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The height of the various decorative elements around the house is of great importance, such as the kitchen marble, the table, the chandelier, or a painting. With a simple mistake, the thing loses its function and becomes a crisis in the future. Therefore, knowing the appropriate and selected heights according to engineering and humanitarian standards with accuracy is important, and we will help you today.

It must be taken into account that there are some anomalies, so you should consult specialists to make models that will enable you to imagine the final design and get an idea before proceeding with these designs.

  1. Kitchen worktop

The kitchen counter top is usually 90 cm high. The height of the island with double levels is approximately 105 cm.

  1. Bar stools.

As for bar stools for a standard height kitchen counter top, it must be 60 cm high (from the surface of the chair to the floor surface), although common bar stools heights are 75 centimeters if the kitchen surface is higher than usual.

  1. Electric extractor hood.

The dimensions of the hood vary according to its type, but the standard height is 75-80 cm from the stove surface, taking into account if its users are taller, so as not to pose a danger to them, but to be at an appropriate distance so that it practically gets rid of all odors.

  1. The surface of the sink cabinet.

The standard height of the bathroom countertop is 85 cm to match and use the sink.

  1. The height of the bathroom wall lighting.

Lighting in a bathroom is best if it comes from two side sources, not just one, to reduce shadows. And it is at a height of 85-90 cm from the surface of the aquarium.

  1. The height of the dining tables.

Dining tables or dining tables are always at a height of 75 cm. As for the dining chair, its height ranges between 42.5-47.5 cm, but if the chair has arms, care must be taken that it fits comfortably under the table.

  1. The height of the shelves above the desk

To put shelves above the desk and provide storage space for the work space, a height of 55-60 cm from the desktop is an ideal height. As this height gives you the opportunity to use the computer and practically place lighting under the shelf.

  1. Coffee tables.

Most coffee tables are at a height of 45-50cm from the floor surface, for optimal use of the sofa and chairs.

  1. Height of the panels

When hanging paintings or frames, they must be at the same eye level, which is 140-150 cm from the ground. But if you are hanging a group of paintings or frames, you must take into account that the midpoint is at eye level.

  1. Paintings above the sofa.

If you hang paintings or frames above a sofa, make sure that there is a space of 12-20 cm between the panels and the surface of the sofa.

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