Kitchen island

The kitchen is the heart of the house. During the course of the day, every resident gets lost in this room, regardless of whether it presents itself as a closed room unit or is more dedicated to an open living concept. The kitchen island with seating is a very special furnishing element. It removes and de-warps the kitchen, which is otherwise bound to the walls of a room, and likes to attract the attention of the beholder. It is so wonderfully practical and supports social gatherings. How can you design a kitchen with a cooking island or kitchen counter? How big can or must such a link be? I answer these questions in the following book of ideas.

The right alignment in the room

In general, the parallel alignment to a) the longest kitchen unit and b) the longest living room wall is a good starting point. Also consider whether a dining table is also planned and how it should be placed. Does the counter replace or complement a dining table? In the next step, look at the position of the windows. You can cook with your back to the window. Your observers sitting on the kitchen island are allowed a view of the garden behind you.

The appropriate size of the kitchen island

An island that is too big in a small kitchen is more disturbing than beneficial. An island that is too small in a spacious room appears lost. With this in mind, choose the dimensions carefully and draw up a sketch in the planning phase. An additional consideration is to connect the kitchen island to a wall regardless of its size and only make it accessible from two long and one short sides.

Modern kitchen with free-standing island and seating

Modern kitchens are ideal for placing a cooking island. A kitchen island or counter is also popular with minimalist tendencies. Storage space can be created here and a tidy focus is created at the same time.

Kitchen island and storage space

A well thought-out kitchen island has a pleasant number of storage space options. More is not always better. It’s more about the arrangement of the individual drawers and base cabinet elements. It should be accessible from 3 to 4 pages. If you equip the kitchen island later, reserve the area where you can sit for rarely used utensils, plates and glasses.

Modern kitchen island with wall connection

A kitchen island looks much less dominant when it is attached to a wall. There is a certain lightness in the kitchen design. A visual connection is made to the rest of the kitchen, such as the worktop.

Modern bar stools

Modern bar stools come in different materials, colors and shapes. Precisely because they have a different seat height than conventional chairs, you should definitely check them for comfort before buying. This also raises the question of whether you want backrests and armrests, or whether stools are more in line with your wishes.

Freestanding kitchen island made of wood

Wood as a material brings naturalness and warmth to the modern kitchen. Designs that give priority to the grain and natural coloring of the wood are particularly appealing. With regard to the kitchen island, an organic connection with the surroundings is created in no time at all, with a view of the living area and recurring wooden elements in the furnishing style.

Wooden stool

If you don’t want a complete kitchen made of wood, stools and seating can also add charming accents. If they are also ergonomically shaped, their naturalness comes into its own. Gone are the days when kitchens looked cool and aloof.

Country kitchen with island

Modern country kitchens are bold and timeless design statements. This is also reflected in the design of the associated kitchen island. Both the color scheme and the imposing dimensions make it clear that such a kitchen is proud. It has adequate space to prepare food and enjoy.

The counter as a meeting place

Precisely because a counter heralds the transition to the rest of the apartment, it is a literal link. Here you can meet at any time of the day or night, here stories are exchanged and the leftovers from the previous evening are eaten. Kitchen islands should always have enough space for the parallel kitchen units. So one can stand behind it while the other sits opposite.

Kitchen counter with opposite seating

A kitchen island can make rooms look unusually cut or small. In such cases, an airy counter is a way of expanding the kitchen. Like a table, just at counter height, this area offers plenty of opportunities for exchange. And the overall kitchen ensemble is upgraded.

How many chairs fit on the kitchen island?

Only those who really have a lot of space should provide plenty of chairs. For medium-sized and small living rooms, two chairs or stools are sufficient. They invite you to linger while the family dinner takes place at the dining table. If you have a larger number of chairs, be aware that all those sitting are now looking in the same direction.

Stool with backrest

Stools and bar stools that have a backrest offer that extra bit of comfort. The question you can ask yourself when planning your kitchen island is: How long do you stay in the chairs? Chairs with backrests are more visible or more noticeable in the room even when they are not in use . That can be beneficial to the ensemble, but it can also disturb it.

