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We are Greater Noida’s top interior designers, and we can provide you with a variety of interior design ideas. We will work with you as designers to achieve that look without taking up too much room on your property. The property you have always dreamed to own will be built by Interior A to Z. We will collaborate with you to give your home or place of business an appealing, spacious appearance.

We’ll also guarantee that the responsive layout we design keeps your home cozy, safe, and functional while maintaining the quality and aesthetic of your property. We prefer taking on difficult jobs in unfamiliar environments since it gives us more chances to learn new things and provide amazing ideas for how to organize, design, and decorate the space.

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Many residential and commercial spaces have been transformed by our turnkey interior and architectural design services into stunning living spaces with flair and high utility space that reflect the individual tastes of our clients.

A Minimal Interior Can Change The Game

To conceptualize and construct the greatest interior design services in Greater Noida, meet Mr. Naim Saifi. Get interior design quotes for Greater Noida residential, hotel, and commercial projects. His business, Interior A to Z, is a reputable home, commercial, and office interior design firm in Greater Noida.

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Utilizing art and science in the greatest possible interior design in Greater Noida. As an interior design company, we work to create a more aesthetically pleasant and healthy environment so that you can live in peace.

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We are a passionate group of architects and interior designers with a particular emphasis on truly exceptional and expert architecture and interior design work in Greater Noida. Decor that goes beyond what is often imagined.

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The greatest turnkey interior solutions are provided by Mr. Naim Saifi and crew. For homes, companies, the retail sector, and even building owners, these solutions are incredibly simple, efficient, and affordable.

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“A successful outcome is the best thing for us as interior designers in Greater Noida. We adore being the architect who works with a customer to create their ideal space.

While designing for a customer, “we are inspired by their chosen preferences for style, colors, furniture, and locations they have been and liked.”

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We are extremely knowledgeable and professional architects. We value thorough customer consultation and want you to enjoy and feel in charge of the process. To create a harmonious building environment that respects the area and the neighborhood, our team of professionals works with all design elements in Greater Noida.

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In order to assist you in creating an interior design that will make your industrial complex a hot subject among your clients and competitors, we create distinctive architectural plans. The best home architecture is what we offer, in our opinion. 15+ years of experience in architectural services. Our specialty is turnkey projects and single-family homes.

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Our skills enable us to design effective structures that are airy, light, cozy, and fashionable exactly how you prefer.

Interior Designer in Greater Noida


A carport is a type of semi-covered building used to store cars and provide them with some level of protection. In India, they are often flat-roofed or modular and open from two sides. An inexpensive way to shield one’s car from elements like rain, wind, and sweltering sun is to install a carport.

Carports leave more ventilation but provide less protection than garages. Compared to a garage, they’re also simpler to design and build, less expensive, and less time-consuming. If you have been parking your cars outside, investing in a protective structure to keep them in can extend their lives and, if your project is built to code, even raise the value of your home.


Unless you’ve got quite big yard, a carport at the front of the house might not be the simplest idea. However if the side of your home is already occupied, there also are compact fordable carports (which don’t take up much space) that you simply could use which may be put away when not in use, freeing up space ahead yard when the car isn’t parked there.

If you’ve got an enormous yard, a carport at the front of the house are often great because it adds more privacy to the house by covering up the front of the house more and it also is a shelter from the rain and sun. Modular carports or flat roofed carports are great for the side of the house.


Many homeowners, despite eager to put up solar panels, are often constrained by space availability over the rooftop or the rooftop getting used for a few other purposes. In such a scenario, solar car parking roofs have come to their rescue. The added advantage of solar carports is that not only is you providing protection to the cars below but also producing clean and frees solar electricity.

This electricity is often used for the building or maybe as a charging port for electric cars which are becoming popular lately. During a country like India which has ample amount of sunshine throughout the year, solar car parks are a superb idea.

In order to put in a solar carport, an honest amount of structural designing will need to be done which can be seen as excess material within the sort of steel, which successively leads to extra costs. However, because the industry matures and system costs reduce, the amount of suitors for such innovative designs is increasing.

