Simple ideas for decorating your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Simple ideas for decorating your home | Gurgaon


The beauty of our homes reflects our personality and choice, our homes are small and large, tidy and messy. Sometimes we need to renovate our homes at the lowest cost and decorate them in preparation for occasions and as a kind of change, and to decorate the house many foundations and ideas that when implemented properly we have a beautiful and cheerful home, but we all think The cost may stand in the way between us and this beautiful dream, but today we will present to you 10 very simple and inexpensive ideas for decorating the house without effort or trouble .

1. Draw on the walls..

Name a painting on the walls of your house with your own brush, and make a distinctive addition from it with the least capabilities and according to your own taste, but it is important to choose the appropriate painting and the right way to implement it in order to succeed in performing your task, this idea will change the whole scene and create a new, distinctive shape from the void..

2. Add mirrors..

Mirrors are always beautiful ideas, which have an attractive and strong impact on any space they are added to. Choose a suitable place that helps them perform their functional and aesthetic role together, and to feel the change yourself..

  • Simple ideas for decorating your home | Gurgaon

3. Color your own corner..

Choose a new and innovative color and color a special corner in your room in a special way, as if you were adding a quotation mark to this corner. It is also a bold touch to include the floor and ceiling together for the idea, which will make it an effective integrated corner with a special color..

3. The art of origami..

 Origami is the art of folding paper without using adhesives or any means of fastening, and forming unique artistic shapes and decorative pieces, add them to your home and enjoy a distinctive look for your design..

4. Make your old boxes a masterpiece..

You have a group of old boxes, so you have a small treasure in your house, collect them and re-paint them in cheerful and beautiful colors. Make an open closet out of them, for example, or distribute them creatively..

5. Grow beautiful plants..

Plant beautiful and aromatic plants such as basil and mint and add beautiful natural flowers to your home, it is a unique way to decorate your home and does not require a huge cost or budget..

3. Renovate your kitchen

Renovate your kitchen by all possible means, as it is the spirit of the house and an indicator of the psychological comfort of the house, for example, buy stickers for its walls, paint ceramics in new colors or draw distinctive inscriptions, polish and renew electrical appliances with a metallic appearance to keep their luster and radiance always..

6. Add elegant shelves..

Shelves are one of the easiest possible additions to your home, and you can implement them yourself in many ways, designs and materials, just choose what you like and select the right place and get a distinctive design, practical and beautiful at the same time..

8. Make your memories decorative pieces..

Make your memories decorative pieces that decorate your home, welcome your guests and reflect your love for your family and your beautiful moments on every corner of it.

9. Add unique artworks and pieces to your home..

Add your valuable paintings to a special corner in your home and make the design of your home rich and joyful, arrange them in a new and innovative artistic way and add distinctive or simple frames according to your own taste..

10. The color of your home furniture..

Color your home furniture in a joyful and new way, but do not forget to be in harmony with the design as a whole, unobtrusive to the eye with a decent and distinctive appearance, unleash your imagination and make your home come alive again.

A family home with a mix of tradition and modern comforts

Today we are looking at a home that is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity and which has been built with great intelligence and style to be comfortable, comfortable and dignified. It is very skillfully designed and uses light colors such as white, gray, khaki and black along with various natural elements such as wood, stone and ceramic. Let’s go inside this house to take a closer look.

Living room full of sophistication and elegance

When designing a room by combining different elements, the result is an interconnected decoration that is very attractive. And the same thing has happened in this living room . Dignity and luxury have been taken into consideration while decorating this entire house. Especially in this living room. The floor and walls of the room are made of cement which is giving a modern color to this room while the decorative items and furniture are of traditional style . The furniture is made of leather and has a traditional style. The large decorative glass attached to the wall enhances the beauty of this room.

Comfortable sitting room

When we take a closer look at this house, we see that the designer has kept in mind the dignity while designing this house, but at the same time he has not neglected comfort and convenience.

