How to design a perfect kitchen? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How to design a perfect kitchen? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The kitchen is important for every home, and its design is one of the most difficult things that need us to think because it is the nerve of the house and the factory of its vitality. It is usually full of tools that all family members need, and it has necessary equipment and it may be difficult to abandon them, if the kitchen space is small!!

What is the solution? And if it is large, what should we take into account to design an ideal kitchen? We definitely wouldn’t throw the devices outside! But in this article, we will discuss a set of solutions that may help to preserve these tools and take advantage of every possible amount of space!

If the kitchen is furnished from the beginning, it is often easier by designing the entire furniture to fit the space of the room and fill every possible space with drawers and cabinets, and using higher refrigerators and lower widths, for example! Or a high oven. As for furnishing the kitchen by changing or renovating the furniture, it requires more prior coordination and thinking of installing and coordinating the furniture to solve the problems of the narrow space.

Detailing the kitchen with a designer in proportion to the kitchen space, as it saves you a lot of space. Sometimes the designer has chosen to have the furniture in a U-shape in order to exploit the largest amount of space, and as it is known that this shape gives you the ability to work in a semicircular shape freely without the need to move the space significantly inside the kitchen. The lower pieces of the furniture are compact and numerous, making it possible to fit many kitchen utensils in the least amount of space.

What are the steps to design or renovate a kitchen?

1- Change the style of kitchens

If you like to change the style of your kitchen, as its small size is a reason that hinders all the ideas you have to renovate or design it in your favorite way. We offer you some ideas to help you create the perfect kitchen that you love in the way, even if it is a small area. All you have to do to succeed is to take advantage of every possible space and fill it with vertical furniture that contains many drawers and cupboards stacked on top of each other! This is in order to maintain a suitable and sufficient space to move around the kitchen. Also, do not hesitate to dispense with all large-sized appliances and furniture and replace them with small-sized appliances and furniture, in order to exploit the largest possible amount of space.

2- You should avoid monochromatic furniture and walls

This is in order for the eye to have a sense of the difference in spaces and sizes, and thus give it a sense of space. Blue and white, for example, are harmonious and cause a comfortable feeling to the eye if they are used in painting walls and floors, especially if they are embellished, as they help to enlarge the space and thus give a wonderful aesthetic to both furniture and walls as well.

  3- Mix some furniture of different styles

Mixing patterns and styles in furniture in kitchens with narrow spaces is a good idea as it causes eye comfort when you are in the viewing space when you move between different types of designs, thus helping to give more space. As for the walls, you can also mix between rocky or stone walls, cement or gypsum walls decorated with wallpaper or ceramics, or modern walls with shiny paints, different colors or inscriptions of different types, which also constitutes a visual diversity in terms of the use of materials and their employment in kitchens.

  4- Make sure that the spaces are usable

What you have to think about is that spaces do not increase and do not reproduce! Therefore, we must think carefully about studying the spaces logically and carefully, because they will comfort us well in the future. From the beginning and when designing or renovating the house, study the factors that will change in the future, such as the number of family members and the percentage of social and hospitality visits, for example, as well as the percentage and number of meals hosted by the family, which determines the percentage of use and the quality of tools.

You have to think before buying furniture and make accurate measurements so that you can maintain the best possible result in terms of space! Do not hesitate to seek help from specialists in this field because it will save you a lot of effort and time.

  5- Use of vehicle seats

Usually in small kitchens, non-traditional ideas are a good idea, where ideas come out of the ordinary and thus distinguish. For example, the use of interlocking seats, such as those that exploit the corners distinctly and save a lot of space compared to those regular chairs that do not have dual uses, which are traditional and sometimes boring.

6- Use of lockers

Everywhere we all know that the table is important in the kitchen because its presence is also used in things other than cooking and cutting, you can make it in a complex way so that it contains different and overlapping cabinets as well! Also, the idea of ​​using small chairs that we can stuff under the table would be innovative.

7- Small jars

The arrangement of some small and tidy drawers is important for every kitchen, as it may be filled with many tools that do not need larger drawers, such as spoons and knives, for example. You can always follow the latest designs of Scandinavian furniture, for example, as it is one of the best designs that address space and storage issues in practical kitchens, especially those Scandinavian homes are characterized by their small size and overall smart design in everything related to the interior spaces.

8- Use the vertical furniture style

As we said earlier, the walls in any kitchen are not as important as cabinets or electrical appliances. Using vertical furniture and appliances mounted on top of each other may save you a lot of spaces. You can also design the furniture with the feature of detail by giving the measurements to make the furniture and thus they tailor the furniture suitable for the spaces in your homes, which is the best way as we advise you compared to buying ready-made furniture.

9- Use the style of superimposed furniture

Compound or multi-use is multi functional furniture pieces based on smart furniture industry and gives many opportunities to preserve spaces while giving the best results in terms of flexibility in use and employment.

  • How to design a perfect kitchen? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • How to design a perfect kitchen? | Gurgaon | Noida

  • How to design a perfect kitchen? | Gurgaon

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