What is color logy? Color logy may be a sort of color psychology that uses the colors to influence mood, physical functions and well-being.

It’s also referred to as chromosome therapy, which is ‘… a way of treatment that uses the color spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic wave to cure diseases.’ Color has been used for hundreds of years as a healing tool and to affect how you are feeling, so it absolutely is sensible to include color logy into your home decor.

Using art prints is one among the quickest ways to include color into your home and can prevent the effort and therefore the headache of getting to color your walls.

Make your home decor mood boosting and remedial using one or more of the subsequent popular colors.

  1. REDVery much considered the realm of the physical, red has the power to quicken pulses and stimulate responses. Red alerts us to danger and perceived threats, whilst arousing our flight or fight reactions.You can clearly see why, despite inciting passion, red could be best kept well far away from the bedroom.Unless you would like to remain up all night! But there’s no reason why you couldn’t incorporate red in your front room, kitchen, home gym or playroom. Why not start with some red abstraction-ism before diving in? It’ll elevate your mood and improve your spirit.


Orange has unparalleled warmth when it involves home decor. It immediately transports you to the season of autumn and spices up a cold winter. It’s hard to not consider warm fires and pumpkins when it involves orange.

But did you recognize, it’s also purported that orange helps the lungs and increases energy levels. In Ancient Hindu philosophies, orange is that the color of creativity, sexuality and reproduction, so you’ll see why it might make an excellent addition to a bedroom, dining or living area.



As a somewhat emotional color, yellow is an entice of optimism, confidence and self-worth. Yellow reminds us of the sun and its power. In Ancient Egypt, people used the sun and its light for a spread of healing purposes and even worshiped it as a deity.

Legend has it that yellow was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. It is reported to be an incredibly stimulating color but sadly not always within the best way.

Apparently there’s a ‘…possible relationship between violent street crime and sodium yellow street lighting.’ On the plus side, when it involves home decor, yellow is really a terrific color to settle on.

It can brighten up the gloomiest of spaces and inject a touch of happy into your home. But a word of warning – a touch little bit of yellow goes an extended way! To avoid feeling such as you live inside an enormous banana, try adding just a couple of accents with summer art, cushions and other soft furnishings.


This shade will have your friends and family green with envy! In yogic, Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, green is that the color of the guts chakra; the center of unconditional love and compassion.

This chakra is additionally alleged to be the bridge between the spiritual and physical world. Incorporating green into your home decor encourages you to unleash your spiritual side and attract more heart bound things.

Combined with the nurturing and calming effect of this color makes green ideal for any relaxation or meditation space. Green is additionally known for creating us feel far more revived and rejuvenated as our brains easily connect the color with nature and therefore the outdoors. ‘Green is assumed to alleviate stress and help heal. Those that have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches’


Often connected to communication, blue also can enhance intellect and inspires concentration and thought.

Blue is synonymous with calming and soothing and having a blue bedroom has actually been proven to extend sleep. Blue is such a flexible color that it can travel from the bedroom to the kitchen and bring an all round harmonious home.

If you’re in need of a fast mood boost, don’t despair. Regardless of which mood you’re getting to evoke or remedy, update your home decor with colorful art prints to match.

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