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Different ways to paint kitchen walls | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR Entire kitchens  were  made of floor-to-ceiling tiles, but now we have a wide choice of paint to help us design elegant spaces.. such as ceramic tiles, stones, wood, plastic paints and wallpaper.

When choosing a particular material you have to consider important issues.. First, the color: If we have less space for cooking, we will have a recommendation to choose light colors, and in addition, we must ensure that our kitchen is well lit to increase the spatial sense.

And another important point to keep in mind to choose a suitable material we will have to choose a suitable material as it bears the temperature and humidity which is usually high. In addition, the material must be resistant to chemicals and acids.

1- paints This design is bet by the experts on the minimalist style.. Although the black color is abundant in the kitchen, and floods the walls and furniture, but the yellow overlaps with it to give tangible warmth in the kitchen, it is ideal and one of the recommended colors for being appetizing. In the field of kitchen paints, there are different types, but the most recommended in this case are plastic or acrylic materials for paints.

It has a high resistance and the ability to dry quickly to make it the best choice in the kitchen, we should choose a coating that is waterproof, washable easily and contains anti-mold materials. If the chosen color is clear, plastic paint is the best option as it covers surfaces better.

2-panel stones Made of natural and artificial stone, stone panels are a different and bold option for kitchens, in this case the color chosen is white and the composition, narrow and vertical panels. These panels, in contrast to their appearance, are very easy to assemble, and in addition, the cement base is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh to prevent any detachment.

3- Natural stone Without changing the paint, this time we present to you a different design. This is a palette of natural stone, this metamorphic rock is distinguished by its laminar structure and a wide variety of colors. Its elegant appearance blends perfectly with dark wood or with metallic finishes, such as stainless steel. In addition, it is tough, compact and always waterproof.

Wallpaper Although wallpaper was traditionally no longer used in kitchens, nowadays it is an excellent alternative to covering the walls of this room. A wide range of colors, prints and graphics create on our walls true works of art. However, if we choose this option we have to make sure that it is a durable material, such as vinyl wallpapers: durable and very easy to clean. On the other hand, we can combine this type of cladding with ceramic or timber panels, to change the rhythm of the wall and not read evenly.

vinyl If we’re looking for an easy and economical option that doesn’t involve working at home, our vinyl cohesive kitchen wall can make this room look whole new: it’s fun and simple in design as you can see in this kitchen.

the wood Traditionally wood has been used in kitchens to build furniture. This design goes around the concept: the appliances and furniture are chosen from stainless steel, while the walls are built of wood. This warm material becomes the best choice for lovers of simplicity: the only decor of our walls is drawn by veins and imperfections of wood.

Ceramic tile We’ve left for the last cladding par excellence of our homes: ceramic tiles. The tile is considered traditional and the most popular option, but it does not imply modernity. In this case, pastel green tiles tile the walls up to half the height. The ceiling is painted white for a sense of height. The tight white border is adorned with this tiling, breaking its consistency. If we choose this option, we can not forget to combine it with wood.

  • Different ways to paint kitchen walls | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Designs that highlight the beauty of cream color Light colors are the natural choice for  your home , but don’t you find white so pure and cool that you’re in an operating room? So continue this article! In this article, we talk about a color that has been in use for many years but, with the emergence of the minimalist trend and the widespread use of bright white, has been left somewhat aside. What we are talking about is the color of the eggshell!

Although this tone has never ceased to be present in paint shops, due to the continued demand for it, its use has declined somewhat in recent years, but it has returned to shine again this year, to get its share of the decor it deserves. We are not referring to the eggshell color finishes, but this color is placed somewhere between light brown and beige. With a very clear tone, which does not make the ocean heavy or closed, but rather gives it a warmer climate. Today we have selected some pictures to show you how to apply this color in different areas of your home in a modern way. Watch them with us!

  1. Perfect for the entrance of the house

The light cafe color is perfect for the entrance to your home! It guarantees a warm welcome to everyone who enters your home. Brown shades mixed with white and yellow, prevent the spread of darkness, but with the right intensity to provide comfortable spaces.

  1. A bold choice in the bathroom

Now we suggest you to use this color in the bathroom. As we can see in this design, half of the walls are painted white, and the other half is a light café color to give us a more comfortable atmosphere, and a more spacious effect. In return, we get an interesting look, and she has a slightly bold personality. Like the colors of the wall, with the carpet with blue dots, a mixture of sea and sand.

  1. Caramel bathroom!

White prevails on the walls, but with cabinets in a slightly darker eggshell tone, to accent the space, and some of the sweet intoxicating feel, as this color reminds us so much of caramel!

  1. Welcoming ambiance

The cream paint color dominated the entire walls, but not with the paint, but with the marble slabs. The most interesting thing is that the dots and lines in these slabs, as well as the delicate nuances, and of course this color is recommended by experts because it creates a more welcoming atmosphere that goes beyond the coolness of the marble slabs.

  1. A combination worth winning

This room combines three tones in the walls, to create a space of calm and comfort. The headboard is the base color of our article, offering a flexible and relaxing tone, to facilitate a deep sleep. The color contrast, the classic choice in furniture, give the room a natural atmosphere, and a win-win combination.

  1. visual audacity

This design is more visually bold, although the color choice is quite neutral. Dark brown with light beige and eggshell color allow to highlight the details of the room, the headboard of the bed, and the intense lighting, which is comfortable at the same time.