The right lighting for the kitchen island

Basically, the lighting in a kitchen is a small and often overlooked challenge. On the one hand, it should be bright enough so that it illuminates the food preparation well. On the other hand, lamps should create a homely atmosphere. This challenge can be found again in a bundled form above a kitchen island. It is therefore worthwhile to include the lighting concept in the planning right from the start.

Flowing transitions between kitchen and living area

Kitchen islands are not really islands . They see themselves more as a link between the purely practical and the sociable part of a kitchen. Kitchen planning is therefore so much more than just working out the storage space, the work surface and the placement of the kitchen appliances. Modern kitchen islands represent this trend: away from impersonal kitchen units towards an organic overall ensemble.

L shap kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is a classic kitchen layout of the built-in kitchens. It is primarily a matter of integrating all the desired kitchen elements into the available space in a space-saving manner. What are the criteria for a good L-shaped kitchen? In the following book of ideas, aspects such as planning, positioning, advantages and disadvantages, equipment and design are highlighted and summarized for you.

Part 1: The classic kitchen plan

It is not without reason that the L-shape is the classic among kitchen plans. Modern designs benefit from the long-standing prominence of this kitchen form and at the same time further develop elements and equipment. This is how the L-shape escapes its dusty reputation in some places. After all, it is still the first choice for many kitchen layouts.

Planning the L-shaped kitchen

If you are planning a new kitchen, sooner or later the L-shape will cross your paths. Whether and to what extent this layout is useful and also meets your requirements can be clarified wonderfully in a consultation. There are also virtual kitchen planners from various providers online that you can use to create different designs.

Part 2: Positioning as a corner kitchen

Positioning the L-shaped kitchen in a corner of the room is basically a good starting point. The nice thing about this layout is that it can ultimately be arranged independently of or below windows. If it is also installed in a corner, all connections are usually already available there. In many buildings, the corner kitchen is understood as a starting point / standard.

Positioning as a room divider

Positioning in the room is also possible. One side of the L-shape is placed at a 90-degree angle to the wall. For example, you can create a pseudo kitchen island. However, you should deal with the construction and layout of the base unit elements in advance. These must be equipped with a back panel.

Part 3: Benefits I

  • The kitchen is compact. The commutes between food preparation, cooking and storage are usually comparatively short.
  • The L-shape can usually be integrated well into corners with existing windows or doors.
  • Suitable for small kitchens, the L-shaped kitchen fits into (almost) every room.

Benefits II

  • Connections for electricity, water, sewage and gas are usually already laid so that L-shaped kitchens can be installed without any problems.
  • L-shaped kitchens can be easily expanded, for example with a cooking island.
  • Corner kitchens require little space.

Possible drawbacks

Part 4: Shape and size of the floor plan

The layout of the kitchen is crucial for choosing the right kitchen plan. In principle, there is no distinction to be made between closed kitchen layouts and open living concepts. With an open living concept, however, the flexibility is greater. A kitchen plan can possibly be designed more courageously .

Matching dimensions of the kitchen in L-shape

Bigger is not always better. In the planning phase, consider whether you really want to equip the full length of a long kitchen floor plan with one row or work surface. For small kitchens , on the other hand, the following applies: Use every centimeter and fit the row from wall to wall if necessary.

Part 5: Put together prefabricated built-in wardrobes yourself

Fitted kitchens are usually associated with high costs. One possibility to reduce the purchase and assembly costs somewhat is to choose and assemble prefabricated built-in cupboards. Some manufacturers offer an online kitchen planner for this, which not only digitally reproduces the floor plan and division, but also calculates the costs incurred in parallel.

Custom-made L-shaped kitchen

To give the L-shaped kitchen an individual touch, it is worth taking a look at custom-made kitchens. The design and functionality are convincing here and you run no risk of the L-shape looking dusty and generic. Information on material and equipment can be wonderfully combined with special requests. The result is a timeless and unique kitchen design.


In terms of furnishings, a handful of elements will be found in every kitchen. This certainly includes the cutlery drawer or the stove, sink and base cabinet for pots and pans. What other aspects are important to you? Spice or plate rack? Wine cooler and freezer? Drawers for table linen and decorative items?

