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In countries such as Japan and Sweden, you hardly find anyone entering the house with his shoes! But in some countries visitors don’t care much about this act with its importance! According to a report prepared by researchers at the University of Arizona, the shoe you brought from abroad carried at least 66 million organisms, a large percentage of them harmful bacteria! A study also proved that bacteria live longer in shoes than anywhere else and move easily to  floors.

Despite this, the feeling that dominates us besides the need to keep the house clean from harm, especially in the case of children, the conflict lies in our need to make the house a comfortable and welcoming place for visitors without conveying an embarrassing feeling. In this article, we give you some ideas on how to get them to take off their shoes comfortably without feeling any negative feelings. Here is the article.

Set an example

When guests walk into the house and see you and your visitors greeted in a drink, shoes, or house slippers, he’ll easily expect them to do so too. Just put some slippers by the door and ask them to put them on for their comfort.


Shoes closet

Provide a shoe cabinet or a place to put things when  entering the house directly and ask them to leave their things and their shoes in it, so the shoes will not be the only thing they will leave, and the focus will not be on this request directly.

Shoe removal seat

Place a shoe removal bench next to the door and shoe cabinet, ask him to sit down to rest, and ask him if he will take off his shoes and offer him something suitable to wear on his feet.


Ask them in advance when you invite them to bring their own slippers, especially if you have children, explaining that this is to protect them from the risk of intestinal infections and diseases because they play and put everything in their mouth.

Paved road

If they are going to spend the night without shoes, you should make sure that the floor is laid for walking without them. Put adequate rugs that cover most of the places they will walk.

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