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Multi functional Creative Interior Design Solutions For Small Apartments

To maximize the space in your residence, the most appropriate solution is to use multi functional furniture, to optimize the room so that all the functions needed will still be accommodated. Especially for small houses and apartments.

1. Small kitchen in the corner of the room

With good furniture placement, a narrow room can look spacious like this kitchen area. Cooking activities can certainly be done comfortably, because our professionally designed space is quite spacious, with a row of cabinets at the top to store various utensils.

Moreover, this kitchen is also equipped with blackspash that can be written with various messages or maybe food recipes, and is equipped with adequate lighting.

2. Family room

This family room can certainly be used to entertain friends and family who come to visit, as well as a place to relax while watching TV, and can even be used to eat meals in front of the TV. Combined with a simple minimalist style, the room feels more spacious and comfortable.

3. Functional wardrobe

Although the area of ​​this apartment is quite limited, it does not limit the owner’s need for furniture. Well, with a good arrangement, this room is also beautified by the presence of a multi functional cupboard, which is also designed to be a cabinet. With the right arrangement, the room does not feel cramped.

Cool again, the multi functional cupboard at the end of this room, when opened… you can see the stairs that connect to the 2nd floor, and smart storage to put various items. Very functional as well as having a good aesthetic. Especially with the addition of a mirror in front of the closet, making the area look more spacious.

4. Bedroom

To maximize a bedroom that is not so spacious, our professionals place a long table with bookshelves, where this area can be used as a working space.

5. Bed

A warm and elegant atmosphere is felt in the bedroom, with the right selection of dim colors. This bed is also equipped with storage space under the mattress, which can be pulled out and become a versatile storage area.

6. Smart Furniture

This apartment is made as comfortable as possible, so that homey and also the owner of the unit can feel at home. Well, in this family room you can see how useful multi functional furniture is, especially for homes that are not too broad.

By utilizing the wall as a place to store goods, this wall is equipped with custom furniture. Like puff storage, where the space under the chair is used as a storage cabinet that can be an additional storage solution. Interesting isn’t it?

Most satisfying unique handmade custom furniture ideas | Gurgaon

Most satisfying unique handmade custom furniture ideas

Are you tired of looking at the ready-made furniture on the website and want to look for more special styles? Why not try to choose a handmade custom-made furniture? Although the price of custom-made furniture is higher, it can better meet the high standards of customization in terms of material, workmanship, style, and special requirements. Not only purchasing daily necessities, but also a collection of exquisite and durable crafts that can be passed on and bring a sense of pleasure. This time we collected 12 different customized furniture ideas, not only the most common tables and chairs, but also cabinets, side tables, and overall structure, taking into account practicality and design. Let’s broaden your imagination of furniture decoration together!

1. Solid wood dining table

The dining table that serves the whole family’s food and joy is quite an important piece of furniture worth making carefully. Equipped with a large solid wood dining table of two different materials, the dovetail table legs are thick and thin, and made into straight lines extending slightly outwards, which have a smooth and simple beauty from texture to shape. Meals and meals can be used to feel the delicate and slow life of life.

2. Dining table and chair set

The small and warm wooden dining table set is simple and beautiful. It is properly placed and has the additional function of light partitions.

3. Jump color single chair

High unit price and delicate production naturally become the focus of the whole room, especially the bright and moist coloring materials such as royal blue, malachite green, rose red, and even leather. The bright texture is enough to dye or transform the atmosphere.

4. Sofa

The sofa can be said to be one of the most important large furniture in the living room. If you don’t like the ready-made styles on the market, you can also look for more exquisite customized sofas. There are more choices from material fabrics, Nordic style or classic style, seat depth and handle styles.

5. Consider your own sofa use needs

Custom-made furniture is not only a taste of beauty, but may also have special needs, especially for key objects such as sofas that are used for a long time. For example, if you keep pets at home, it is a practical consideration to choose sofa materials and styles that are not easy to scratch and protect your pet’s health.