Matching devices

The choice of equipment is at least as important as its placement in the overall ensemble. Differences in price often make significant differences in quality. Some hobs are more difficult to clean than others. Kettle and coffee maker – are there ways to combine them? And what size should the dishwasher be?

Part 6: Modern country house design

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for combining with modern country house designs. This gives the kitchen a self-confident independence and doesn’t just disappear into a corner. The look has a wonderfully unifying effect in combination with open living.

Modern retro design

Your kitchen becomes a clear design statement if you opt for retro chic. In terms of functionality, such an L-shaped kitchen is in no way inferior to others. It underlines the style awareness of the house residents and offers you a creative space to cook, linger and eat together at any time.

Small Kitchen Ideas | Interior design firm

A spacious kitchen with high ceilings and lots of natural light is an absolute dream. In fact, most of us are content with small, odd-shaped kitchens. But it shouldn’t be that bad! With the right small space solutions and elegant design ideas, the size of your space doesn’t matter. Ahead, we’ve gathered tons of clever and stylish small kitchen ideas so you’ll never feel like a claustrophobic chef ever again.We promise these tips will help you get the most out of your counter and storage space, and get you spending even more time in the kitchen.


Kitchens That’ll Make You Want

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in the whole house (and if it’s not, we’re going to change it with these irresistible renovation ideas!), so it should be designed to make life easier, more comfortable, and more. elegant. In addition to efficient appliances, a kitchen design that you will enjoy for years is of the utmost importance.

Whether you’re remodeling or just looking for inspiration to make yours more efficient, we’re sharing kitchen design ideas to help streamline yours — and the best lessons to learn from them. From rustic to elegant to modern – and literally everything in between – we’ve got all the inspiration you could need to transform your kitchen.Gorgeous countertops, unique backsplashes and eye-catching lighting, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking for kitchen layout tips, keep scrolling down for a roundup of the best kitchen layouts and shapes.

Adding color to your kitchen is the best way to make it look lustrous: no renovations, no construction, just a color of paint (or two or three!) and a brush. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with white and gray or someone who likes a touch of something lively, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve rounded up kitchens in all shades of the rainbow. Most of the examples show great paint colors, but we’ve also included some ideas for colorful materials for those of you who want to do more than just makeover. Are you ready to decorate your closets with bright blues and reds or cover a large room with soothing grays or greens?Whatever your color preference or lack of inspiration, let kitchen paint color ideas, designer examples and shopping tips help you.

How to choose a dining table to make a narrow kitchen stand out

Many people dream of a different dream house. Of course, I am satisfied with the current cozy house, but it is natural to have in my heart the desire to have a house where children can run and play if there is a little more storage space. The dream house we usually dream of is a spacious house with an unobstructed view, a comfortable bathroom, a unique bedroom for each family member, an open living room, a spacious dining room that can invite many people, and a kitchen with ample storage space. This will be equipped. But our reality is far from this. The size is also much smaller than expected, and each space is not partitioned as smartly as in the dream house we dream of. In particular, in most cases, the kitchen and dining room are integrated in the form of placing a table in a narrow kitchen rather than dividing the dining room and kitchen  . Therefore, we must use the space wisely by choosing furniture that makes the kitchen stand out while avoiding the clutter of the narrow kitchen. Then, in a narrow kitchen that doubles as a dining room, what kind of design and what material is it good to have a dining table? If you are struggling with such a problem, pay attention to this article today.

Bar dining table

Due to the hectic daily life, the time to sit down and eat is bound to decrease. In addition, eating habits have become more and more westernized, and simple meals have become commonplace. In line with these changed eating habits, we need to change our dining table as well. You don’t necessarily have to sit around a large dining table to eat. This is because, in particular, when the size of the house is small, how efficiently the given space is used is the main point. In particular, if you are sharing a meal in a kitchen with a limited size, avoid providing a large dining table that does not fit the number of family members or eating habits. Instead, how about designing the dining table in a bar style so as not to lose the modern and sophisticated atmosphere while making smart use of the narrow kitchen space? The bar-type dining table not only gives a modern atmosphere to the kitchen, but also the lower part of the bar can be used as a storage space. In addition, it can be used as a cooking table during the cooking time before meals, so it is a dining table with a useful design in a narrow kitchen.

