Ideas to revive a small living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

10 ideas to revive a small living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Your living room should be a comfortable place for you and your family because it is the room that gathers you most of the day, you exchange conversations and you all enjoy watching TV through it as usual, and today we will help you reach the best possible design for the living room if you suffer from a small area And its inability to meet your ambitions in designing some of the ideas that you would like to implement in your home.

1- Dazzling lights and white color

Light beautifies any space in which it resides, and perhaps small spaces are considered the most positively affected by the presence of light in them, as we note in this distinguished design in which there is white color as a background in all walls with the use of transparent curtains, a large window, industrial lights and dazzling bulbs to a high degree of Clarity and brilliance in all corners, and in this case it does not matter much the narrowness of space, but the good coordination of the furniture in the room.

2- Decorate with paintings

Use a large-sized painting on the walls in your living room, as you give it a special artistic touch and accept change from time to time, and therefore due to its large size, it will be an effective way to change the mood of the room every period.

3- Libraries

In the living room, it is prevalent to use wooden applications to make shelves and bookcases to suit the tools that you have in your living room, between TV, decorative utensils, books and other things that the living room is a suitable place for. Design a library that accommodates all of this and saves you space without Wasted and tried to carry the library an artistic gesture, whether in color or composition in order to enrich the design effectively.

4- Najaf

Try to make the chandeliers used in the living room effective and with a special flavor. Note the shape of the chandelier here. It is the most prominent in the whole room, as it has a beautiful shape and also has strong lighting through 6 bulbs in the hanging lamps to the seating area, so the lighting center will be The center of the room, which will make you feel more space than the real one.

5- Tareza Al-Antria

Maybe you are satisfied with the sofa set only, but you should not give up to buy the whole set, try to be creative and choose the furniture according to your own taste that goes with the whole room and not just the furniture

6- Colors

Cheerful colors are the secret of any comfortable living room. Bright colors that carry more boldness, red, purple and turquoise are considered fashionable now. Try to have a role in your living room provided that the light has a strong presence in it.

7- Decorate the TV wall

Instead of using a library and for more modernity and style, you should decorate the TV stand wall with some inscriptions of gypsum, paper or wood in an attractive way and try to decorate it with strong lights so that the center of the room is directed towards it and not in the middle, which is a smart trick to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

8- Supports

The footrests or the low seating, known as the pouf, is one of the most modern parts in the design of the living room sofa. Try to make the pouf piece quiet and in a good place on the sofa and not take up a lot of space or room corridors so that the privilege of using it does not turn into a defect.

9- Wooden floors

The parquet is easy to clean and always shiny and does not require much effort to restore it new after a while, you should use the parquet on the floor of the living room, especially if you are a fan of natural touches in the design.

10- Carpet

Carpets are one of the well-established factors in the design of the Egyptian living room throughout the ages, but you have to stay away from the huge designs of carpets with overlapping patterns, especially if they are for a narrow room, and go more for simplicity and calm colors in it to help the room provide you with a calm feeling always.

6 ideas for creating unique and fun play spaces

It is not easy to decorate a house considering not only my personality but also the tastes of my family. Due to the limited budget or limited space size, it seems that it is only possible in a dream to decorate our house into a space that is full of elegant and modern beauty. Still, if we pay attention and love, it will become a comfortable, cozy, and lovely home that reflects our unique personality. However, I can’t figure out how to decorate the playroom for my child, who I love so much that I cannot fathom the size and depth. It’s been so long since we were children that I can’t remember, and even if I go to a house with children around, I don’t think I’ve seen any interiors that can be referenced as a play space for our children. If you are thinking about whether there is an interesting play space interior that is full of your child’s personality while reducing the distraction by using too many colors, take a look at this article today.

A wall full of personality

We don’t need to whiten the wallpaper up to the kid’s play area just to emphasize the neatness. It is good to create a calm atmosphere overall by choosing wallpaper with polka dots in similar colors with different tones of the child’s favorite color. Besides, it would be a good idea to stimulate a sense of adventure and curiosity to make you realize that there are various people living in different cultures in this world. In addition, decorating the wall with the child’s favorite color  and engraving the child’s name with DIY lighting so that the child can have a sense of ownership in their play space is a unique interior for our children.

Drawing desk

It’s not that children just like to play ball and run around with their bodies. Sometimes you need time to sit down, draw, and let your imagination run wild. Rather than scolding a child unconditionally when they see a child graffiti on the wall, it is better to provide an appropriate space for the child to express and express his or her opinion or emotion through drawing. Of course, you can draw in a sketchbook or notebook, but a drawing desk is also worth considering as a unique interior element, a child’s play tool, and a learning tool. If you’re worried about the chalk dust flying around, we opt for a whiteboard drawing desk.


If you are wondering if there are any items that can be put into a child’s play area to create a unique look, choose an empty bag that is used as a chair by putting small pieces of plastic or beans in a large cloth. The bean bag is one of the interior elements that creates a soft and comfortable atmosphere, and at the same time, it will become a single chair that my child can lean on comfortably. In particular, the bean bag is a useful item when a child brings his friends. This is because it helps children to relax and play in a comfortable position with their friends in the play area, and provides a comfortable space just for children. In addition, you can give a point to the room by choosing a bright color or a child’s favorite color for a child’s room, which is mostly designed in pastel tones or calm colors.

Media space

As children unconditionally run around and spend their spare time just reading books, there are many things in the world that we need to know and there are many new aspects that we tend to overlook. In particular, although we pay a lot of attention to English education, it is a good idea to  provide a media space in the children’s room for proper foreign language education because there are few opportunities for foreign language contact and we are always weak in speaking. No matter how many words you know, it is clear that learning a foreign language cannot be completed forever without the opportunity to hear and imitate how it is pronounced. So, although it is not entirely positive to frequently expose electronic devices to young children, it cannot be denied that there is nothing like the media for learning a foreign language naturally in the form of play.

Wall color

It goes without saying that the color of the wall should be designed according to the purpose of the space. In particular, the wall design of a child’s play area is highly dependent on whether or not it is combined with the bedroom as shown in the picture, the age of the child, and the child’s personality. If the play area and bedroom are combined in the child’s room, it would be natural to design the wall color in calm pastel tones. However, since its role as a play space cannot be overlooked, you can capture the color that is the point and breathe life into the room with unity, or consider wallpaper with various patterns to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

Special storage space

A child does not grow only by being confined to the body. From the moment it becomes clear what their tastes are and what they like, we need to help them build their own world and grow in a wider variety of ways. In addition to utilizing a large plastic case with a name tag so that children can organize their toys and learning materials neatly on their own, in the play area for children who value their belongings and love cute toys, there is also a mini-gallery dedicated to our children. How about preparing? Among the many toys, there are certain toys that children especially like. Since it is the most precious toy for a child, if we respect the child’s opinion and make a special mini cabinet for them, the child will show a bright smile towards us.

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