What to Consider When Decorating an Apartment

What to Consider When Decorating an Apartment | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

So that your apartment space does not feel cramped and its function can be maximized, here are some things to consider when decorating the interior of your apartment.

That’s right, color can create a comfortable atmosphere and also make your apartment look more stylish . Choose the color you like, and combine it with several other colors, to make it look harmonious. For example, this living room can be used as a gathering place, with an open concept that blends with the kitchen. Gray is the dominant color in this room, then it is combined with white and green, so the room becomes fresh.

The apartment space is quite limited, so we must be able to use the space to be effective and efficient. But keep decorating simple and concise, like this one apartment designed by our professionals. The built-in wardrobe is integrated with the dressing area which has a multi functional shelf for storing things, and also a slide in door for clothes, so it doesn’t take up much space.

Well, to outsmart space limitations and not make your apartment more crowded, choose furniture that is multi functional. Like the living room which is a living room as well as a family room, and combined with an open kitchen. The selection of furniture was chosen so that the room was efficient, such as choosing a sofa that could be used as a bed.

A bedroom surrounded by large glass creates a visual effect that looks spacious. So don’t hesitate to beautify your bedroom with a mirror.

In addition, the selection of the headboard is also quite important, because it provides extra comfort, with the addition of night lights on the right and left sides, so that the room looks structured and neat.

Oh yes, you can also make your room more functional by choosing a built in wardrobe and dressing table, as well as a bed with storage at the bottom.

The U-shaped kitchen set is perfect for a minimalist apartment. This multi functional table can be used as a dining table as well as a place to work. In addition, the built-in upper and lower cabinets aim to store kitchen utensils, so that the kitchen becomes neat and clean.

Tricks to Make a Studio Apartment Look Spacious

For urban people, studio type apartments are the ideal choice for their lifestyle. Affordable prices, simple, and practical, the three reasons that make it a lot of choice. Although its size is limited, studio apartments can be converted into comfortable and amazing residences.

The right layout is the key to making your studio apartment look spacious. Giving a personal touch can also make your home look more alive and with character. It’s time to turn a studio apartment into a dream home through the following 9 tricks applied by our professionals.

In addition to functioning as a background feel, neutral colors can also give the effect of a narrow dwelling making it look spacious, warm, and comfortable. As applied by our professionals through the use of beige and white on the walls or furniture of this studio type apartment.

Maximizing the limited space is determined by choosing the right position. The trick is to make sure the position of the furniture doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t block the way. This is demonstrated by our professionals by placing electronic furniture in one area to save space.

Avoid using stacking shelves or cabinets as storage media for your items or collections. The furniture will only take up a lot of space and make the room narrower. The solution, our professionals take advantage of a modified chair that also functions as a practical and flexible storage medium.

Already got rid of a lot of stuff, but there are still unused kick-knacks? With the right tricks, turn used items into decorative displays that make the appearance of your home more inviting. Our professionals apply unique ornaments that further beautify the walls.

To anticipate the limited space, you should use multi functional furniture. Our professionals brilliantly apply large mirrored cabinets to the front surface. Apart from being a storage medium for your various personal collections, this furniture also gives a spacious impression to a narrow apartment.

One effective solution in making the room look spacious is to install a mirror on the wall. Mirrors have the ability to reflect surfaces in the room, thus creating a broad impression in a narrow room. Our professionals carefully place a large mirror that also functions as a dressing table and storage medium.

Compared to a large wardrobe, consider using a closet (closet without doors). The use of the toilet by our professionals is intended to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of the room.

Living in a limited occupancy, focus on the vertical zone. Start applying furniture or storage media that are vertical, but don’t need to be too big. For example, placing an artistic decoration that is multi functional, both as a display and as a storage medium. With this trick, our professionals managed to save a lot of space and make this apartment look spacious.

White has advantages as a color that is able to reflect light more optimally than other colors. Our professionals understand this philosophy by applying white sheets without a pattern to give this studio apartment an airy effect.

7 tips for welcoming the New Year at home

Now that the festive season is around the corner, we’re all busy planning our holiday trips – whether it’s visiting family or friends or vacationing in a warm, unexplored place with loved ones, but before we head off on that much-anticipated holiday to usher in the new year. In a relaxed holiday mood, there are two things at home to take care of.

None of us need a professional to tell us that returning exhausted from traveling on a long vacation, nothing is more comfortable than returning to a clean apartment with interior What a relief to realize that the next house cleaning can be postponed a couple of days in advance, right? So, as much as you may not want to take the time to clean up when you’re already busy and stress all the things on your pre-holiday to-do list, take some time to get these tasks done. You will be grateful to yourself later!

