Modern kitchens of the most beautiful

Modern kitchens of the most beautiful | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Are you a fan of modern style? And you would like to design your kitchen in this style, in the beginning the kitchen is the most place that needs a little intelligence and innovation in its design to exploit the available space in the most appropriate and functionally successful way, in order to choose what suits your own taste and needs, when we talk about kitchen design, the first thing we are looking for Elegance and luxury, glossy surfaces, elegant shelves and beautiful cabinets, avoiding boredom and crowding, creating an atmosphere of comfort and fit between the elements of the kitchen, and combining the functional and aesthetic aspect, which is what the modern style succeeded in distinctly, it is one of the flexible styles that is not an obstacle in the way of your design, today we will present to you A collection of the finest modern kitchen designs, in which you will find what you wish for.

  1. Black in an open kitchen

If you are a fan of black, you have this design for an open kitchen with a modern bar, a touch of black marble to draw your attention and make you fascinate from the first look of the kitchen..

  1. Glitter and luster

Modern style What distinguishes it is the lack of prominence and details, so you can design an entire space with smooth and smooth surfaces without small details..

  1. Get out of everything stereotyped

A bold and new idea, add a hammock to your kitchen to relax a little while cooking your favorite meals

  1. A masterpiece

Does the kitchen seem to you an empty space in your home that is of no importance and it is not necessary to take care of decorating it with the best decorations, this design will change your thinking, the designer added a chandelier with a very modern and special design, making from a simple kitchen into an innovative and wonderful design.

  1. Elegance and elegance

The pinnacle of elegance and chic come together in a simple and unpretentious L-shaped kitchen design, wood and its splendor with a calm beige color, and a floor with wonderful patterns and decorations.

Kitchens in unusual colors that will attract your attention

There are many distinct ideas that modern kitchen designs come with, but there are many things that may seem completely strange to use in kitchens in general, a kitchen in a black, blue or bright red color would be strange, but in fact the risk of the experiment may be expensive So, we will save you from experimentation completely and show you those strange colors in kitchen design between your hands in the next few lines..

Black and wood

The black color is dark and very strong to be used inside a small kitchen area, but there are some other factors that make it appropriate in some cases, and this design in front of us embodied those factors, which were the use of white color in the cupboards to balance things a little while using all surfaces in wooden color Natural until there is a real balance between black and the rest of the other colors.


The red color is very strong in the kitchens, but with strong lighting and distinctive accessories derived from the same color and other auxiliary colors, things will be better off. Notice in that picture the spread of the red color and the spread of lighting with it, as well as the spread of white in the rest of the cabinets so that there are balances between the hotness of the red color and between White calm.

Overlapping colors

Overlapping colors such as white, green and yellow inspired by the colors and degrees of flowers are suitable for use in medium-sized kitchens, with some auxiliary factors such as wood or neutral colors such as gray.


The blue color is extremely dreamy to be used in the kitchen, but by using good lighting and calming colors such as black and white, it will be ideal for a kitchen that aspires to a modern and attractive shape.

Modern kitchens each with their own signature | Gurgaon and Gurugram

Allow us to review with you a variety of the foremost beautiful modern kitchens that every have a special character and taste, to be a source of inspiration for you with many ideas. Let’s start now!

1- Delightful linear design

The first kitchen with us today is meant during a linear fashion where we discover its storage units are designed during a line on just one side of the space, which makes it a perfect model for little spaces, and since the space here isn’t like this, the experts used a chic rectangular wooden board that harmonized in shape and material with the inside design For the square and smartly filled that void.

2- A fascinating mixture of materials

As for this kitchen, it’s simple and stylish at an equivalent time, because of the charming mixture of materials that experts have resorted to, from wood on the ceiling and therefore the bar, bricks therein huge column, marble on the tops of the lower storage units, and eventually alimentary within the windows.

3- White for a contemporary kitchen

If you would like to style your kitchen consistent with the fashionable stretch in decor, then the white color the storage units is that the most appropriate option in the least , and therefore the presented model is that the best proof of that, taking under consideration the utilization of a special color on the ground and walls to make a state of contradiction and show the features of the storage units, and here Experts achieved this by using red within the space between the upper and lower cabinets.

4- Bright

The true meaning of brightness is embodied during this kitchen, not just for the utilization of white color the walls and storage units, and therefore the brown color the ground and a few walls, but because of the glass windows that we see clearly ahead folks and replaced the upper cabinets, also because the side balcony with glass doors that allowed sunlight to penetrate the space Interior.

5- A classic with a contemporary spirit

Looking at this kitchen, it’s different from those that preceded it in terms of interior design and furnishing, as for the inside design, we note that it’s very special and therefore the secret lies therein amazing rectangular ceiling opening that provided the inside space with tons of sunshine and fresh air.

As for furnishing, it combines practicality, elegance and ease at an equivalent time, because the upper cabinets in ivory color, some solid and therefore the other decorated with transparent glass, and therefore the lower ones, a number of which are white, and therefore the others shine in mint green, which belongs to the island table.

6- Integrated

There is little question that the space of this breathtaking kitchen helped the experts greatly to succeed in this amazing result, by fixing a little family session singing about the dining room placed within the center of the kitchen because it’s basically the island table, but it had been designed here in an unconventional thanks to include a seat on the surface within the sort of a letter ahead of him may be a movable rectangular table.

7- it’s covered with inscriptions

This kitchen, of course, is for lovers of engravings, because we see it clearly controlling the majority of its black and white walls, to offer it a contemporary and wonderful look, a bit like the amazing ceiling, also because the upper and lower storage units.

8- The color of the ocean

As for this charming model, it confirms that the blue color is that the ideal choice for your kitchen, although it only acquired a little a part of it, specifically the space between the upper and lower cabinets, but actually it had been a definite touch.

9- Strong color harmony

Finally, we conclude our tour with this contemporary kitchen, which features a strong color harmony between the dark gray represented by the built-in cabinets, the wooden floor in brown, and therefore the furniture that’s dominated by black!