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We bring you a wonderful home that you won’t be able to stop without seeing when you start looking. Why? Because this house is a beautiful combination of tradition and innovation. It is very neatly and skillfully decorated and it is very attractive to the viewers due to the use of natural stones and wood. The interior and exterior of this home are in perfect harmony with each other in terms of innovation, attention to detail in the space available and visual balance, and the luxurious beauty is very noticeable.

So what are you thinking? Come on a wonderful home tour with us so you too can find great tips for decorating and building your home.

Welcome to the vegetables

As you enter the house, a small, charming garden with some Japanese elements is hinting at the beauty of the design. The entrance to the house is made with a slight difference in height.

Beauty as well as safety

In this picture you can see a shiny roof which not only gives a lot of natural light but also helps to see the sky. It also provides protection from rain and other weather effects.

The splendor of the Room

The openness and spaciousness of the house gives it a cozy feel. As a result, living spaces appear to be much wider than the actual area. Although the roof design is almost identical, each part of the use is separated by furniture, equipment and decorations.

Living in luxury

This luxurious living room has a large khaki sofa, a lovely coffee table set on a beautiful gray carpet, black leather semi-reclining chairs and a cohesive atmosphere all make this room a welcome addition. Are The horizontal elements of the wall of the room with wood are a magical addition to the beauty of the room. Don’t forget to look at the wooden stairs at the top.

The plants placed in the room and the light coming from outside are making this room dignified and elegant and creating a sober glow that is making the exterior more beautiful. Making the interior unique and prominent.


Just like we keep changing our dressing, hairstyles, food habit and other things to bring life to our boring routine, we should always renovate our house from time to time also to feel fresh.

House renovation is as important as making changes in other routine things. Once you make changes in your life to time, you are feeling fresh and energetic because when your mind gets wont to something, it starts feeling bored then we get frustrated.


Always start renovation together with your kitchen. You only need to keep a couple of things in your mind.

  • You got to be planned well before starting it off. Benefit research on renovation. Search for different ideas on internet to renovate your house at a coffee price. Confine mind the supply of fabric required for renovation also. Pre-planning will assist you to renovate your house with none hazard at a really affordable price.
  • Lighting is another vital a part of your house especially the kitchen and front room. Therefore the lighting should be very attractive because lighting increases the general look of your house. You ought to use LED lights to form your house look attractive also on economize and electricity also.
  • Another thing you’ll to form your kitchen look attractive by choosing the proper and attractive colors for your kitchen cabinets. Yes, you heard it right. You’ll make your old outdated cabinets look attractive. You only got to pick some colors that would match to your kitchen and make everything look so eye-catching and attractive.


After the kitchen, another most vital area for your home is living area. This area is that the most utilized area of the house. All the housemates, also as guests, spend maximum time during this area. Therefore the look of this area definitely builds an impact. You would like to follow these hacks to renovate this area within the absolute best manner.

Tips and point

  • Come up with some amazing and modern ideas to renovate this area of your house. Search for some eye-catching ideas. Make changes from furniture to curtains to decoration to the inside, to paints to every and everything to form it look new and crowd pleasing. Change the sitting arrangement and overall arrangement of this area to form it look more attractive.
  • To make your living look good furniture plays a crucial role. It’s not necessary in the least to vary your furniture. You’ll buy new covers for your sofas, couch, and cushions. And if your cushions are flattened, you’ll fill them up with new cotton.
  • Paint your front room also to reinforce its overall look. Choose some attractive colors and themes to form your front room the foremost attractive a part of your house.
  • Get changes the curtains of your front room. Buy some curtains that suit best with the paint of your front room.
  • Buy some decoration pieces to embellish it well. Get some vases, paintings, photo frames. Hang the items consistent with the theme of your front room.
  • Focus on the lighting of the living area the foremost. Because lighting actually enhances the sweetness of the house. Buy some ceiling lights to reinforce the attractiveness of this area.


The bathroom is another important area of the house. And therefore the kit shouldn’t be negligible in the least. This area is smallest but it can cost you quite the other area of your house. So renovating it’s very tricky.

  • If you would like to form changes to your plumbing fittings, but it’s doing well still, never mess with it. You’ll change the pieces of kit but never mess with fitting and pipelines.
  • Add a couple of modern accessories to your bathroom to reinforce its overall look. You’ll buy some curtains that suit well with tiles and paint from your bathroom. You’ll buy some foot-mat, matching laundry bags and baskets, matching towels and other accessories.
  • Paint should be changed also to form it look new and good. You ought to choose some attractive color to color your bathroom.


The last and another vital area of your home is the bedroom. The bedroom is that the area where you spend some alone time, you create yourself comfortable, you spend some peaceful time, you sleep and obtain relaxed. So it should be renovated accordingly.

  • Furniture polishing can enhance the design of your bedroom without spending tons of cash. You’ll buy some good polish to color to form it look good and attractive. Clean your furniture completely then apply the polish or paint to form it feel new.
  • Good lighting is additionally very essential for your bedroom also. You would like to shop for some side lamps to form your bedroom look cozy and attractive. Ceiling lights should be very attractive and modern.

Small apartment with design

For those who love different types of brown. The color of strength and bold personality, it will be suitable for them, this is a dream apartment with beautiful details in a small space which is wonderfully exploited. Looks like there’s a clear open detail here with the extrusion of the walls, the detail openness, and the change with the modern and different  design , now we take you on a quick tour of each apartment with more beautiful details that you would expect Going and you will definitely like it.


A brown wooden door leads you to the long entrance, where the wooden floor is covered with glass. The roof is made of white concrete with lighting units in place, bright houses, which make the place brighter.

The walls are plain solid paint beige, white wooden doors and pictures on a beautiful wooden table, with antiques and paintings hanging on the wall to decorate.

The kitchen

There is a small space, a small functional kitchen, open to the outside, some simple white acrylic closet, a small bar with tub, a stove and a small working area.


This room is using gray in its different levels of flooring and decoration, a woman’s frame above the bed, and since it is a strong color, it needs to overlap with the color of peace and Simple white bed and beige curtains on the walls; the details look peaceful and beautiful.

The wooden floor, brown stone wall, bedroom separates from the outside in a beautiful way and a beautiful little shelf bed with candle sets for a romantic and elegant atmosphere. And a small one with flowers on the side of the bed. Brown table

Two beautiful lighting units on either side of the bed, beautiful lamps and small ceiling hanging light units. Curtains separate the room from the bathroom.

Perfect openness

Distinguished partition between the dining room and the living room which separates very well from the bedroom. The walls are made of concrete with beige paint, and the houses have a beautiful glow of light in the silent ceiling.

A white canvas sofa with colored cushions, a small round mirror in a plate, beautiful gold frames hanging on the wall to decorate the room, a stylish chandelier with low light, a small coffee table with glass surface, and A beautiful white fur carpet for heating, a small drawer set aside to store B.

In a corner with the TV can be placed some artifacts for the wonderful tapestry decoration of the stone wall and the use of the above surface.

Dining room

A simple and elegant dining room, with a rectangular table and white chairs that are easily placed around it. Exquisite lighting units hang from the ceiling, white silk curtains that hang from the window, and large women to increase the space of the room in the side wall and control its smallness.

Beauty and style | Gurgaon and Gurugram


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