it is a space that goes well with various types of lighting, including chandeliers and ceiling lights, so choose a design that does not harm the overall atmosphere. In addition, by installing spotlight type lighting to illuminate objects hanging on the wall, you can give a special feeling as if you are in a gallery. Likewise, if you turn on a low-illumination mood lamp late at night, you can create a friendly atmosphere between family members and take care of the family returning home late.


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Tips for creating a beautiful living room in white and wood tones

It is no exaggeration to say that the first impression of a house is the living room, the first space that families meet, talk, share daily life, and come home after a tiring day. When filling the living room with your favorite colors, various accessories, home appliances and sofas, let’s decorate the living room with white and wood tones that go well with any material and color. It will add comfort to the living room, which occupies a large part of the house, and help the interior start off smoothly.

Choose material

Naturally, the material that harmonizes with the structure of the house is by far the only wood. You can find wooden interior elements in a wide range such as walls and flooring, as well as various furniture and accessories.

The most common use of wood in living rooms is as a flooring material. Wood-toned flooring materials, which are recently loved, are no longer monotonous rectangular solid wood with a pale cherry color or similar tone. With a variety of patterns and colors, the floor itself exudes a deep and artistic feeling. You can fill the floor with solid wood cut into a rectangle, or fill it with a fish-bone style to add a sophisticated feel. Wood flooring is used as a flooring material suitable for underfloor heating by making use of the resulting texture of wood to create a natural feel, and by reinforcing moisture resistance and heat resistance. There are different types of wood, plywood, and reinforced flooring, so you can choose according to your budget and home interior.

Wood flooring is the closest to wood in appearance and has excellent abrasion resistance, but has the disadvantage of being expensive. Plywood flooring is widely used because it is less deformed by moisture or heat and is cheaper than solid wood. It is commonly called Ondol Maru. Tempered flooring is a flooring material that has been coated on the surface. It has superior durability and abrasion resistance compared to solid wood or plywood, but it is weak against humidity and has a very poor wood texture. If you want to make use of the characteristics of wood, it is better to choose solid wood or plywood flooring, and if you want to choose various patterns rather than the texture of wood, it is better to choose hardened flooring. If the price of natural wood flooring is burdensome, you can use paper or vinyl flooring. Recently, many tiles have been made that imitate the exterior of natural materials, so let’s try to transform the floor with wood tones of various colors.

If you choose a white color, you can create a different feeling depending on the material. Even if it is the same white color, if the wood is painted white, it will easily match the wooden floor or furniture with a vintage feel. A sofa table painted in white with smooth wood on the outside adds a modern feel to it when placed in the living room. Create a small shelf or storage box by directly painting white paint on the rough wood that looks like a pallet or apple box. By placing it in the living room, it can become a visual point and increase the storage function at the same time. Glossy materials such as white-toned plastic or iron are placed on stools, chairs, cabinets, etc. to add a neat and cool feeling. The wide horizontal cabinet can serve as a table while storing electronic products.

Choosing furniture

The combination of wood and white is synonymous with simple and stable interior. The furniture that makes up the living room can be typical, but just the right arrangement of wood and white can create a living room that embraces modernity and Scandinavian style. If it is white tone flooring and walls, try using the resulting wood color as an accent color, such as a wood tone living room cabinet or a white sofa with wood legs. It is possible to unify the tone of the wood, but the range of choices is wide, from dark wood tones to light wood tones to suit your taste. White-toned furniture with patterns carved with inlays adds a neat yet luxurious feel. A white iron sofa table is an essential piece of furniture in a modern living room. Fabric white sofas and chairs with wooden legs and white backrests are essential furniture for a relaxed interior such as a friendly and natural wabi-sabi style or Scandinavian style interior.

Developing lighting

The combination of white and wood tones gives a calm and harmonious feeling, so it is often used in interiors of various spaces. However, the combination of the two can easily become boring. White and wood tones under normal incandescent lighting tend to give a monotonous feeling. The white and pretty living room I saw as an example on an overseas site is nowhere to be found, and the old wood tones give a dull feeling instead of a bright feeling.