1- Clean the laundry

Laundry may not be your business of choice, especially if you don’t have a washer dryer in your apartment building, and you have to look for a washing machine. But if you step back from the laundry before you leave, you’ll have more laundry left when you get back. So, it’s a good idea to get this done beforehand, and then go home afterwards to a closet full of clean clothes and low stress levels as well. ?

2- Get rid of the trash and clean the dishes

A must-have in our daily lives, these chores go a long way in making spaces look clean, make sure you take out all the trash from every room in the house and not just the trash in the kitchen. It is also recommended not to leave any dirty dishes in the sink, as this will prevent a possible unpleasant odor. If you have a dishwasher, make sure you don’t have any dirty dishes before you leave; If there are any, run them through the cycle and put them away tidy.

3- Arrange the bed and bedroom

After returning, a ready bed with new bedding and well-stuffed pillows is something that holds a sure promise of absolute relaxation so, it is recommended that you make your bed before you leave because after many hours of hectic travel, the first thing most of us want to do is simply lie on the bed and enjoy the comfort of home usual.

4- Summon plants

If you haven’t already got your perfectly housed plants prepared for winter, be sure to check what the weather will be like while you’re away and place your plants accordingly. Before leaving, remember to bring your plants if they are susceptible to freezing temperatures.

5- Clean the kitchen

Purely clean a must but neat and tidy kitchen is just a nice thing to go home. This way, the stress of dealing with an irregular and cluttered kitchen space in case of cleaning cravings as well as with any potential strange smells when you return will be avoided.

6- Clean the refrigerator

Nothing will come of us looking forward to it. A great way out is to toss any foods that are likely to go bad during your trip. A quick, but careful, inspection of all expiration dates and assessment of any perishables in the refrigerator is also a good idea.

7- Cleaning the bathroom

A perfectly clean bathroom feels very tired. Imagine the soothing feeling, when drops of warm water and infused with aromatic bath products cleanse your body and refresh your senses in a clean, clean bathroom, rejuvenate the feeling of showering in the first bath after travel!

You don’t need a full throttle in deep cleaning mode. Simply remove the wash-basin counter, wipe under the sink and shower, clean a quick toilet, and you’re done.

Scandinavian style apartment interior | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

When we want to capture the fleeting moment, we often take out our camera. That is why, when you go to a well-decorated space, you have to press the shutter dozens of times to record the passing time. Whether it’s neatly prepared food, facing the enchanting scenery you’ve never seen before, or happy moments with your loved ones, it’s all the same. Beyond visual information, photos contain our feelings that we want to keep for a long time. Today, let’s go into a space where warmth is buried throughout the house through the traces of the family.

The common space is filled with a Nordic style that gives personality with bouncing colors, a warm atmosphere, and unique props . The sofa that occupies the center of the living room was chosen in gray color, so the overall base is more calm. As for the insufficient storage space, the empty wall and upper space are actively utilized. Thanks to the box-shaped wall shelf, it has been decorated as a colorful place that can be transformed into a study at any time.

The reason why you can feel the well-organized and neatness in the living room in the photo, which can never be seen as simple, is thanks to the arrangement of furniture that seems to have found the right place. A sofa is placed along the corner, and a round table is placed in the passage where people move, where the kitchen and living room face each other, leading to a smoother flow of movement.

On the wall next to the window where the sunlight gently enters, there are photos of family memories. Thanks to the selection of furniture that leaves a little room for its size, it is an atmosphere where you can focus more on the wall design. The stable composition and the warmth of solid wood are added to create a richer family love. It has a natural personality.

The two-tone color divides the space with subtle differences. The upper cabinet, where the eyes first reach, is painted white and the handle is removed to create unobstructed simplicity. Just by digging a little groove, I seem to be revealing my existence properly. The modern colored lower cabinet boasts a variety of storage types that are divided according to size. Let’s meet the kitchen appliances that are built-in to the side and placed neatly.

Since there are no obligations or responsibilities, I can express my colors more freely. Wouldn’t it be the same pulse that can change the surprise of something completely unexpected into a greater sense of satisfaction? Pay attention to the hallway in the photo. Draw a world map and catch the eye through unique lighting. It is not a space where we stay for a long time, but we are completing the design of the space through small details.

The bright sunlight coming into the living room peeks through the open gaps. A cool blue color with a refreshing feeling is placed in the hallway. Thanks to the beautifully shaped image wherever the eye touches, it is possible to draw more concretely the feeling of the interior. There is a sense of excitement that a small idea that can pass by will bring a much greater effect than expected.

