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Colors give the kitchen a unique | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

From waking up during the day, passing through work and even going to bed at night, you will not believe the size of the influences that the mind received by the colors around you, whether the natural colors in greenery and plants, or the colors of paints in the home and office, and of course these influences have controlled your daily mood to a large extent, so Paying attention to the colors of the places in which we sit and spend long times is necessary to maintain sound mental health.

Today, we will talk about the kitchen and the colors that it is preferred to use when starting to design it, because we all spend daily times in the kitchen to eat or prepare meals, and this is what makes determining the color of the kitchen a particularly difficult thing. So, in our article, we will present to you the most beautiful colors that are suitable in kitchen decorations, to give it a distinctive and unique personality, which has a good impact on human mental and physical health.

1 – red

The bright red color, or as some call it Chinese red, is one of the most beautiful colors that stimulate positive feelings in humans, such as feelings of happiness, fun and enthusiasm for life. Choosing it in your kitchen will not make you regret at all, as it is one of the most loved and favorite colors over time in the decorations of various rooms.

And because the color red is one of the purest forms of color energy, we recommend it for a kitchen full of energy and emotional strength, it is ideal for people who are full of feelings and love creativity.

2 – blue

The blue color is one of the famous classic colors for kitchens preferred by experts , it is known for calm and spreading peace in the place where it is located, and one of the advantages of the blue color is that it allows the participation of other colors, as we note in this kitchen, where the cold blue color was shared, another bright color Like yellow, the kitchen appeared elegant and refreshing.

And because the blue color is one of the colors that help relax and regulate the potential energy of the human psyche, we recommend it to calm people who love order and arrangement so that they avoid other colors that cause mental disturbance, and enjoy peace in their own kitchen.

3 – Gray

Gray is the color suitable for owners of moderate and elegant personalities, as it is an attractive neutral color, combining the mystery of black and the modernity of white. The designer used the gray color in this kitchen to get a balanced atmosphere, and he reinforced this balance by using dark and light materials, as well as shiny materials with matte ones, and he also paid attention to modern curtains and lighting in the kitchen sides to ensure luxury and brilliance in the place.

4 – creamy

The cream color is one of the calm colors that drew attention to it, as it is very similar to the modern white color, but it is not too bright, which makes it familiar to the eye, and is suitable for kitchens based on natural materials such as wood and stones. The cream color is also a great neutral alternative for those who do not like gray and want to get a neutral and elegant look for their kitchen.

5 – yellow

Zero is the color of endless creativity, as it is one of the few colors that broadcast happiness in the place, and stimulates a feeling of good mood throughout the day, and its presence in the kitchen makes the beginning of the day while eating breakfast, active and enjoyable, because the yellow color in its degrees stimulates the left lobe of the mind, and it is known that The left lobe is responsible for art and imagination in the human brain.

And because yellow is a warm color, we can use it in pairs with other cold colors such as blue, as we mentioned before, and like black as well. But despite the fact that yellow is a warm color, it helps in spreading the light in the place, which will make your kitchen always light and bright.


6 – orange

The orange color is ideal for lovers of breaking out of the ordinary and freeing from all restrictions. This non-traditional color enhances human ambition and emotional and physical health. In addition to the activity that orange makes us feel, this color is able to broadcast intimacy and joy in the place, as it indicates a mature mentality and can Accept others and new ideas on them.

In this kitchen, we note that the designer has given the kitchen two unique personalities, not one, by mixing orange with modern white, and mixing it with the wooden color in natural woods, which gave a modern and warm and intimate personality to the kitchen, pushing boredom and routine away from the kitchen atmosphere.

7 – white

The white color has a distinctive effect on the one who sees it. Once you see a person wearing white, you feel as if he is loyal and noble in feelings even if he is not. So using it in the kitchen will make your kitchen look clean and tidy without a doubt.

The white color has been associated with modern and modern designs in recent times, due to its association with purity, positive feelings and humility, and its choice reflects a personality that is only satisfied with perfection and idealism.

And because the white color suggests cold, it is preferable to pair it with warm natural materials to break its cold, such as wood and plants.

8 – Green

Green is the color most friendly to the human eye, as it is the color of nature and wonderful plants that enhance psychological comfort and spread positive energy in the place. The green color is closely related to the human personality and his subconscious mind, as the green color is the color of coexistence and harmony with others and nature around us.

And choosing the green color in the kitchen is ideal for getting an open appetite, feeling the elegance and elegance of the place, as well as the joy that it will spread in the atmosphere.

Colors give the kitchen a unique | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Are you about to renew your home curtains ? Or are you starting to furnish an entire house and have reached the stage of preparing the curtains!.. Now offers you in this article a group of different types of curtains and fabrics that suit your taste and choice, which vary between cotton, silk, satin, velor and other shapes that are available in many colors.. Not You only have to choose what suits your taste, taking into account your budget.. Especially since there are expensive fabrics, you must be careful in your choices.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is a very practical fabric, it is soft and available in various colors and you can get it easily and tailor it to the way that suits you, in addition to that, you can clean and wash it from dirt easily, and it suits most kitchens and bathrooms, as it tolerates moisture and is easy to clean at any time, there are many patterns and color tones in Cotton curtain fabric.

  1. Chiffon

Chiffon is made of transparent fabrics in different colors. You can use it alone or with fabric curtains to form two layers in two different colors, or with blackout. It is usually recommended by experts for use in modern curtains.. You can get it plain or embossed in modern shapes that suit all tastes.

  1. Plush

Plush is a soft, thick fabric that is very valuable and gives a special elegance to the place. In addition, it is the master of classic decorations and the finest modern types, as it is a fashion that does not invalidate and suits all times.

  1. Silk

Silk is a soft and delicate fabric. When using it, you must deal with it carefully so as not to cause it to be cut. Silk is available in many different shapes and bright colors, giving you a very elegant and cheerful look.

  1. satin

This material is one of the best types of curtain materials, but it needs to be ironed after every time of washing, in order to remain flat and smoothly fall on the windows, and it is available in all colors.. It has a shiny, luminous and distinctive appearance.

  1. Blackout

It is a layer of fabric against light and water, it turns heavy and completely blocks the light from the outside, and gives a more special character to the place, so that it does not show what is behind it, but it does not completely affect the overall look of the place.

Creative ideas and colors for children’s rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Creative ideas and colors for children’s rooms

It is certain and known in the circle of designs, designers and experts, that children’s rooms are one of the most important rooms in the house absolutely; Since it is necessary to prepare and take great care when embarking on its design work; Due to the necessity of matching that design with the requirements and needs of children of different types, whether they are female or male.

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