Ways to Arrange a Long Narrow Living Room

Ways to Arrange a Long Narrow Living Room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Because of the situation and conditions, sometimes living in a residence with a limited area is unavoidable for some people. Either a house in a residential complex or an apartment. However, circumstances are not a barrier to creating an ideal living space for us and the whole family. A narrow elongated living room still has the potential to provide comfort. One of the following living room designs can surely inspire you.

  1. Long single sofa

Given the limited space, for small home decorations, try to limit the amount of furniture in the living room or small family room. Choose a single sofa that is the same length as the length of the room.

Here’s a sofa reference for a small living room

For a small living room, you should not include a lot of sofas. Just one single sofa as in the following reference, and choose a neutral colored sofa, because it will be very easy to combine with various design themes.

For example, this modern-style living room, which is embellished with the presence of plants and flowers, as well as decorative lights and posters on the walls that support a modern theme.

To make the atmosphere more lively, the owner plays with colorful pillowcases and also a tiny rug. Well, if there is still space left, you can also add a chair in your tiny living room.

Living room arrangement

The re-design of this tiny apartment is full parquet flooring, with the dominance of white color, a touch of wood and the selection of minimalist and functional furniture.

For a small room, it is very important to choose the right furniture, which will give an aesthetic value to the room. Of course, the choice of room design must be equated with the needs and functionality of the furniture.

And the placement of the multipurpose table, which can be used as a dining table and work desk, is faced towards the window to maximize space efficiently.

  1. Living room and dining room

You can also divide the room in the house into two areas, namely the living room and dining room. The picture shows a zigzag-shaped room due to the structure of the building. However, this room has been arranged effectively by making the corner of the room a dining room.

  1. In front of the window

What is the function of the beautiful panorama outside if it is not to be enjoyed? Another way to get around the shape of a small, elongated room is to make a large window on one side. Then arrange a comfortable sitting area to relax while enjoying the view outside the window.

  1. The table is the center of attention

Even a small room has the opportunity to look simple and attractive. Choose or make a coffee table with a unique design, but don’t forget to match the color with the sofa and carpet.

  1. Accent wall

Painting one part of the wall a different color is often used to create visual space. In this example there are two walls that are different colors, even opposite each other. However, the atmosphere does not seem to overlap because the designer placed one large glass window with contrasting frames.

  1. Colors and patterns on the walls

This method is almost the same as the previous example. The difference is, the application of color occupies a wide area up to the ceiling of the room. The two turquoise depths on the walls face the walls decorated with geometric motifs.

  1. Wall-mounted shelf

Wall-mounted shelves not only serve as storage, but also decoration. It depends on what objects we put here, and how they are arranged.

  1. Movable wall panels

Wall panels like the example are made of wood, can be moved or removed, and can be decorated with lights to make them more attractive. In addition, this wood panel is also functional because we can hang a flat screen television on the front side of the panel.

  1. High ceilings

This method can be said to be classic, but there is no doubt about its effectiveness in creating a spacious impression in a narrow room. In this room, the impression of spaciousness is also formed thanks to the use of white color and high glass windows that reach the ceiling.

  1. Functional details

Here we see how the interior architect’s ideas in combining visual value and functionality. A limited room should not only be filled with decorative objects. What is the use of something beautiful if it is not useful? The tree-shaped bookshelf is our way of appreciating books as a source of knowledge.

  1. Carpet as the center of attention

Dark shades seem to dominate the living room which is decorated in a contemporary style. White, black, and gray blend perfectly in this room. Meanwhile, a black and white carpet with a geometric pattern is spread on the concrete floor, becoming a detail that grabs attention.

  1. Living room and study

In addition to dividing the room into a living room and dining room, this is another alternative for a narrow elongated room. Divide the two areas, one area is wider than the other. This area can be used as a living room or family room, while other areas function as a workspace.

  1. Versatile wall

In this family room, the wall is more than just a place to hang a television. Here the wall also serves as a storage and display decoration. Wooden door cabinets not only help hide scattered objects, but also beautify the room.

  1. Minimalism

So that the eyes do not feel sick to see it and so that there is more room for movement, it is better to limit the decorations and furniture used. Even better if the colors used do not attract attention. Minimalist interiors always work for narrow, elongated rooms.

Arrange a minimalist living room

For a small living room, you can choose a minimalist Scandinavian style. You can arrange it with a warm atmosphere that comes from the wood used and a small rug in the middle of the room. It looks more stylish with neat and clean lines, and gets rid of unnecessary decorative elements.

Not only that, the amount of sunlight that enters the room and the dominating white color makes this tiny living room look fresh. And it’s also thanks to the selection of brightly colored furniture, decorative posters arranged on the walls, and flowers that adorn the room.

  1. All white

White is a mandatory color for a room with a limited area, because of its effect that is able to reflect light and reflect something infinite. An industrial touch fills the atmosphere of the room, thanks to the designer’s brilliant idea of ​​using used wood furniture.

And don’t forget

How to arrange the living room is very important to choose colors. Because this is one of the places where family or guests gather for quite a long time. So that the feel of a natural finish and not too many color tones, gives the impression that a room does not feel cramped and boring.

For decorating a narrow living room, you can use white and neutral colors with a combination of wood to provide comfort and warmth to the room. And with a minimalist area, you can arrange optimally by placing or selecting furniture and vertical and horizontal circulation that still feels comfortable and spacious.