She has chosen a sophisticated leather sofa, as well as light blue cushions and the same patterned upholstery on the chair. The rest of the furniture also reflects the colors used in the sofa. The sofa is very comfortable and there is a TV mounted on the opposite wall so that you can comfortably enjoy the relaxing moments with your family. At the same time, the designer has added decorative elements that add to the overall beauty of the room. Like the lights in the room or the crystal chandelier on the ceiling. The designer’s artistic tastes are reflected in the fine paintings in the room.

Attractive dining room

The design and decoration of the dining room is distinctive and unique compared to the living room  . It seems that a lot of attention has been paid to the details and details while decorating it. Light white ceramic tiles have been chosen instead of cement to make it different from the living room. The living room floor and walls are completely separate from the living room because the walls of this room are completely separate.

The designer has placed a simple L-shaped sofa in this room to save space in the room. The furniture is also painted white which gives a sense of visual spaciousness in the room. The spaciousness of the room is also reflected in the round dining table with a glass upper surface.

Just look at the kitchen

Across the dining room we can see part of the kitchen. This counter has a glimpse of some of the decorative elements used in the dining room and we can guess from here that the rest of the kitchen will also be dignified and elegant.

Simple and functional kitchen

The kitchen is designed in the shape of the English letter L which not only saves space but also creates an individuality. The designer has focused on maximizing storage space while designing it so that you can feel comfortable working here. The lighting from the ceiling to the floor is arranged in such a way that the lighting is arranged evenly in every corner of the kitchen.

Specially designed corridor

This specially designed corridor, which uses a variety of decorative elements, is a significant part of the house. The floor is made of porcelain with a light khaki color. While the walls are made of cement. The decorative mirror on the wall looks great. Stairs to the upper floor are gray in color but a lighter color can be chosen for them. It can only be called the skill and craftsmanship of the designer.

The main bedroom

The main bedroom of this house is on the upper floor with wonderful colors and details. Like the rest of the house, white and gray are prominent in this room, but purple has also been used in some places to break their uniformity. Lighting is the most prominent and unique element of this room. See how well the designer uses the light coming from the window.

Children’s room

Pleasant elements have been used in the design of the children’s room. Wooden walls have been made with cement floors. The combination of beautiful pictures and toys creates a very pleasant feeling of this room.

Traditional style room

The other bedroom of this house reflects only luxury and tradition.

The bathroom is simple and unique

The bathroom is simple and unique despite being small. The designer has created a sense of breadth and openness with great skill and craftsmanship. The black and white colors are central to the decoration, while the glass and bathroom cabins overlooking the space look spacious. Simple and unique!

Simple Interior House Design for Small Spaces | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Modern style of decorating kitchen

A home cannot be complete without a kitchen . The kitchen is a very important and necessary part of the home. After a long day of exhaustion and work, the body desperately needs food. We make arrangements for drinks and food to make up for this deficiency in the body. And for that, each of us goes to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the busiest part of the house where there is always some work to be done so it is usually random and dirty. Especially when our guests come, the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes, which makes us feel ashamed. In addition, most of the kitchens in our homes are made too small, which makes it difficult to handle a lot of equipment in a small space. So today we bring you the techniques and interesting designs that will help you keep the kitchen clean and tidy. So let’s take a look at these designs and techniques.

1. Functional kitchen in small space

* If your home does not have space for a dining table due to lack of  space, you can design your kitchen in such a way that it can be used for multi-purpose purposes. For example, you can arrange the kitchen counter in such a way that it can be used as a dining table as shown in this picture.

2. Kitchen design in less space

Small space is no longer a big problem for the kitchen. In today’s modern era, everything you need can be arranged in a small kitchen. As you can see in this model how the kitchen is designed with everything you need in a small space.

3. Column style kitchen

Lack of space is a major problem in every home. If you do not have enough space for a kitchen, you can arrange a kitchen in the hallway. On one side of the wall you can create a kitchen layout by  placing a counter in column style . By installing drawers and cupboards under the counter, you can save everyday items and turn the clutter of the kitchen into a neat decoration.

