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How to choose a deliciously designed dining table

It is said that we usually have a lot of conversations with family members in the living room, but in reality, it is difficult to say that it is a perfect space for communication, where each person can spend time comfortably by watching TV or touching their cell phone. Then, where is the only place where family members can sit down and talk in their busy daily life? It can be said that the dining room is a place where you can enjoy delicious food together, and have conversations with each other with interest and affection  . And the most important piece of furniture in this dining room is the dining table. The dining table is an item that decorates the dining room according to its purpose, while being the centerpiece of many pieces of furniture placed in the dining room. The atmosphere of the dining room changes depending on the shape, material, size and color of the dining table. Then, what kind of dining table is right to choose to create the harmonious and friendly dining room we dream of? If you are hesitating about which dining table to choose, today, through this article, let’s choose a deliciously designed dining table to decorate your dining room with a friendly atmosphere.

Sensational Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Your Apartment

Didn’t I say that everything has a beginning and an end that matter? When designing an interior, the final choice of lighting is just as important as the beginning. As soon as you enter the house, the color of the lights can make everything look different. For this time, let’s become a magician and change the dining room.

Don’t be disappointed because it’s the same apartment as everyone else. With today’s advice, your apartment won’t be a common space. If you can’t decide among the many lights,  let’s take a closer look at the design tips that are suitable for your dining room. You have to be careful, but let’s look at 15 dining room lights that seem indifferent and match the atmosphere of your home.

1. Entrance and dining room, in between

A yellow light was installed in harmony with the wooden furniture and the beige sofa. The point is that the glass lighting is installed sensibly.

2. Pastel color lighting to add vitality

If you want to keep the soft pastel feeling, how about changing the feeling with just one light? I used a blue pastel tone similar to the color of the door to give it a softer feeling.

3. Aesthetics of simplicity, Sinsa-dong villa interior

black and white. It couldn’t be simpler and cleaner than this. I used an achromatic color, but it was fun by changing the size of the lighting.

4. Clear glass lighting adds a sophisticated touch

Glass is a material that goes well with anything and everything. It is decorated in a way that does not stand out while giving a neatness to a modern house.

5. Cafe-like dining room

There is no rule that there must be only one light. Decorate the cafe-like dining room with matching lighting. You can feel like you are in your own cafe.

6. Modern Classic Pendant Lights

White lighting gave a point to the gray wall. The overall gray and white tone was matched naturally.

7. Add points with a small but sensual design

This dining room has a modern casual feel and color point chairs. Let
‘s try to guess a combination that can’t fail with gold even the lighting.

8. Classic lighting that goes well with hanok

While respecting the fixed image of hanok, he worked as an extension of modern architecture. The charm of a hanok is 100 times better by using moderately soft lighting suitable for a hanok.

9. Sometimes brightly, sometimes with atmosphere

Would you believe it if you could control the atmosphere of a dining room with a single light? special

Even if it’s not a day, it’s just lighting that can make everything special.

10. Gorgeous Ceiling Light

You can enjoy a home party to your heart’s content at home. Even if it’s not a party, if you decorate a spacious room with big and colorful lights, your mood will rise in an instant.

11. Luxurious and modern newlyweds of 33 pyeong

If you prefer indirect lighting, this method is also recommended. Is it a rediscovery of a simple light bulb? You can change the metal feel to suit your taste.

13. Natural Lighting

If you prefer natural light, why not make the windows large and the lighting small? It was a small light, but it used its own sense.

12. Metal lighting for a sophisticated touch

There are many different types of metal. The atmosphere was unified by using colors that match the table. The round shape is also attractive.

14. Create a French classic interior with chandelier lighting

When it comes to giving an old-fashioned feeling, a chandelier cannot be left out. Let’s brighten up the dining room with colorful lighting.

15. Lovely Dining Room

If all the furniture is simple, give a strong point with special and colorful lighting. While the colors are unified, the installation of sensuous lighting gives a sophisticated feel.

Ideas to make your dining room special

The expression of the dining room is diverse. There is a dining room separated with ample space to invite guests to enjoy a formal dinner, while there is a dining room close to a family room that doubles as a rest area. In some cases, it is located in a small corner without distinction from the kitchen, or it is located in an open state that is connected to the living room. And the dining room has the meaning of being a place to treat others or yourself, regardless of this structure. With a few cares, even an ordinary dining room can be made special to fit this meaning.

First, decide on the overall style by choosing furniture, and then add points to the ceiling, walls, and floor with lighting, artwork, rugs, etc. Of course, table decorations, the flower of the dining room, should not be left out. Here, we have collected examples of interior designs that are trendy through simple props or ideas. Here are some unique dining room ideas to inspire you.

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