 At this time, it is possible to change the atmosphere of the space by adjusting the color temperature and the amount of light. You can make the atmosphere in the living room a little warmer by raising the color temperature, and too much light can make your eyes tired. If you have children or don’t like the gloomy feeling of yellow lighting, it is a good way to reverse the atmosphere by arranging additional wall lights and stand lights to use the lights only when you want them. If you adjust the intensity of lighting or separate the bulbs into multiple bulbs, you can use electricity efficiently and economically, which helps to save electricity bills. The design of the lighting itself can add a sensuous feeling to the living room, such as hexagonal, triangular, and circular lighting made of a steel frame, lighting made of paper that transmits light, mini-chandeliers, and lighting with exposed light bulbs. You can see the lighting that you can create in your own style in a variety of  ways.

Color balance and harmony

Interior is a generic term for interior finishing materials, furniture, lighting, and curtains that create an indoor environment in architecture. Making each of these elements harmonize unnaturally is something to consider when planning an interior. At this time, the first thing that catches the eye is the color of the space. If you know the characteristics of the colors and the combination of each color, it will be easier to compose the necessary elements for the interior. White color creates a natural and clean interior in any space, alone or in combination with any color.

It is convenient to divide the colors that make up the interior of the house into the background color, the main color, and the accent color. The background color is the color that occupies 70% of the room, such as the floor, wall, and ceiling, and the main color is the color of furniture such as sofas and curtains. The colors of accessories and fabrics that become the point of the interior are called accent colors. The background color is the color that determines the overall atmosphere of the room, so it is better to choose a color that can harmonize well with other colors unless you plan to create a colorful and intense interior. In Korea, calm colors such as white, light gray, and ivory are popular. Let’s choose the main color and accent color to match the background color by reflecting your personal taste.

If you combine other colors with white as the basis, even those who are starting the interior for the first time can successfully create an interior relatively safely.

Black is chic and urban, and with white, you can create a stylish interior in monotone. By arranging wood-tone furniture or accessories along with black furniture, you can add a natural feel to the living room, which can only feel heavy and strong.

Warm colors such as orange and yellow promote appetite. In the living room or dining room connected to the living room, it is good to choose the color of a point color, furniture door, drawer handle, fabric product, table or chair color, etc.

The combination of white and green gives a refreshing and healthy feeling, making it an easy color combination to use in various spaces. When used with wood-tone furniture or flooring, the natural look is doubled. It is also a good idea to place them in a well-lit living room with green plants.

Red is a warm and active color, and it is better to use red with a lower tone than the primary color for interior decoration. Since it is a strong color, let’s use it as a point color by arranging red color on a white tone background mainly for accessories.

Wood tones give a natural and profound feeling and are convenient to combine with other colors. It is good to use in a space that needs peace of mind, and it can add a warm feeling when placed with furniture colored in wood or white tone accessories.

Blue makes the room look spacious and improves concentration. Even if it is used in a proportion similar to that of white tone, it does not feel excessive. Choose this option if you want to create a living room with a feeling of freshness and coolness and harmonize with daylight. If the cold feeling is burdensome, you can balance the interior color by using it with warm-colored accessories. Indigo blue, which is a lower tone than blue, gives a sophisticated feeling, and when placed with white furniture, it is good to create a witty and calm living room.

Take advantage of natural light

living room , gives a panoramic view and sufficient light, and is installed in the form of a sliding door or a fixed window. By installing a front window in the living room, you can make use of the connectivity inside and outside the house and let in enough sunlight into the house. Although the shape of the front window is often installed in a square shape, if the ceiling is high and the wall area that can be installed a window is sufficient, designing the shape of the window frame according to individual preference can also have the effect of capturing the scenery outside the house individually. One of the best ways to see.

By installing a bay window or bow window in the living room, you can secure a luxurious atmosphere and additional space in one stone or two. In the case of a house without a balcony, a living room with a cafe-like atmosphere can be created by creating a horizontally long sliding window at shoulder height while an adult man is sitting.