  1. In the children’s room

There will be no more suitable color to create the perfect ambiance to help the child sleep as the color of eggshell, without sharp colors, with the appropriate accessories, and a bed for parents to rest on those nights when the child does not want to sleep alone. Perfect integrated design!

  1. In the kitchen

Once again we see how this color creates the perfect ambiance but this time in the kitchen! Where pairing with white seems like a natural win-win. If the kitchen is painted all white, it will look very modern, as well as beautiful, but the presence of this tone makes it warmer and softer, gives it a more intimate atmosphere, and turns it into an ideal space, not only for cooking, but for the whole family to get together!

  1. Merge classic and modern

Another suggestion is the kitchen, but with stronger tones, darker but still graceful at the same time. The eggshell color in the walls was combined with modern-style furniture but in a very classic style, dark brown, to combine classics with modern touches.

  1. in the living room

Finally, we offer a suggestion for using eggshell color in the living room, pairing it with neutral colors of beige, gray, modern and classic furniture; To create a very comfortable eclectic style. In this case, eggshell color was used to highlight the stove and the heat it emits, to accentuate it brilliantly.  

Distinct living rooms in modern style | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Modern style title of beauty and simplicity, the furniture light and charming touches, much different from contemporary and classic also fashioned balance between the two modes and collect common details between them, today the beauty of modern style and is starring in 10 designs for rooms distinctive and different living , we all know the importance of g unburden living for each house, It is a focal point around which all family members gather after a stressful work or study day, and spend the most beautiful times in it. We hope that you will find what you have been looking for for a long time among these designs.

1. Simplicity of modern design.

The most important characteristic of the modern style is the lack of details and the lack of use of inscriptions and decorations greatly, its colors are mostly bright and bright, and its furniture is light, simple and with smooth lines. certain time..

2. Merging modernity with the beauty of everything old.

Very easily, you can combine the elements of your old home with the style of a modern living room with dreamy and bright colors, and attractive patterned curtains.

3. A cheerful color box..

A strong painting tops a wonderful scene in a distinguished living room, its furniture came in purple, and wood also came as a main partner in the design..

4. Dreamy and beautiful design..

The dreamy, aesthetic design in front of us carries calm details despite their use of shades of gray in varying degrees, a main wall that plays the role of full hero, a simple sofa with round tables and a large carpet..

5. Neutral and a touch of another color..

Neutrality plays a major role in modern designs, and experts are content to leave a touch of another color by adding simple pillows, different benches, lighting units and flowers.

6. Wood and its beauty..

Wood has its own luster and we cannot overlook its great role in modern designs, whether it is in the form of a wooden floor, walls, furniture or different ceilings. It adds wonderful warmth and intimacy to the calm and coolness of modern style, especially in living rooms..

7. Black is the king of colors..

Black will remain strong and beautiful in all styles and models, and here the designer made a bold mistake, which is choosing pieces of furniture completely in black and then choosing white and gray tones for walls, carpets and floors..

8. A pastel color..

Pastel colors are one of the most important choices of modern style, and even the most common in 2017, the choice here was very special, as the designer came with a soft heavenly degree with white and a light wood tone, a distinctive combination that captures the heart..

9. Delicacy and beauty..

Wallpaper is a key partner in the modern style, but a major favorite in addition to experts in this style, and the more it was different was the most beautiful design,  the living room here chose her designer grades extents balanced and beautiful, very simple furniture leaves a great movement of space to emphasize the feeling of comfort and simplicity ..

10. White..

White has its charm and grandeur, despite its simplicity that it imposes on the design as a whole. Design experts advise against using it completely in the  living space. but to add another color that makes the design more beautiful and more balanced, but it is a choice that is the most distinguished and bold among all designs..

Dream Living Room Interior Design Inspirations | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

The living room is one part of the residence that represents the identity and character of the owner. The application of the right interior design concept in the living room will have an effect on the overall appearance of the house. Through the choice of decorations, furniture, and home decorations in the living room, here are 6 interior inspirations that you can apply to create your dream living room.

Applying the Scandinavian style will produce a warm and comfortable impression in your living room. The warm impression can be seen from the use of wood elements and a small carpet in the middle of the room.

In addition, the use of minimalist decorative elements and appearance with neat and clean lines, gives the impression of being comfortable and understated. Caring for nature is one of the concepts most in demand by homeowners.

This can be seen in the following living room designs by our professionals. The selection of environmentally friendly materials and the use of furniture that is easy to recycle is one of the prominent characteristics. One of the characteristics of contemporary style is the combination of styles and variations that look stylish . Through the cold hands of our professionals, the concept is represented through the application of clean white walls, the use of minimalist furniture, and some modern color accents.

The addition of colorful paintings and benches provides a refreshing touch. For those of you who are bored with neutral colors, like white and black, now is the time to play with vibrant colors. Besides being able to improve the aesthetics of the house, colors such as light green and light blue combined with decorative lights, can give the impression of luxury in the living room as a whole.

The semi-open space is one of the characteristics of this one design style. Our professionals present it through a large window door that displays a beautiful view of the garden outside. The use of black-themed furniture adds a luxurious impression to the entire room. If you like a more playful style, pastel colors can be the right choice. Our professionals apply shades of blue, green, and pink, to beautify the room while giving the effect of warmth and serenity.

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