How to clean your home parquet floor easily? | Gurgaon

Parquet .. The plush cover floors and Omisaha in form and in line with all forms and colors of the walls, furniture and home decor, in addition to being made of wood layers thick, which are glued to the floor by materials for various adhesive and consists parquet of two types Alfobarkih and the second type Almasev two different installation And the type, but in the end they give a wonderful shape to the floor, and it comes in several colors.. The color of natural wood, gray, and sometimes white.

1. Sweep the floor first and get rid of dust either by hand or by vacuuming

In the phase of getting rid of dust manually, you can use a soft brush in order not to injure the parquet, because the coarse brush can infect it with scratches and small cracks at different periods of use, and if it appears full of scratches and corroded… The vacuum cleaner seems to be the best and reaches its depth to finer Small dust particles.

2. Use a cloth to clean and avoid water

Clean the floor using a cloth dampened with warm water and vinegar to make it look shiny and to get rid of germs and dust completely, and it can be wiped again with a dry cloth.. Do not pour water directly on the floor, no matter how good the quality of the parquet, over time it will be affected by water and the ground will absorb it and look worn out.

3. Get rid of stains

If you use warm water and vinegar for the floor, but there are still spots sticking to the floor, you can rely on a parquet cleaner and do not use strong removers that affect the wood, and you can also use parquet sandpaper and then clean the place with cloth and water again.

4. Continuously disinfect the floor

Always make sure to disinfect the floor using Dettol and disinfectants with warm water to avoid bacteria and dust, and this will keep it clean constantly without having to do a big cleaning campaign due to the accumulation of dust.

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