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Great ideas modern home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Exploitation of spaces, both large and small, requires skill and creativity, to achieve the elements of beauty and functionality, and in some cases it needs to select a decorative element, or employ good lighting.

A luxurious and impressive entrance for a reception that leaves an unforgettable impression on visitors, where the luxurious marble floor, and the wooden table make an ideal use of the entrance to the house, displaying decorative pieces and adding an artistic touch to that space, while the lights play a prominent role in giving the entrance a warm welcoming glow.

Despite the large size of the house, the living room seems a bit small, and there is a single sofa in an L-shape design, with an elegant gray tone, and next to it is a bar for quick drinks.

Crimson red in the wall panels and side lamp gives the room a lively touch, while the purple in the small pillows and countertop gives it a soft, luxurious feel.

On the opposite side of the sofa, a large flat screen was placed above a table high from the floor, and the space below was used to place hidden lights that raise the degree of elegance of the room, while a hanging shelf was placed at the top of the screen, to arrange the decoration pieces, making perfect use of the wall space.

From that angle, we can see the wonderful effect of the perfect lighting distribution, the light lines crossed in the ceiling, the hanging units above the bar, the hidden ones between the corner of the ceiling and the wall, and finally the wonderful effect of the hidden lighting under the TV bench.

The dining table and the kitchen come together in one subdivided and professionally designed space, with a blend of muted colours, with light tones of milky, beige, and a gorgeous juxtaposition of white and hazel.

The table design is simple, rely on its base as an element to impress, and of course the crystals hanging from the ceiling directly above the table provide the perfect lighting while eating a delicious meal.

The floor plan, the lighting lines in the ceiling, the strong radiance of natural lighting, and the soft decorative curtains of the glass window are all details that add elegance and character to this wonderful space.

On the other side of the room, we can see the first part of the  kitchen, which was designed on one line within a large wooden cabinet across the wall, which included modern electronic appliances, with a modern, shiny and attractive appearance, befitting the elegance of this home.

The second part of the kitchen represented a large table, with storage spaces at the bottom, and an elegant white surface, including the stove and sink, while the wall was used to put a two-part cabinet on the left side, then a white chimney to get rid of cooking smells and fumes, then two hanging shelves on the right side, To arrange kitchen utensils and give it a modern and functional aesthetic.

The first bedroom in this home enjoys a calm and soft ambiance, thanks to the professionally distributed lighting and the simple design of the double bed, mixed with neutral tones. Crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling on either side of the bed, and a striped rug in harmony with small pillows, are decorative details carefully chosen to match the softness of this room’s design.

A wonderful use of a secluded corner of the room, with a comfortable chair, high lighting, and a warm rug, design a private reading corner, with calm and elegance, as well as the warm effect of the wooden floor and doors.

Wooden doors added an elegant touch when mixed with black granite in a wonderful design for a luxurious bathroom, while the design of the toilet and washbasin was small and elegant in its bright white color, which formed an attractive color contrast with black, while the designers were creative in choosing the light lines that define the large mirror, and also in Distribution of round modules in the ceiling.

Sparkling black granite, with glass cabinets, and faux colored marbles, give the bathroom a great visual depth that takes you on a fun fantasy tour.

She used the space above the toilet, to design an outlet in the wall, used a shelf to arrange personal care items, and was decorated with colored granite to give a wonderful touch to the decor of this elegant bathroom.

In the bedroom, he used a perfect blend of neutral tones and a darker shade of indigo, with white dominating the ceiling and wallpapering walls with gray tree trunks. The color coordination of the double bed upholstery, and the decorative curtains of the large glass window, give the room an elegant and soft atmosphere.

Simplicity always wins when it comes to a sleek and elegant result, which is emphasized by the wooden bedside table lamp design, and also the white wardrobe that looks almost part of the wall.

Once again, simplicity wins in the elegant design of the TV table, which consists of three open storage units, a white top decorated with small frames and a vibrant green planter vase, while a large longitudinal mirror, with a luxurious frame, is placed next to the table, to get the room in the end a smart and distinctive alternative to the dresser traditional.

A simple and comfortable white bathroom, with a round mirror and luxurious frame, and a small counter that hugs the sink with functional storage, while the bathtub is perfectly designed to fit in that relatively small space, a curtain is added for privacy.

  • Great ideas modern home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR
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  • Great ideas modern home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR
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