Learn how to choose your bathroom tiles Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Learn how to choose your bathroom tiles | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Bathroom floor tiles should be a huge consideration when any new bathroom installation is completed, and it’s surprising how many facets they have to consider. Everyone will have a different idea of ​​the best tiles for bathroom floor areas  , but the age of the home, the wider design and the intended frequency of use will play up every part, not to mention the costs.

Any bathroom designer will be outspoken in their advice on the ideal shower flooring material, but they will all agree on the following:

– Tiles should be non-porous – Finishes need to be non-slip – Grout lines should be easy to clean and free of mold

This guide was created to help answer all the burning questions that choosing the right shower floor tile will raise, but of course, personal choices and aesthetic preferences will be the final consideration.

Bathroom space

First: When it comes to bathroom floors, size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to showering. It’s not a big concern in the wider room, the bath mat can simply be placed on the floor to reduce slippage and wet feet, but inside the bathroom, things need to be thought of more carefully.

It is generally recommended that bathroom floor tiles be no larger than 6 inches square, in an effort to allow for more grout, which in turn provides a great deal of grip and stability. It makes perfect sense, when the amount of water that will flow into the shower, is taken into account. Large tiles will naturally become more slippery and greatly increase the risk of accidents. If larger tiles are required, they can be kept on the walls.

MosaicBathrooms Furniture Design tips Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Knowing that small bathtubs for showers are better in mind, this means that the mosaic types, which are already incredibly popular and attractive, are the ideal solution. The sheer number of grout lines that will be necessary ensures a finish that is less slippery and with absolutely no aesthetic discrepancy.

Mosaic tiles tend to be presented on a large sheet, made up of individual squares as small as 1 inch. Backed by a private network, these are the easiest to set up and can be exceptionally cost effective as well. All high-quality DIY stores have a wide variety of mosaic designs to choose from and with the advent of colorful bathroom fixtures, it has never been easier to get the perfect finish to complement an already stunning bathroom.


After only mentioning porcelain, it is worth talking more about it, as it can create a totally exceptional finish to any shower floor, not least because it can be used to make the impression of more money spent.

Not everyone has the budget available for real marble tiles, but porcelain, which is much more cost-effective, can be made to look very similar. An added bonus is that the tile’s smooth finish makes it easier to clean and more mold and mildew resistant.

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Cost will always be an important factor during any home improvement project and when it comes to bathroom tiles, it is easy to spend an absolute fortune. Thankfully, there is such a large selection of tiles to choose from, for shower flooring, that there are options to suit every budget. Some of the more popular options include:

Pebble effect tiles. Similar to standard square mosaics, these grids are backed for convenience and allow the use of a large amount of grout, but there is a definite bonus with cobblestone designs that may be immediately apparent. Reflexology is a proven science and nothing will help you relax and restore balance like a little foot massage in the shower.

– All color under the sun. Let’s never forget how endless tile color options are these days. No matter the size or shape, there will be a perfect color to go with them.

Natural stone tiles. Treated natural stone tiles that don’t absorb and store water are a great choice for any shower floor, as they can offer a great deal of grip when left unbroken.

– The porcelain tiles. Generally slightly better than slippery, porcelain is best for keeping very small tile designs.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that a little creativity goes a long way, even in the bathroom. Just because a bathroom floor is a practical and necessary inclusion, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or dull. For a truly coordinated look, it’s worth continuing the same flooring pattern as a wider bathroom, but change can be as good as comfort, they say, so how about a funky pattern or a contrasting color?

As long as bathroom tile and bathroom adhesive is used, along with non-slip tiles, the rest really comes down to personal taste.

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