Extended table for a large family

As the size of the kitchen becomes smaller, it is clear that the most difficult time is when a large number of family and friends visit. When all the guests cannot sit at the dining table placed in our small kitchen, and we have no choice but to go out and eat out, we only regret the size of the kitchen and dining table. Even though our family is a small family of 2 to 4 people, it is not easy to purchase a large dining table because of the occasional customers. In this case, there is a useful item, and that is the extension table. Like the dining table in the photo, the size can be increased or decreased, so it is a very good piece of furniture to have in a kitchen or dining room where space is limited. As shown in the picture, a separate table goes under another table like a drawer, and it is usually used as a table for 4 people, but if necessary, the table can be increased. In addition to this design, another plate is designed under the wooden top of the wooden table, so if you slide the wooden top of the table from both sides like sliding doors, another table hidden underneath is revealed. can say

Round table made of wood

When we think of a dining table, we usually think of a rectangular table. Because it can be used close to the wall, it has an advantage in terms of space utilization. However, instead of the square table that can be seen anywhere, how about providing a round table that can be found in a modern cafe? Let’s choose a material that gives a warm feeling to the wood material. The round table made of wood will give a soft and warm atmosphere to the white color kitchen designed to look spacious and neat. Wood table can be selected in light brown color, which is light and refreshing, or in dark brown color to give a sense of weight in a white kitchen. In particular, if the kitchen and living room are designed in an open plan like the kitchen in the photo, a round table made of wood is the perfect choice. This is because the two spaces designed in an open plan are smoothly connected without completely blocking them, and at the same time, they do not occupy a lot of space, so space can be used efficiently.

Elegant glass & wooden square table

A dining table is not necessarily made of wood. Although many people design simple and elegant designs in Scandinavian style, if they do not fit my taste, there is no need to follow the trend. In particular, if a table made of wood is not carefully selected in terms of color or design, it may have a visual weight and may not be suitable for a narrow kitchen. Glass is the easiest material to choose for a small kitchen. The glass  dining table creates a modern atmosphere with transparent materials and visually gives a sense of openness. However, it can give a cold and hard feeling, so you need to pay attention to the legs of the glass table and the chairs placed around it. If you choose a table top made of glass, it is better to choose a table leg that is designed with wood material that gives a warm feeling to offset the cold glass properties as much as possible. Of course, on the other hand, if the table top is made of wood and the legs are made of glass, it will create a different atmosphere. In addition, to harmonize with the glass table that exudes an elegant and modern atmosphere for the chairs to be placed on the dining table, choose a modern design made of ivory-colored leather for the seating part and steel material for the stool leg. Of course, if you want to create an elegant and warm atmosphere at the same time, it is a good idea to choose the seat part with fabric material and the leg part of the stool with wood material.

Luxurious marble dining table

Following the aforementioned wood and glass materials, marble is also an essential material for dining tables. The subtly different colors and subtly different patterns of marble will make our kitchen more individual and elegant. The marble dining table can create a different atmosphere depending on the design and color of the table legs and chairs. You can create a simple and modern atmosphere with four legs made of wood or steel on a square marble table, or you can give an elegant atmosphere to the kitchen by designing one leg in the form of a column in the center. However, since marble is usually stone, you might be worried that it will make your small kitchen look heavier and cramped. However, if you use a slight optical illusion, even a small kitchen can easily transform the atmosphere into a luxurious and elegant dining table. In particular, like the kitchen in the photo, if you choose a dining table made of marble with bright colors and subtle patterns, and design the cabinet door in the kitchen with a mirror, your kitchen will look more spacious and luxurious compared to the actual area.