4. High quality of white color sophistication

White is considered to be the epitome of sophistication. If you want your kitchen to look clean and neatly decorated  , paint your cabinets , drawers and walls white. This will make your kitchen look clean and attractive. And despite being a small space, it will look spacious.

5. The right place for the fireplace

It is important to use a fireplace in your kitchen to get rid of the heat and the smell of spices . It is important to place the fireplace in the right place for this purpose. This is especially important when your kitchen is small in size. Always place the fireplace directly above the stove so that the steam and heat rising during cooking can escape directly through the fireplace.

6. Beautiful selection of colors to make the kitchen attractive and spacious

The role of colors is very important in making any place attractive  . The choice of colors in the kitchen reflects your tastes. As in this picture, the beautiful combination of white and purple is adding a lot to the charm and beauty of the kitchen as well as creating openness.

7. Spacious kitchen with beautiful carvings

You can use beautiful colors as well as wonderful designs  to enhance the charm of your kitchen   . It creates innovation and beauty in the kitchen. If you want to make the kitchen more spacious, install a small stove counter in the middle of the kitchen so that there will be more space to work.

8. The traditional way of storing utensils in a small kitchen

If your kitchen does not have a cupboard, you can use open shelves to store utensils and everyday items  . You can also hook the utensils to the wall. This method falls into the category of traditional and rustic style.

9. Keep everything in place to avoid clutter and mess

Dirt and clutter are a big problem in any kitchen, so keep everything in your kitchen in its proper place to avoid this problem. For example  , use drawers for spoons, knives and forks by dividing them into different parts and store them in separate compartments for each item. Will see

10 Charming U- shaped design to enlarge small kitchen

The U- shaped design is very popular to make the small kitchen more functional and beautiful . This style of design allows you to use more cabinets and drawers in less space. This is a modern but attractive style that is mostly used in kitchens. 

11. Multi-purpose kitchen counter

You little in this store used up loading things in a kitchen that would look at what the guests on the other side to make kitchen counter more active  library you eat which will create They can also keep cooking books and interesting books according to the tastes of the guests. This style of kitchen will reflect your thinking and tastes.

12 Small but interesting style with functional wardrobe

No need to worry if your kitchen is too small. You can make the wardrobe used in it more functional. As you can see in this picture, how to make this wardrobe more functional and beautiful by making small shelves on the doors. It’s a small but elegant style.

Great ideas for open shelves and cabinets

Adding accessories to your home is a very interesting thing that adds a different character to your home decor and gives you the opportunity to display your antiques and your favorite things in front of yourself and your visitors. Shelves in the living room, hall, and even the kitchen and bathroom are one of the most important things that also help you add storage space. Today we bring you 5 great ideas for open shelves and cabinets that we hope will help you choose!

1- Shelves in a rustic design

Rustic decor is a delightful choice if you want your home to look simple, natural and look beautiful at the same time. In this example, we find rectangular shelves with different purposes that varied between books, antiques and ordinary things used by the owners of the house, the shelves are in white, which gave a wide space to show a range of cheerful colors for anything placed on them!

2- Simple and beautiful shelves for the kitchen

Kitchens are a great place to display elegant kitchen utensils, especially glass ones. In this beautiful example, we see the difference in colors and materials used between white ceramics, wood, stainless steel and kitchen utensils, giving the decor some liveliness.

3- Neat and organized bookshelves

Open shelves across the wall that make good use of its space as a library and a place to put things, books, frames and everything you want to use and display, you can put this design in offices or in your reading or work room at home!

4- Kitchen shelves for glasses and more

Another idea for displaying cutlery and kitchen utensils and glass cups in the kitchen is beautifully aesthetic. Glasses are neatly placed upside down. You can get this hanging accessory from any of the designer stores for kitchens.

