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Modular Kitchen Designer Near Me | Best Interior Design Firm

Modular Kitchen Designer Near Me | Best design Firm

How to maximize your kitchen with these 10 tips

Save space? How to organize a kitchen? What is the best design? What style is more convenient? Probably, at some point, you asked yourself any of these questions, if your goal was to maximize your kitchen. If you still have doubts and are looking for inspiration, you are in the right place. In this book we tell you how to achieve it. We’ve put together a bunch of tips and show you some projects from the pros that stand out for their functionality. Styles, shapes, colors and much more. Let’s start!

1. Linear design

The kitchen, in addition to having furniture for cleaning, preparing and preserving food, always needs storage space. Not only pantry products should be stored, but also kitchen utensils, as well as crockery and even cleaning supplies.

2. Integral furniture

Confining the refrigerator to a niche within a tall cabinet is something that helps maximize the use of the kitchen. To optimize the furniture, you can also include a cellar, as well as storage space. These pieces of furniture are very practical, as they are placed on one of the high walls, leaving the rest of the kitchen for the counter top.

3. Column furniture

Supplementing with a washer and dryer center is a good idea. Space can be saved if these appliances are placed one above the other in a piece of furniture that can also be used for storage. This will maximize the use of the kitchen with the opportunity to wash and dry clothes right there.

4. Colors and finishes in light tones

To give a feeling of spaciousness and maximize the space of the kitchen, a tile can be placed on the floor that is clear and bright. This will bounce the light off the surface and visually expand the space. If it is also complemented with white furniture and walls and ceilings, it will be ideal.

5. Minimalist style

The minimalist style can help maximize your kitchen in many ways. One of them is to use one or two base colors which will make the space feel very spacious. The straight and simple lines in the furniture can enhance their storage space and facilitate their use.

6. Kitchen island

An island is a very practical piece of furniture that, in addition to supporting the kitchen, maximizes the preparation area and integrates an important design element into it. They can be only as bars or include the sink, the ceramic hob or both. Keep in mind that if the vitro is placed on the island, it must be accompanied by an extractor hood.

7. Kitchen bar

Another tip to maximize your kitchen is to include a bar serving the dining room that can serve as a breakfast nook. This bar can also function as an informal dining room or a place to have a drink before or after dinner. It can be integrated into a kitchen island or bar.

8. Support tables, dining room and more

A small table can be included inside the kitchen. In addition to functioning as a space for breakfast or as an informal dining room, its surface can be used as a support table for food preparation. Make sure that the color of the table and chairs complements all the furniture on the table so that it is seen as an integral part of the design.

9. Dividers for inside drawers

You can also choose to maximize and make more efficient drawer storage in your kitchen through dividers. Some kitchens carry them off the line but they can be purchased separately or even made from wood or cardboard. It is a very simple and practical way to leave the interior of the drawers well organized.

10. Pot Storage Organizer

If you usually store the pots one inside the other, this is a tip that interests you. One way to maximize space in your kitchen is to get a drawer organizer where you can store pots or pans. This not only saves space but you will have everything you need quickly.

4.Modular Kitchen Designer Near Me | Best design Firm

5.Modular Kitchen Designer Near Me | Best design Firm

6.Modular Kitchen Designer Near Me | Best design Firm

Living room and kitchen: 10 open space ideas for all types of spaces

The living room and kitchen are probably the most important social spaces in any home. In this book we show you 10 ideas that focus on these rooms under an open distribution or open space. These projects belong to professionals and stand out for their use of space and functionality.

Some of the keys to being successful in an open space distribution: you must ensure that the rooms have natural light and ventilation and include custom furniture. What if the space is very small? No matter. We have brought together 10 kitchens with living rooms that are beautiful and an excellent source of inspiration. Join us on this tour!

1.Open space

The open space concept is a trend and we see it in all kinds of projects, since it is no longer exclusive to small apartments or lofts. It is an excellent solution to save space and maintain a better layout. Flexible, it adapts to any type of style although the modern one is his favorite.

2. Modern design

Modern design is one of the best allies if you are thinking of a kitchen with a living room. Its functionality allows better distribution of the elements. In addition, its furniture pieces are designed to measure or modular, which further maximizes space.

3. Linear design

The linear design is very popular in small kitchens. In those projects in which there is no kitchen bar, the rooms follow one another in the same space, without divisions, under a uniform concept. In general, the distribution is as follows: kitchen, dining room and living room.