Orange for a bright touch in your home

Did you recognize which colors go well with orange? Is that this the question that has been bothering you lately? Then today’s article offers tons of ideas.

Orange isn’t a well-liked color to incorporate in home interiors. Difficulties find the proper complementing orange discourage many of us from including it in their color schemes. But orange may be a special color. Color is usually related to joy. It can turn your home into a warm and welcoming space. Sinatra found orange the happiest color. Nat King Cole found the orange sky a really lucky omen. Musicians aren’t the sole one that finds this color a natural expression of happiness and luck. Consistent with some oriental traditions, orange brings prosperity and abundance into your life. So let’s determine what matches orange?

A touch of orange with blue

This is an honest example of orange combination, during which pale orange is mixed with a balanced light blue and crisp white. The orange combination ensures there’s only enough sparkle within the kitchen without making it appear hot. Makes the inside look brighter and cheerful also.

Also believe where you would like to incorporate this shade. The kitchen planner has presented the color within the sort of stools. You’ll use it on the backslash of the kitchen, cabinet doors, kitchen worktop or lighting.

Orange radiance

Orange sits between yellow and red which are the first colors of the color spectrum, on the opposite side of orange, are reminder blue. You’ll find some complementary orange, periwinkle blue, powder guide, sky blue, Prussian blue, midnight navy and sky blue.

The colors that sit above and below reminder orange like brown and beige or next thereto like yellow and red are often combined with orange. However, this mix will have a fiery effect on the ambiance of your home as all the colors within the vicinity of orange are extremely hot. To balance it well, you’ll consider introducing neutral shades like white, black, and pale gray.

Tones suitable for orange

To find colors that match orange, use this handy trick. Simply use the color wheel to pick your favorite shade of orange or the color you’d wish to incorporate into your interior design. The colors that fall across from this shade are their complementary colors. People who appear either side or directly above and below it are their neighbors. You’ll choose a complementary orange from its neighbors or from the one on the opposite side of the color wheel.

Metallic with orange

It is possible to settle on a metallic color as an integral a part of your orange color scheme, it helps you to dramatize the inside decoration during a very skillful way. The inside walls of this spacious dining hall are decorated during a series of golden hues, adding an additional sheen to a contemporary dining room.

Arm chairs with orange paint and an outsizes table with glossy top and golden base are placed within the center of the space; the space is additionally decorated with an orange floating storage unit. The exposed wall and ceiling decor add slightly of commercial design.

In interior design

While brainstorming about the orange color scheme, don’t limit your options to only the front room, kitchen, or area, consider an area where you’ll easily incorporate this color. You’ll paint a part of the doorway wall with this ravishing shade. Do not forget that you simply can include this color the planning of your balcony and swimming bath; it’ll assist you to style a really lively outdoor party area for your friends and relations.

Watch how this home’s designer succeeded in incorporating color into a toilet, because it raises the highest and bottom tiers of the toilet unit, and to form the inside more attractive, colorful mosaic tiles are wont to decorate the wall behind the bath.

Living room with orange touch

The orange front room may be a great space to welcome all of your guests. You’ll have orange walls like this front room pictured above. You’ll also limit orange paint to only the feature wall. Other clever thanks to mix this bright color an indoor are to use it as a base color for wall panels. You’ll enjoy the space with 3D orange wallpapers also.

It is also possible to use orange fabric for upholstery and hang curtains. Green plants in orange pots or fresh flowers in orange vases will have an important effect on the indoor atmosphere.

Modern bathrooms in calm colors

A journey to the world of taste and tranquility, specifically to the world of modern bathroom decoration, that  room  is one of the areas that relate to successive trends and a renewed fashion that cannot be delayed and the beauty lies in catching up with it. 

One of the best ideas that goes with all eras and fits the latest trends is also to design the bathroom in calm colors as much as possible. White and its shades, pink and blue in their light-tipped shades are impressive solutions in this regard, and we will try in this book of ideas clarify more than one color that you can use alone or in combination With another degree of another color to produce a modern and dazzling design for your  bathroom in the  best way..