5- Shelves inside the wall of the living room

These in-wall shelves are much better than outdoor shelves, which take up more space and are a great way to use the area under the TV for your things.

Simple tricks to get rid of negative energy and bad luck in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Negative energy in your home has a bad effect on every detail of your life. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable and that everything becomes the opposite and uncomfortable, and we do not know a real reason for this, but the reason in short is the spread of negative energy in the house, due to many factors such as chaos and lack of cleaning the house . And in energy sciences, the presence of negative energy causes misfortune and discomfort, so today we will present you with 8 tricks that remove negative energy and bad luck from your home.

Plants and flowers

The presence of flowers and plants in your home helps you easily purify the atmosphere inside the house, give it a calm and natural atmosphere and give a refreshing touch to its decor. Flowers and natural plants are important decorative touches in your home. As soon as you enter a house that contains natural plants in its corners and corners, you feel comfortable, and the reason for this is that green plants are considered to be sources of positive energy, get rid of negative energy in your home and expel bad luck.


In energy sciences, feng shui and in Asian cultures, water is a source of goodness and prosperity, so running water in the house is one of the most positive energy sources that make you feel comfortable at home, so be careful to have a small fountain in your home, hearing the sound of running water in the house makes you feel comfortable And positive energy, water is the secret of life.

Candles and essential oils

Essential oils are also one of the elements that emit positive energy, especially since there are some oils when used in your bathroom or as a home fragrance, that help you and feel better in both your healthy and working life as well, and one of these oils is lavender oil. There are some ancient beliefs that there are some natural essential oils that lead to a better material life.

Salt is a cleansing power

Salt is a magical power in your home, and it has a special ability to rid your home of negative energies. Salt is an antique material that has always been known in many cultures, with its ability to expel evil spirits and break up negative energy and get rid of it outside the home. Be careful to sprinkle salt on the entrance to the house and its threshold, they expel bad luck outside.


In ancient cultures, burning incense at home helps in expelling evil spirits and getting rid of negative energy in the house. Besides, the use of incense perfumes the house and adds comfort and positive energy in your home.

At the end of the article, there are some rules that must be taken into account to make your home flooded with positive energy and get rid of any negative energy that disturbs its energy, such as the fragrant smell, cleanliness, running water and the presence of plants in the house.

Simple tricks to get rid of negative energy and bad luck in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Simple yet charming home garden ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

For those who think that to create a charming home garden they need hundreds of plants and flowers and to design large pools of water, they are definitely wrong, and the simple models we have today will completely change their idea of ​​ways to decorate and landscaping home gardens.. Let’s watch them now!

1- Decorate the path

The first idea that you can add to your home garden and ensure a beautiful appearance is to decorate its path – either on one or both sides – with dense green plants with large leaves, as shown in the picture shown. This addition can bring the garden a lively look that is reflected in you whenever you walk this bright path.

2- Colored pebbles and lighting reflections

Small colorful pebbles are also a great addition to your home garden, see what he did here with this model that flooded his floor in huge quantities!

Another element that contributed to the garden’s sensual appearance cannot be ignored here either, which is the yellow lighting and its magical reflections on the plants, but we don’t know where it came from, whether it was the floor lights or the side lamps that are not visible from this angle.

3- Mediterranean garden

Simple yet charming home garden ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The beauty of this garden is that it contains many miniature design elements, such as the side wooden corner, the small pool in the corner, and the colors in general.. all of them contribute to creating a sense of the Mediterranean atmosphere throughout the place.

4- Good coordination is the keySimple yet charming home garden ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

In this garden, the element of coordination is key to its brilliance and beauty, as the space is surprisingly divided between green-grass floors, small stones in the center and edges, and huge red pots in almost the same places.

5- Creative ground

You will not need to acquire any natural or even artificial flowers or plants if you are keen to apply the creative ground enjoyed by this model, which depends on large amounts of white and black pebbles in an eye-catching arrangement, giving this home garden a distinctive and strong character.

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