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Home decorating can be exciting and you can spend hours deciding what type of curtains to use or the color of your wall paint. Today, we are here to help you with the latter, especially with regard to small rooms, it is known that white has a magical effect in making small rooms appear larger but white is not the only choice and it is not the best choice either. There are a number of options and limitations that give you the opportunity to get the colors you wish to have in your home, even if the available space is small.

There are a number of other ideas that contribute to making your home look bigger, not just the color of the paint, such as reducing the number of furniture or distributing it in a practical and appropriate way, all of which work together in obtaining a welcoming, warm and expressive design for you and your personality. Here are a number of options that will beautify your home with a small area, of course, through the latest paint colors for small apartments.

1. Candid colors

Bold tones such as red will ensure a feature on the walls of the living rooms, a more attractive look, especially since red is one of the most popular 2029 wall colors. You can paint a number of walls in more than one color while leaving color spaces between them to give the eye a sense of breadth and size. You can also use explicit colors in some parts such as the shelves, the door or some furniture, which add color to the room and personality without creating crowding or narrowing the space.

In thinner rectangular spaces, experts recommend painting one side in one color and painting the other side a different color to give the impression that the room is square.

And in doorways and narrow alleys, paint the walls in explicit and saturated colors. Do you need visual proof that light gray, powder blue, white and charcoal are a match made in heaven? Turn your eyes down to this gorgeous living room. This color combination is fresh, relaxed, contemporary and totally smart.

2. warm colors

In public spaces such as entrances and living rooms, warm colors should be chosen as they give a warm and welcoming atmosphere and give it a special personality. Such as beige, yellow, red, orange and brown wall colors, all of which are choices that give a special and welcome effect with touches of other natural materials with a texture such as wood and red bricks

3. Dark colors

Gray is easy to use because it is a neutral color and therefore it blends well with a variety of colors easily. It allows you the flexibility to play with color. When used in a bright color, gray can achieve the right balance of colors that your room needs, even if this addition to a piece of furniture or accessory, in turn, participates in creating contrast and showing other colors distinctly.

4. Create a visual focus

Creating a visual focus is one of the most inspiring tricks in small spaces as it draws attention to this one wall even if it is a dark color and will give a wonderful effect to the rest of the room, some of the recommended shades of green for small rooms are pastel green or emerald green because they make the room appear more wider.

5. Colors similar to white

The first rule to visually enlarge a small room is to use whites or light colors, it’s easy to see why white and different whites are popular choices: this all-white living room leaves us dazzling. It is calm, sophisticated and very elegant – colors such as cream, off-white or light gray are colors that have the same effect as white with a distinctive personality and appropriate and wonderful colors that match the monochrome palette.

6. Colors add volume

Painting walls, ceilings, windows and doors in the same color allows the eye to move around the room without stopping and thus gives the space a greater volume, especially if you have a high ceiling, this will give you an opportunity to double the space, you can use the colors of the walls of the cafe.

7-.Pastel colors

 The wonderful world of pastel colors, where you’ll encounter tones with cheerful names like frosted lavender, spring waterfall, and sunbeam. It’s cute and fluffy and suitable for smaller rooms – and not just children’s bedrooms. These shapes will never suffocate the room and can be used on all walls if desired.

You can add calm colors of pastel shades, as it is a better choice than white, which is devoid of any personality. Pastel colors come in endless shades, from cool in blue and green to warm in yellow, red and orange.

8. Walls with stripes

Lines create the illusion of spaciousness. You can make a wall striped lengthwise or crosswise, which adds a beautiful and dynamic effect to the eye and gives the room a sense of spaciousness and openness.

Colors for small spaces | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Flooring ideas that give an aesthetic look but are cheap

Choosing floors for your home must be done very carefully. There are some details that must be taken into account before choosing, such as durability, ease of cleaning, water and moisture resistance, elegant and attractive appearance, and the absence of the need for maintenance and repairs, especially with regard to the floors of the reception, bathroom and kitchen , all of these are advantages Wonderful, we all wish to have it in the floors of our homes, but when the options are coupled with a modest budget, the matter becomes difficult, and we are here to help you choose by reviewing a set of ideas for beautiful looking and cheap floors and an alternative to ceramics.

1- the carpet

The most famous type of alternative flooring for ceramic paste that experts recommend is carpet, and it is considered one of the cheapest types of flooring, but it has something that is unique to it from all types, and this unique thing is due to its special nature. Walking around the house gives you a feeling of intimacy and warmth.

Also, the carpet floors come in various shapes to suit all tastes, but we always prefer gray and beige colors because they are neutral and give you a sophisticated look without being pretentious.

And one of the most important corners of the house in which it is preferred to adopt carpeting on its floor: children’s rooms and stairs to avoid children slipping and being injured, and it also absorbs noise resulting from children’s play and does not make sounds during running and movement such as parquet.

2- Concrete floors

If you are looking for a bold and unconventional appearance, the trend of concrete floors has occupied a great place in the world of flooring because of its bold and modern appearance, and also its low cost compared to other floors such as marble and porcelain.

Concrete floors are compatible with all decoration styles thanks to their neutral gray color, but they fit better on industrial styles that depend on the appearance of concrete without cladding in the walls as well.

3- cement tiles

Another idea for different floors, which is characterized by boldness in appearance, durability and low price, which is cement tiles consisting of a mixture of cement, sand and others, and it may be of one or two different layers, and it comes in various shapes and decorations, and most of its inscriptions bear the spirit of the ages. The antique in which it appeared for the first time, which is what makes your home look luxurious with the lowest budget.

4- Ceramic

There is nothing wrong with ceramics, as it is the most famous material used in floors and walls, and there are different shapes and sizes, and ceramics in its simple traditional size are considered one of the materials suitable for a small budget that can be relied on. Ceramics has several advantages, including ease of cleaning, durability, and invulnerability to moisture, which makes it an always successful option.

5- Mosaic

Mowazak is one of the most beautiful flooring designs, as it has the same material as ceramic, but differs from it in the richness of its colors and small distinctive sizes, which makes it suitable for decorating floors and walls in bathrooms and kitchens for its refreshing and smooth effect on the place where it is located.

6- stone tiles

Wherever the touches of nature intervene, they create beauty and sophistication. Stone tiles are natural materials that have various shapes and colors. They can also be formed in proportion to the purpose of their use: is it for gardens or for the interior space of the house.

One of the most important features of this type, in addition to its unconventional beauty, is its durability and resistance to ants, which cause damage to many floors.

7- Vinyl

Vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring comes in the form of a roll that can be pasted or in the form of panels to be installed, and it has a wide variety of graphics and shapes, such as parquet, marble and even ceramics.

Vinyl is one of the most practical and economical solutions for floors, and it is cleanable and water-resistant, which makes it suitable for all rooms of the house, especially for kitchens and children’s rooms, where they are exposed to a lot of liquid spills.

But there is a clear defect in this type of flooring, which is its risks to the health of family members because it is made of petrochemical materials, which may cause fumes of these materials to rise as a result of various weather factors and may also cause allergies, which prompts us to search for alternatives as we will see later…

8- Linoleum

Linoleum is similar to vinyl in its external appearance and has many advantages such as ease of installation and change in the event of a desire for change and ease of cleaning, but it differs from it in its essence, unlike vinyl, it is made of natural materials such as flaxseed, pine, cork and wood flour, and Some mineral elements such as calcium carbonate and dyes, of course, give it its many different colors.

This is what makes linoleum floors a favorite for those who want elegance on a small budget without harming the health of the family.

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