4. For small spaces

In small spaces, kitchens with a living room are welcome. They usually have a linear, L-shaped and even U-shaped design. They must have good ventilation and include an efficient extractor. In general, the kitchens are located near the main access door. Meanwhile, the living room furniture is distributed forward, steps from the windows.

5. With a bar and great lighting

A kitchen bar cannot be missing in your home. It is a great complement if you think of an open space design. In addition to adding a work surface, it is an excellent way to divide rooms and can serve as a table for breakfast or to place appliances.

6. U-shaped

Another design for kitchens with a living room is the one that is known for its horseshoe or U-shape. It is a good option if you want some areas of the kitchen not to be exposed. Due to its distribution, it is usually accompanied by a kitchen bar.

7. For large spaces

The open space concept is also a great alternative in large rooms. When the space is wide, the kitchen can be designed linearly and the rest of the areas distributed without major inconveniences. It may even include a living room with several armchairs.

8. Kitchen, living room and dining room

As we’ve seen on this tour, the open layout can include a kitchen, living room, and dining room. One key, so that the environment does not look too saturated or with a lot of information, is to choose pieces of the same style and of suitable dimensions. For example, using furniture with a modern, contemporary or minimalist line, great results are obtained.

9. All in one

In small spaces it is recommended that the greatest uniformity in finishes be sought. The floor should preferably have the same material and it is advisable to use a color palette based on neutral colors with intense accents that give character.

10. Contemporary

Finally, another important aspect in the design of a kitchen + living room is to have good lighting. If you don’t have a natural lighting source, try to include an efficient and layered lighting design that is both practical and aesthetic.

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Ideas to choose the best floors for kitchens

Choosing the best flooring for your kitchen is not a decision you should take lightly. To do so, it is important that you take into account many factors, beyond aesthetics. Remember that this space, the kitchen, is perhaps the one that receives the most traffic and, therefore, the one that will need the most maintenance and cleaning.

You should choose a type of material that is resistant to stains, splashes of water, and temperature fluctuations. It must also be a safe floor, slip and accident proof. However, this does not mean that you should resign yourself to some practical material, but that does not meet your aesthetic requirements. It is possible to find the perfect floor, one that is beautiful but also resistant and functional.

You should also consider the size of the kitchen and the budget you have available. Fortunately, you will currently find different alternatives at more than affordable prices. In this article we share the fundamental criteria that you should take into consideration when looking for the best kitchen flooring.

Aesthetic and economic

Laminate floors often imitate the appearance of wood, but are cheaper and easier to maintain and clean. Its installation will require the assistance of experts so that the joints are perfect. Of course, laminate floors can be scratched more easily than other materials.


If you are looking for a durable material that is easy to clean, ceramic floors are a great alternative. They are waterproof and do not scratch easily, characteristics that make floors made of this material one of the favorites for the kitchen.


Wood is perhaps one of the most desired materials when choosing a kitchen floor. It transmits warmth and elegance at the same time and can be placed in American-style kitchens, for example. Its cost is usually high and requires a lot of care and maintenance.


Among the cheapest options for kitchen floors you have vinyl and hydraulic floors. The first come in rolls and sheets. They are very easy to install, you only need the precise measurements of the kitchen. While the hydraulic floors will give a very original vintage air to the environment. If you choose this material, you will need to treat it to prevent it from absorbing stains.


If you choose to install ceramic or stoneware floors in your kitchen, opt for large pieces, which translates into fewer joints and, of course, makes cleaning faster and less laborious.


If you are going to do the math, you should know that among the cheapest alternatives you have laminate, hydraulic and vinyl floors. The latter have an appearance similar to that of other materials and are highly resistant and can be placed without problems on other floors.


If you choose stones, go for granite, slate, or marble. They are not the cheapest options but without a doubt the most resistant and will last you for years. And remember that both marble and granite require pre-treatment and must be polished to maintain the appearance of the first day.


If you like natural materials, a stone floor is also an option. It is also very elegant, especially if they go in combination with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Like wood, it is not an inexpensive material.


When choosing the color for your kitchen floors, the possibilities are endless. If you choose natural materials like stone, for example, look for dark tones like green, gray or black slate.


If what you are looking for is a material that is easy to clean and that, above all, resists constant shocks and splashes of water in this environment, you can choose porcelain flooring. Another advantage: you can choose between different designs that resemble natural materials such as stone or wood.


A kitchen with classic lines always goes well with a floor made of natural materials that are also resistant, waterproof and easy to maintain.


If you like hydraulic floors, but you don’t want to install them throughout the kitchen, try doing it only in one area, as if it were a rug. You can delimit the area with a non-slip material.

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