Wood is one of the most elements in line with all eras of designs, ancient and modern, luxurious, simple and rustic. Everything that can contain wood material, color and patterns is very close to brilliance, provided that the rest of the elements available in the bathroom are used to harmonize with it, and in this design the white color was chosen to be It is in harmony with it, and indeed the result was wonderful, especially since the same color was used in the sanitary ware as it was used in the entire lower level of the walls.


Transparency lies in the glass surfaces, which were used here in a wonderful way between the ceramic glass tiles and the hexagonal tiles of glass in a wonderful exchange of centers between them, and this formed a unique diversity in the walls and in the shape and style of the bathroom to be perfect to the utmost degree as if it was part of a science fiction movie, and what helped each That precision in designing to appear like this was the large mirror and the white lights that balanced it all and helped it shine.

Diabetes magic

The sugar color is one of the most calming colors that can shine in the design of your bathroom, provided that it sheds energy from natural light and fresh air, and there is no better than opening large windows in the main walls in the bathroom to play this role with distinction.

Silver Gray

The splendor of the grayish-silver color lies in its strong interaction with the light shining on it. Although there are not enough windows in the bathroom, it is based on introducing natural light into the design, but many strong lighting systems around the mirror and in the ceiling have been provided with colors closer to the natural lights with white rays and played a role Great at making the bathroom look its best.

Olive green

The colors that help calm and psychological comfort center around green and its degrees mainly, as it is the color of nature and greenery, and here this color has been relied upon to increase the element of meditation and calmness in the bathroom by using it in the unit of the basin and the carpet in the form of a leaf in the floors, which completely breaks the spread of color Gray in the rest of the design and made green dominate despite the small area.


This region is economically developed, and the number of modern buildings has expanded. Both residential and commercial projects are included. Also, residents of this area opt for interior designs for their homes that preserve Greater Noida’s traditional appearance. Leading interior designers in Greater Noida, Interior A to Z, provide various interior designs for all types of interiors.

Interior Designs for Houses

The majority of individuals are quite concerned about their homes’ interiors. This is due to the fact that most of us dream of owning a home that suits our interests and tastes. No matter if it is a house or a flat, it is true. Even more crucial is making it happen without breaking the bank. Leading interior designers in Noida who provide cost-effective interior designs for homes are Interior A to Z.

Different interior design styles are something that people think about for their homes. They occasionally even require fusion interior designs. Modern or minimalist interior design styles and traditional interior design styles are the most often employed varieties in Greater Noida. The traditional interior style of Greater Noida is created using traditional interior design techniques.

Ideas for it were primarily drawn from Indian architecture. There is however those who feel that their homes must have a minimalist or modern feel. In accordance with the preferences of the client, Interior A to Z also creates fusion interior designs for homes. Interior A to Z became the greatest interior design firm in Greater Noida as a result of this.

Customized Interior Design

Despite the case, the personalized kind will always be the best choice for us. Even though it’s a good or service. Giving personalized interior design solutions will be the best that can be provided in a similar manner for interior designs. Interior A to Z is a pioneer in interior design and offers the finest level of interior customization. We take into account every feature of the interior areas, including the suggested budget, etc. The client is then shown a 3D depiction of the appropriate plan that has been prepared.

The client can visualize how the interiors will appear and operate based on the plan. As per the client’s interests, necessary recommendations can be made. This is actually allowing Interior A to Z to offer its customers more interior personalization.

High Standard Works

All of Interior A to Z’ interior design projects are superb and of the highest caliber. High-quality materials and competent services are used to create interior designs of the highest caliber. This explains why the interiors have an endearing appearance and are well-functioning. Moreover, this extends the interiors’ lifespan. Interior A to Z had gained popularity throughout Greater Noida by introducing quality and standards in the works. Thus, Interior A to Z are Noida’s top interior decorators.