Take advantage of the housing structure

If you decorate the house with only white tones and wood, it may become boring. If we can save the structure of the house itself, use wood to add functions to the house, and double the charm of the structure itself, then boredom can be transformed into a different charm.

If you use wood to build several thin pillars on the wall, it can be used as an insulator as well as noise insulation. If there is space left after placing all the furniture in the dead space under the stairs or in the living room, consider placing flower pots around the remaining space like a fence with small cut wood.

In the case of a four-person house in which a sofa for 1-2 people and a sofa for 3-4 people are arranged in a L-shape, another point can be made by placing a small table or a small chest of drawers in the space between the sofa and the sofa.

Make use of fabric

In the case of a living room with a white background color selected, or a house with wooden flooring, changing the background color itself is not an easy part to decide because it is a big construction project in reality. Also, if the living room is composed of only white tones, you can use it as a drawing paper to give a simple and attractive change to the living room.

Ways to Keep Your Living Room Full

Unlike in the past, the boundaries of space in the living room interior are gradually collapsing, and the use of multi-space is increasing. In the past, the space was used as a space for the whole family to simply gather to watch TV or to relax. Now, the purpose of the space is to accommodate a variety of scopes, such as a work space and a living room that doubles as a study or a small exercise space for hobbies. this has changed In particular, with the exception of singles living alone, the living room is a common space with the family, so it is better to decorate the interior with consideration for each other’s tastes. So, although the living room is full, it should be filled with a space that is not uncomfortable and that everyone is satisfied. What kind of interior method is there to fill the living room where diversity breathes with various household items and accessories to fit your lifestyle?

Living room main furniture sofa selection

The sofa in the living room is the main piece of furniture and plays an important role in determining the atmosphere of the living room. Unlike other small furniture, you have to choose carefully to fit the concept you want because it is bulky and the price is not too high. This is because it does not get tired quickly and can be used for a long time. If you want to create the atmosphere of an old-fashioned and elegant living room like the interior in the photo, you can choose a sofa made of leather to give it a sense of weight. In the case of leather, the atmosphere changes depending on the color and design, and in the case of a bright color, a bright and bright feeling can be expressed in the living room, and by using an antique dark brown, it is possible to produce a stylish living room. On the other hand, if you want to create a living room with a casual atmosphere, you can choose a product with a fabric cover. It can be transformed into various moods depending on the color of the cover fabric, and these days, the shape of the sofa design can be changed, so it can be made according to the desired purpose. If you want to make the sofa more full, it is good to pay attention to the fabric material. If you match cushions or blankets of various tones and patterns to match on the sofa, you can make the sofa richer, so you can give points to the fabric when you want to make a small change.

The living room is a multi-space where you can finish your daily work and do various things. Sometimes it becomes a study space to extend work, but it is also a space to enjoy leisurely after a hard day’s work. If you want to make the living room the perfect place to relax, why not place a small living room table in front of the sofa? If a table is placed when reading a book or talking, it can be placed as a tea table, and other than that, it can be stored simply, so it is an effective item for filling the living room. If you put one table or mix and match two tables of different heights and small sizes, it is useful in a small space because it is casual and portable. Also, if you have children, it is better to choose products with rounded corners in case the child is injured. If you want to decorate the living room in a unified way, it is good to unify the table and sofa with the same color or material. Since the living room is a space exposed to outsiders, it is better to create it with comfort rather than uniqueness. If the table is plain, you can decorate it with simple tablecloths or candles on the table, or lay a rug or carpet under the table to create it.

