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The floor is an important element of interior design, it will greatly affect people’s impression of the room, and for example, the material of the floor can make the room present a modern or Nordic atmosphere, so the design of the floor must not be neglected! In addition, we walk barefoot on the floor every day, so the material of this place must definitely make people feel comfortable. Whether it is plywood or logs, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to practicality, the pattern of the floor can also beautify the space. In order to choose the right floor material, we recommend that you talk to a professional, so that you will not make a wrong decision!

What are the materials of wood flooring?

Plywood flooring

Plywood flooring is the most commonly used material in general residences. It is said that this is a kind of composite floor, but like its name, plywood is actually a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material glued with adhesive. The advantage of this material is that it can save wood, so it is cheaper than ordinary logs. In addition, plywood does not shrink as easily as solid wood, can be mass-produced, and is easy to construct. It is a low-cost material. The surface of the plywood is made of thin sheets of natural wood, so the appearance can also be very beautiful, and the design changes are very varied. In addition, plywood is also resistant to water and dirt, so it is very durable.

Wooden floor

Solid wood flooring, also called single-layer flooring, is made of natural wood. People who like to choose natural wood mainly like the unique touch and smell of wood, and solid wood flooring will not change over time, and its taste will give people different feelings. Solid wood flooring can control humidity, heat preservation and other functions are also very good. From a design point of view, the colors and textures of the types of trees are very different. The appearance of wood such as cedar, cherry, and maple is actually very large. The difference.

Herringbone wood floor

Generally speaking, the laying direction of the floor will be the same, but many professionals will also use different laying shapes to create charming patterns. For example, the common herringbone floor in Europe is very suitable for creating a retro atmosphere. For those who want to create a retro style, you can choose this way. Of course, depending on the type of wood, the wood grain and color are also different. If you want to stick to the texture of the wood itself, you can discuss it with the designer.

What is the charm of solid wood flooring?

The advantage of wood flooring is that its smell and texture are very natural, so it can make people feel warmer. In addition, in terms of aesthetics, the texture of wood is like a natural artwork, which is very textured. If you want to create a Nordic and Japanese style, wood flooring is an indispensable element. In addition, in spaces that require relaxation, such as bedrooms, the use of wooden floors can make the feet feel better. Another advantage of wood flooring is that it can absorb moisture, which is very helpful for human health.

What are the disadvantages of solid wood flooring?

When the wooden floor is installed, it is inevitable that there will be gaps, so it may cause some trouble when cleaning. In addition, wooden floors are more susceptible to moisture, so they can deform or crack. In addition, if you choose a wooden floor, it must be waxed frequently for maintenance. Normally place the furniture, and be careful not to rub the floor. Wood floors are also more susceptible to climate change, so they are not suitable for installing floor heating equipment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tile flooring?

Polished tiles

The polished tile has a smooth surface, so it is very wear-resistant, and it is very suitable for use on bathroom floors. The polished tiles have little color difference, so they are very good in terms of aesthetics. The polished tiles fired at 1200 degrees c are very durable and therefore have a long service life. But polished tiles are easy to get dirty, and the anti-slip function is not good. Polished tiles will have pores during polishing, so it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it will be troublesome when cleaning.

Vitrified brick

Vitrified tiles are denser than ordinary floor tiles, and the surface is very bright and clean, and no special polishing is required. Vitrified tiles have low water absorption and relatively high hardness, so they are not prone to scratches.

Glazed tiles

This kind of tiles is made of clay and can be made into various patterns and patterns, so the choice is more abundant. This kind of tile is very suitable for use in the kitchen or powder room because it has good anti-slip properties. However, the surface of glazed tiles is glaze, so the wear resistance is not so good. If the firing temperature is high, the water absorption rate will be relatively small.

The advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring?


1. Beautiful and generous

The texture of the marble itself is very beautiful, the color ranges from black to pink to white, or dark green. The use of marble can successfully create a luxurious atmosphere, and is suitable for classic or modern home styles.

2. Durable

Marble is a very durable building material, so even if you have pets in your home, you don’t have to worry about the floor being scratched. Marble is a very old building material and has a long service life. If you choose such a floor material, you may not need to replace the floor for a lifetime. Shortcoming:

3. Expensive

The basic price of marble is more expensive than other building materials. If you choose black or green marble, the installation cost is even higher.

4. Maintenance

To maintain its luster, marble needs to be polished regularly. Cleaning up by yourself will be a little difficult, so you need to hire someone to maintain it regularly.

5. not very resistant to dirt

Marble is not very resistant to stains, so you must be very careful when you use it. If you accidentally get stains on the floor, you may have to ask a professional to clean it.

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