Create a bathroom with tiles reminiscent of ethnic styles. It is clear that the purpose of the architect is to convey more clearly because one wall is filled instead of the floor. Thanks to the new exotic design, it seems to be able to capture the entire space beyond the bathroom in a more special way. Let’s pay attention to the meticulousness of the movement by cutting the corner of the sink top plate.

The memories contained in the photos always evoke a pleasant nostalgia. Wouldn’t it be a great comfort in life to always have something by your side that makes you feel good just looking at it? This bedroom boasts a free personality by filling the empty walls with your favorite photos and books. In the wardrobe, a mirror is installed as a door to make practical use of a narrow space and to expand it visually.

The bathroom is the place where you get pregnant as much as you take care of it. In addition to regular cleaning, how about placing a diffused that smells good and a flowerpot that can catch the smell? Create a shelf by digging a groove to solve the storage space. Here, space is sculpted using colored hexagonal tiles. The mirror design with different thickness seems to be sufficient to give a small three-dimensional effect.

As soon as you open the door, you are met with a fantastic painting. Thanks to the gorgeous sense of embroidering the white walls, you can enjoy a relaxed smile. Let’s enhance the quality of life with a sensible interior like a surprise event. Why don’t you treat it like it’s yours and try to increase your value through space as if you were giving someone a gift? It seems that you can receive positive energy along with increased self-esteem.

Sensational Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Your Apartment

Didn’t I say that everything has a beginning and an end that matter? When designing an interior, the final choice of lighting is just as important as the beginning. As soon as you enter the house, the color of the lights can make everything look different. For this time, let’s become a magician and change the dining room.

Don’t be disappointed because it’s the same apartment as everyone else. With today’s advice, your apartment won’t be a common space. If you can’t decide among the many lights,  let’s take a closer look at the design tips that are suitable for your dining room. You have to be careful, but let’s look at 15 dining room lights that seem indifferent and match the atmosphere of your home.

1. Entrance and dining room, in between

A yellow light was installed in harmony with the wooden furniture and the beige sofa. The point is that the glass lighting is installed sensibly.

2. Pastel color lighting to add vitality

If you want to keep the soft pastel feeling, how about changing the feeling with just one light? I used a blue pastel tone similar to the color of the door to give it a softer feeling.

3. Aesthetics of simplicity, Sinsa-dong villa interior

black and white. It couldn’t be simpler and cleaner than this. I used an achromatic color, but it was fun by changing the size of the lighting.

4. Clear glass lighting adds a sophisticated touch

Glass is a material that goes well with anything and everything. It is decorated in a way that does not stand out while giving a neatness to a modern house.

5. Cafe-like dining room

There is no rule that there must be only one light. Decorate the cafe-like dining room with matching lighting. You can feel like you are in your own cafe.

6. Modern Classic Pendant Lights

White lighting gave a point to the gray wall. The overall gray and white tone was matched naturally.

7. Add points with a small but sensual design

This dining room has a modern casual feel and color point chairs. Let
‘s try to guess a combination that can’t fail with gold even the lighting.

8. Classic lighting that goes well with hanok

While respecting the fixed image of hanok, he worked as an extension of modern architecture. The charm of a hanok is 100 times better by using moderately soft lighting suitable for a hanok.

9. Sometimes brightly, sometimes with atmosphere

Would you believe it if you could control the atmosphere of a dining room with a single light? special

Even if it’s not a day, it’s just lighting that can make everything special.

10. Gorgeous Ceiling Light

You can enjoy a home party to your heart’s content at home. Even if it’s not a party, if you decorate a spacious room with big and colorful lights, your mood will rise in an instant.

11. Luxurious and modern newlyweds of 33 pyeong

If you prefer indirect lighting, this method is also recommended. Is it a rediscovery of a simple light bulb? You can change the metal feel to suit your taste.

13. Natural Lighting

If you prefer natural light, why not make the windows large and the lighting small? It was a small light, but it used its own sense.

12. Metal lighting for a sophisticated touch

There are many different types of metal. The atmosphere was unified by using colors that match the table. The round shape is also attractive.

14. Create a French classic interior with chandelier lighting

When it comes to giving an old-fashioned feeling, a chandelier cannot be left out. Let’s brighten up the dining room with colorful lighting.

15. Lovely Dining Room

If all the furniture is simple, give a strong point with special and colorful lighting. While the colors are unified, the installation of sensuous lighting gives a sophisticated feel.