6. Coffee table

The side table of the coffee table is highly versatile, and it is suitable for matching with a sofa or placing it on the wall as a side view of the display. In the classic and sophisticated white home furnishings, the designer uses crystal-clear two-tone modeling stones to make the overall style even better.

7. Small chair and stool

The small solid wood chairs and stools are light and tidy, and you can place them wherever you want. It can be used with plants, vases, or books and newspapers that you can read at your fingertips. It is romantic and casual.

8. Open bookshelf

Trellis and cabinets are also popular choices for handmade furniture. You can choose the material, size and function according to your preference. The unique and atmospheric hand-made in the study or office are all practical items.

9. Wall grid

The zigzag wooden shelf is laid like a belt along the water gray wall, and the ingenious geometric interest is also the display of taste.

10. Cabinet

Use a small retro cabinet or a pharmacist cabinet in the bedroom, or create a large wall- mounted multi functional cabinet in the living room like this. Generally speaking, the cabinet storage function is more solid than the open shelf, and the weight is heavier, but it still depends on its own use. Depends on demand.

11. Special system furniture (living room)

According to their own space structure and usage needs, make large areas of practical furniture, such as setting up wooden cabinets along the walls and corners, and extending the wood to the ceiling with a ribbon recessed light design, so that the living room storage and basic lighting are integrated.

12. Another system furniture (bedroom)

A desk, chair and cabinet are constructed along the wall of the bedroom. On one side are small desks, bookshelves, and drawers for reading and work, and on the other side is a close-fitting wardrobe or bookcase, which is also a very common furniture design.

Readers who are interested in custom-designers are welcome to search for more design matching and expert works on Interior A to Z, and let’s collect more ideas and inspirations together.

More light! Lighting ideas for the room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Light is essential for the comfort and good use of all the spaces in a house and the rooms are no exception. Having a good light quality, both naturally and artificially, is something to take into account.

Whether through ceiling lights, indirect lights, or floor or table lamps, the lighting design for the room will make the room feel more comfortable and practical. You want to know more? Find in this book inspiration, projects and tips for your room to look amazing.

Natural and artificial light

Nothing like lighting a room through large windows that provide natural lighting to the interior of the space. If you also have a great view, it makes it an ideal option. To complement, support lights can be placed.

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting is a classic. In general, an exit is usually placed in the center of the room, but if you are looking for a better lighting design, it can be achieved through luminaries around the contour of the ceiling or in some points where you want to focus the light beam, they recommend the professionals.

Indirect lighting

There are many ways to illuminate a room, one way to do it is with indirect lighting, bathing some of the walls. The way to complement the light design is through lamps with a more subdued light that achieves a more intimate atmosphere.

Table lamps

Table lamps are essential in the room, next to the bed. An original way to solve them is by fixing lamps with extendable arms on the bedside tables to be able to direct them where they are needed, in addition to allowing complete freedom of the table surface.

Indoor lamps

A good tip for lamps inside a room is to find that there is a dialogue between them, either through color, materials or that the lampshades are in the same palette. This, in addition to generating continuity to the design, will produce the same lighting effect throughout the room.

Lights on rails

If you have a multi functional room, with a sleeping area, study area and play area, lighting plays a fundamental role. Both natural and artificial lighting must guarantee the highest light quality in each of the areas of the room.

Comprehensive lighting

To solve the lighting inside a room, it can be done by taking advantage of the wall where the window is located that provides natural lighting. Placing luminaries in the area of ​​natural lighting can emulate it in a subtle way.

Hanging lamps

Placing a luminary in the center of the room is the traditional way of lighting a bedroom. You can place only a powerful lamp or locate a lamp or series of lamps that give a dimmer light to the entire space.

Lights in furniture

Using the head of the bed as a lamp is an original way to produce lighting in the interior of a room. In this way, not only will a very personal touch be given to the lighting design, but the same headboard can be used as a decorative piece of furniture.

Support lamps

Indirect lighting, table lamps and support lamps can be used in a room to accentuate different areas of the bedroom as well as generate general lighting according to the user’s needs.

More light! Lighting ideas for the room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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