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Walls interior design ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Walls interior design ideas

What to do to make the room captivate at first sight? That each of our guests would admire the interior of our home and look at them with genuine admiration in their eyes? How to make communing in our four walls a real pleasure for us?

Bet on eye-catching walls! They are a large area and require special attention to the arrangement.

It’s time to present you the most fashionable and unique ideas for wall designs that were created in the studios of our architects and interior designers.

Sit comfortably in your armchair and read today’s catalog of inspiration. We have as many as 10 interesting ideas for original walls with character.

  1. Wall of ombre

Sometimes one detail is enough to completely change the interior. Imagine this room with a boring white or gray wall in the background … it would be nice, correct but boring and no wow effect. The color makes a big difference, and the ombre effect used on the wallpaper catches the eye and steals the show!

  1. 3D panels

Once again, painted walls do not look as good as those freshly painted for the first time. They have tiny irregularities, holes, nail holes, etc. To extend their life in a simple way, without reconditioning, and at the same time give the interior character and class, use wall panels. They have a subtle structure, are convex and look very nice on the wall. Take a look at the arrangement from the photo, where 3D panels with a light wave beautifully emphasize the seaside character of the apartment.

  1. Stucco differently

Stucco -this solution is known and liked to us. It emphasizes the elegance and charm of old buildings, we often use them in a classic interior. But when combined with a delicate, modern wallpaper, it takes on a completely different expression. It is a way of modernity in an old building, tenement house or interior with history, which we want to delicately bring to the present. A delightful, gentle solution!

  1. A modern duo

And now something from tradition and something from modernity. A beautiful color duo that divides this bedroom into parts. The blue color, in a deep but subdued shade, with an admixture of gray, is perfect for the bedroom because it is subdued and calm. It was painted on both the wall, the stucco, the ceiling and the buildings on the side.

  1. Strong color

Bottle green is a color that is taking interiors by storm. It works well in the form of accessories, textiles, furniture and entire walls. It beautifully brings out other colors, creates an expressive arrangement in a climate close to nature.

  1. Wabi sabi

A bit of imperfection emphasizes what is beautiful and perfect. Let’s find beauty in non-perfect walls, additionally emphasizing them with modern furniture, clear colors and cheerful styling. Wabi sabi is a trend that we love for the freedom and nonchalance it gives us, while emphasizing the beauty and nostalgia of old objects or finishing materials.

  1. Geometric triangles

Strong color, wallpaper with a hint of the main color and white. These connections will always work. The original wall is a proven recipe for interior success. Certainly there will be no boredom, banal solutions will be forgotten!

  1. Naturally trends

How about creating a perfect balance between the two environments, external and internal, integrating them seamlessly, without breaking the harmony in space. The wall finish, as we can see in the photo, is a good example of using an innovative wood or plywood cladding to achieve balance without creating visual barriers.

  1. Geometric patterns

Geometric shapes in three dimensions are a good idea for a wallpaper or other wall covering design in small rooms. The 3D effect gives the interior depth and makes it appear visually larger.

  1. A bit of nature

Natural green walls are nothing new, but they can bring new life both inside and out. The best part is that they require little maintenance and care and are great for bathrooms where they are concerned with moisture control.


Tips that will change the look of the walls of your home to the most beautiful | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Some say there is nothing sadder than blank wall . On the other hand, we prefer to see an empty blank wall as a space for planning and possibilities. A space where we can experiment with new colors, accessories and even architectural additions.

So, without pulling it off for too long, let’s take a look at 10 tried and tested ways to add style and function to your home’s blank walls (but not for long).

1- My special type fan

You have no idea how great a painting or big picture can be to demand attention, especially if it flaunts different colors, patterns, and textures than the walls.

2- Gallery on the wall

Instead of one giant piece, how about lots of little ones? The perfect arrangement of framed photos depicting family, friends, pets, travel, etc. can instantly add detail and personality to a blank wall. Stylistically speaking, you can use simple, consistent frames to give a modern/contemporary look, or mix things up a bit with frames of different designs and colors.

The decorator tip: To create the illusion of more space, extend your gallery wall all the way to the ceiling.

3- A distinctive wall with a special design

Just painting one wall in a room has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with planning ahead. Choosing a color different from the rest of the walls (for example, an orange velor contrasting with the white) instantly adds detail (a feature wall) to the room. But of course this can also be supplemented with wallpaper, stencils, wall stickers, trim, etc.

The advice of the decorators :  Make sure you choose the right wall. Characteristic walls are usually chosen for rooms that do not have any architectural features (for example, a beautiful fireplace). And in case you want to choose a wall with a lot of windows, refrain from using very dark colors because the bright light coming in, contrasting with the dark wall color, can easily overwhelm the space.

4- Mirrors

Because mirrors reflect light and space, they instantly make a room appear larger and brighter. Thus, don’t be shy about using an oversize mirror to really make use of more visual space.

5- A mural

A properly painted mural can surely create a touch of elegance, and it’s no longer just for kids’ rooms. However, you may need some technical talent for this talent – or just hire one of our experienced professionals.

6- Shelves

No more floor space in that room? Then let’s see how your wall can help you with some wall mounted shelves for storage and display purposes. These can help with books, potted plants, travel memorabilia, framed photos… anything that can add more detail and personality to a space without overwhelming it.

7- Sculptural candelabra

There are lighting fixtures that add illumination, and then there are fixtures that add illumination and a great dose of artistic style to a space. Depending on the room’s style and functionality, these walls can help flaunt some pretty cool wall sconces (because they don’t take up any floor space) that double as decor pieces.

8- plants

Who said indoor plants are limited to window sills? Let’s see how these walls can inspire some hanging plants, wall-mounted planters, and a vertical garden…

9- Hanging TV

Televisions are no longer limited to living rooms. Thus, if a flat screen TV is the ideal choice for adding style and functionality to your room/walls, who are we to argue?

10 extra storage

Don’t overlook the importance of storage. To make future de-cluttering projects easier on yourself, see where you can push in some extra storage such as floating shelves, furniture with built-in storage compartments, closets, bookcases, etc.

Tips that will change the look of the walls of your home to the most beautiful | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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