Folding table suitable for narrow space

A large kitchen is not necessarily a good thing. It can be said that a good kitchen is efficiently designed according to the movement of the cook. However, as the size of the kitchen becomes smaller, it is a natural fact that the space for cooking or storage becomes smaller. That’s why, rather than having a dining table, most people eat at the sitting table in the living room. But even if the kitchen doesn’t have enough room for a dining table, we can put a nice dining table in a small kitchen. A clever way to do this is with a folding table. Like the kitchen in the photo interior by Hongye Design , a domestic company,  a folding table is a very efficient way to use space in a narrow kitchen. When not in use as a table, it can be folded and used as a drawer door, and when cooking, if there is not enough space for cooking, it can be used as a counter top like an island table. There is a folding table that folds down as shown in the picture, and there is a folding table designed in a way that it is opened by pulling it from the top. In addition to this, there is also a folding table design that can be used as a dining table for 2 people, but with a separate table top folded on the side, it becomes a dining table for 4 when fixed with the auxiliary legs that were folded together with the table top.

Wheeled mobile table

Even though the kitchen is small, if you dream of cooking freely on a large island while taking out all the ingredients and tools you will use, use a movable table with wheels. When you cook in the kitchen, you can use it as an island, so you can prepare a large cooking space where you can cook with friends and family, not just yourself. Also, paying attention to the advantage of being able to move around on wheels, this would be a very suitable piece of furniture for a kitchen with many family members. As the number of families is large, there are many dishes, and it is more convenient to use a movable table with wheels to move the entire table to the kitchen and then organize the table at once than to move it to and from the sink several times each time.

Interior design ideas for Kitchens | Gurgaon | Gurugram

That the integrated kitchens are here to stay you may have noticed. But how to take advantage of this solution in order to shape a modern decoration? The main reason for this is that there are situations in which it makes more sense for the environment to be isolated, either during the preparation of certain foods, or because of the disorganization that often takes place in the kitchen. For the first case, it is always possible to think of delicate ways to limit the environments, bringing more discretion and elegance. Regarding the second question, it is worth investing in good planning in order to facilitate order within the environment, making the kitchen an integral part of the decoration of social areas. Thinking about it, today we have separated 6 exemplary projects of completely modern integrated kitchens, whose decoration helps to create a relaxed and young atmosphere. Want to take advantage of these tips for your home? So stay on and learn more!

Choice of colors

When it comes to decoration, the choice of colors is essential. As we know, the tones that make up an environment have a great influence on the atmosphere that is created in it. Therefore, the color palette is largely responsible for the sensations that a given space provides. In the kitchen, it is customary to opt for light, neutral and sober tones to generate a fresher and lighter environment. However, nothing prevents dark and warm colors from being used to decorate these spaces, especially when dealing with integrated environments.

Planned furniture

Another essential point in the design of a kitchen integrated or not, is the planning of the furniture. Starting with the functional aspect, the kitchen furniture brings more practicality and organization, especially with regard to cabinets and niches to install equipment, such as the microwave and the refrigerator. Likewise, furniture is a great way to embellish spaces, so choosing your finishes is just as important as your design.


The layout is nothing more than the way the functions are distributed in an environment. Naturally, within this context, the available area is a determining factor. Undoubtedly, large rooms offer more advantages over small rooms when designing the layout. However, nothing is impossible and small environments can also have their space optimized through intelligent solutions.

Planned lighting

Among all the advantages offered by integrated environments, lighting is undoubtedly the one that most calls our attention. In the absence of walls and other partitions, the lighting gains the possibility to move freely around the spaces, and soon they seem much wider and fresher. We know that natural lighting is essential for the quality of life in the home, but the planning of artificial lighting is not left out. Especially kitchens should be extremely well-lit environments, where everything is visible. So, why not take advantage of the lighting to decorate the rooms?

Do you want a sophisticated environment?

As we suggested at the beginning of the book of ideas, dark colors are less common in kitchen design, but are by no means prohibited. On the contrary, dark tones automatically bring an elegant and sophisticated touch, especially black. In addition, taking advantage of the combination with light tones to create an interesting and classic contrast, is always a good way out.


Speaking of interior architecture and decoration, it is impossible not to think about the finishes. These elements not only determine the general style of the environments, but they can also better define the integrated rooms. In this example, the white tiles on the wall gradually transform into masonry, establishing the beginning and end of the kitchen area. In this way, the integrated dining room gains a relaxed appearance.