Large closet

The living room, a multi-space where you can work as well as rest, is in desperate need of storage space for various household items and accessories. Therefore, in order to create a neat space, it is recommended to install a multi-storage cabinet and select a cabinet that can accommodate various home appliances, TV, audio, computer, etc., and use the space efficiently. There is no need to show the various household items, so it is better to organize them neatly with appropriately hidden storage. It is good to use space efficiently by choosing a product that can safely organize and hide complicated electric wires so that they cannot be seen, and store books and documents under a table or sofa. If the entire living room cannot be used as a storage space due to a narrow space, choose shelves or high-functional furniture to create an interior that does not look cramped. In the case of furniture, it is better not to be distracted by choosing a classic product rather than a product that is too flashy or flashy when it is bulky.

Point lighting in the living room

The living room has a large area unlike other spaces, so you need to be careful in choosing lighting. These days, many lights with a dimmer that can freely adjust the illuminance and color have been released, so you can adjust the illuminance according to the movement of the sun during the day. In the case of lamps, it is better to use daylight-colored lamps that give a white and clear feeling rather than bulb-colored lamps that have a yellowish feel for indirect lighting. In addition, there is a method of installing the indirect lighting that is repeatedly installed in addition to the main lamp more closely than the standard spacing when lighting a dark house where the sun does not come in well compared to other houses. If the basic overall lighting has been installed, you can choose lighting that gives points by style or material for the living room. Choose the main light in a minimalist shape, but in the case of indirect lighting, it is also a good way to give a point with a bulky and unique design such as a floor stand. Since it is a multi-space, think about a lighting plan that can change according to the situation. If there are a lot of people, it is better to choose the overall lighting with relatively bright illumination, and use the soft indirect lighting of the stand type when you want to take a break or read a book. When you want to install a wall lamp like the interior in the photo, it is better to install it higher than the human eye to prevent glare.


When purchasing furniture, you need to measure not only the exact dimensions of the space, but also the amount of space available. At this time, let’s choose a shelf that can be easily installed on the wall and has a storage function. Shelves , which are a good item to use when there is not enough space above the cabinet or when there is no space for storage, are also perfect as interior accessories. So, depending on how you install the shelf, you can create a sensuous look, as well as give storage effect and decorativeness as an added bonus. At this time, you can change the style by using the entire wall where the shelf is installed instead of installing the shelf. In the case of a shelf, it is economically effective as it can be easily DIYed at home if you obtain a support stand. When weaving a shelf, it is often made in a straight shape, but it is slightly It can be made into an interesting space just by giving a change in If you can’t come up with a suitable idea on the wall, such as the interior in the photo, use a shelf to fill the wall. You can create a unique space by mixing and matching various accessories such as plants and picture frames that are good for air purification while storing for organization.

Living room curtains

Curtains that warm the living room and create an atmosphere can be created in a variety of moods depending on the season. If you choose a curtain with a cool blue color like the interior in the photo, you can not only give the space coolness, but also create a splendid space as a point color. If it is economically difficult to change the curtains throughout the four seasons, you can choose a double curtain and change the atmosphere simply by removing the outer curtain or by changing only the color or material. In addition, in the case of a living room that receives a lot of sunlight, you can choose a material that can completely block light during the day, and in the case of curtains, it is a practical item because it has a better interior effect than blinds and blocks drafts in winter. Unless it is intended to block light, you can brighten the interior of your home by choosing curtains with moderately bright colors.

Lucky living room flowerpot

A flowerpot, an item that not only purifies the air, but also decorates the room, can be created in a variety of ways by changing the installation method slightly. In the case of the living room, let’s create a green interior as well as the atmosphere of the living room with the lucky tree, a plant that brings good luck. In the case of Lucky Tree, it is also the 11th plant to purify the air announced by NASA. It is better to place the Lucky Tree and Schefflera in the living room rather than by the window where the sunlight is too strong. Also, good luck trees are usually poured with water in a small bowl, but there is a way to make it fun as an interior by hanging it from the ceiling. In the case of fortune wood, too much moisture can cause it to rot. In the case of Schefflera, it has a lot of leaves and has excellent water discharge, so it has a humidifying effect and has excellent ability to remove ammonia and harmful gases from wallpaper and flooring. In the case of Shefflera, it is succulent, so if you water it a lot, it can be damaged.