Decoration mistakes to avoid for the elegance of your home

Decoration mistakes to avoid for the elegance of your home

Decoration mistakes

There is undoubtedly something that is fun in decorating the room, such as choosing the colors for the walls, deciding which rug to choose, and playing with furniture positions as if it is on an artistic or home level, albeit with a larger budget.

Although it can be fun, one should never forget to include a little planning and thought when decorating indoor or outdoor spaces, or else home improvement mistakes will overwhelm your home, but fortunately you are now at home, and we have quite a few neat solutions for every Problem.

Try the colors first

 Repainting walls takes time and money, avoid this problem by testing a sample before working with those walls. Draw a large swatch on the wall and consider how it looks during different times of the day lighting and shadows make a big difference in transforming those colors, creating different shades of color tones that make you feel Constant renewal.


Decoration mistakes to avoid for the elegance of your home

Don’t look cluttered, which means that your crowds of memorabilia need to be minimized, or stored out of sight. If you have a sentimental souvenir that doesn’t work with a room’s decor and look, let it go either by donating it or pushing it into these storage compartments, and keep Just the simple touches that make your home an artistic destination, not a source of clutter.

Furniture sizes and space

Furniture sizes and space go hand-in-hand with controlling clutter is getting your furniture dimensions right, because you don’t want to have clutter and pressure between that sofa and the side table, whether it’s in the bedroom, dining room, or study, you’re decorating, where First measure carefully, then plot the size and location of each piece of furniture on the floor plan, and remember when you go out shopping, keep a note of your room dimensions with you to make sure the coffee table or other piece you’re looking at will fit into some room

Hyper pursuit of fashion

Following all the decorating trends together and copying them literally in your home will result in a circus-like home design, so stick with just one style and coordinate it with the rest of the house in a seamless way away from the gaudy and instead of investing in timeless pieces that you are sure will match the palette and look Feel free to add some personal touches to your spaces to add some character and charm.

Ignore the lighting elementWall Decorations Creative and Inspirational Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Lighting should never be later. In practice, the electrical sockets should be in the right places, which should be completed during the early stages, but be sure to choose a multi-layered lighting effect, combining back light, task and unity.

The next common mistake is not paying attention to lighting when decorating a room, usually Make efforts to select the best modular pieces of furniture. By standard values, we mean sofas, tables, and beds. Wrong, lighting is sometimes an afterthought. Don’t forget that lighting is an essential component of the home. Having adequate lights in the kitchen or bathroom is essential and therefore, it is important to incorporate lighting systems into your original designs. Whether you want to include tyrannical chandeliers, LED shelves, or engraved floor lamps, lighting should be a priority.

Fear of renewal

The next error is motivated by fear. Sometimes we limit our choices because of the fear of making a mistake. This fear may answer public opinion or it may have different origins. In any case, the end result is the same.

This hinders us from choosing according to our true selves. When it comes to choosing an unusual accessory, an exotic color combination or a new trend that is a true reflection of your personality, go for it! do not hesitate. In 2016, metallic leather will be the new trend for the home.

The metallic leather cushions we saw in the picture might tempt you to buy them, but you’re hesitant. If you really want them, you should buy them. A deep and moody decor might feel a lot healthier for who you are. Then the mood moved. Eliminating fear is an incentive in buying furniture that is tuned for your.

This is not a test. Take the time to think about paint colors, carpet fabrics, and wallpaper samples. Be absolutely 100% sure that what you see is what you want before applying it in your home.

Decoration mistakes to avoid for the elegance of your home | Best Interior Design Firm

Decorations in the art of kitchen design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There is no doubt that kitchen designs occupy a very large percentage of women at the first level, whether this lady wants to renovate her kitchen,

or it may be that she wants to make a new kitchen design, and the importance of the kitchen room or its design lies.

Because it is the place where Under the lady , or housewife  home Most of her day, in addition to that design is one of the most consumed designs periodically, and sometimes it is not limited to being a place to prepare food, it can be a place to eat by placing a table inside the kitchen to eat, but this also needs some The ingredients, which are a large area, and each woman is also looking for units suitable for her taste in addition to the accessories that can be used. We will review all these details related to kitchen designs in addition to the main points related to colors, lighting and others.

1- Integrated design for a modern kitchen

As we told you before in the introduction about some designs for kitchens, which contain a dining unit, so that the design is greatly closer to integration, we find a dining unit in the middle of the design and with a medium size that is sufficient for four or more people, in addition to being of neutral gray marble.

In addition to To the comfortable leather seats, and if we touch on the content of the design itself, we find the neutral gray color is important on both the floors and the units with the presence of the so-called island and it has a unit for cleaning pots, and the design is not devoid of a natural flair through the presence of natural plants in addition to the participation of both artificial lighting with natural.

2- A distinctive brown design

Brown rarely appears in kitchen designs; As it is one of the dark colors that most women do not tend to, but in this design the situation is different, we find this design is shiny, distinctive and dominates the design as a whole of the floors, units and the marble surface with all that overlaps with the white color, and this design is in the form of a rectangle, and artificial lighting plays The biggest role in highlighting that design.

3- Design a kitchen closer to nature

When looking at this design, we find it very close to nature and countryside; This is shown through the use of the wooden table in the middle of the design, and we do not stop at that, but rather touch on its light color with a group of natural green plants that give us a kind of comfort, and the designer even adds a glimpse of hanging flowers, while the units are in light cream color With wooden floors, white walls and various means of lighting between natural through the window with sunlight, as well as artificial through pendant lights.

4- Simple design for a modern kitchen

Perhaps the simplicity here lies in the lack of details of the design. What we find in front of us is a simple design consisting of units in light colors and with a medium area, all of this meets the wooden floors, and not only this, but also the wonderful and natural views through the glass window that crystallizes the idea of ​​the panorama And we conclude from this that the lighting is shared between artificial and natural, even if it is superior to natural lighting.

5- Design of a modern kitchen in a distinctive color

The first thing that attracts our attention in this design is the color of the units, which is the color between cumin with yellow, and this is shared with beige and white, and this design is one of the open designs closer to the style.


Decorative touches that make your balcony eye-catching | Gurgaon | Gurugram

The balcony of the house is one of the most places that the old and the small flee to escape from the trouble of a long day or to start a beautiful morning. Far from making it a place to collect old or worn out items.

2- Using natural plants

It is known that the green color gives positive energy and maintains the calmness and psychological comfort of the person, and this is what the balcony of the house was designed for. Therefore, the use of green natural plants inside the balcony of the house sends more comfort, relaxation and tranquility within the person.

2- Choose wooden floors and poles for a warm design

The use of poles and wooden floors give a touch of warmth and beauty to the balcony of the house, and wooden tables can be used to sit and spend fun times with family and friends and enjoy the fresh air.

3- Choose comfortable furniture

Some people are unable to enjoy the balcony of the house because of its small size, but the decorative designs these days have not left a problem in the world of decoration unless experts have solved it, so if you have a small balcony, you can use that space to have a wonderful aesthetic appearance by placing a comfortable chair Beautiful with some simple decor and artificial herbs, you may turn to that small front for a cup of coffee after a long day.

4- Buy a swing for more fun

The swing is one of the means that everyone of all age’s race with, as it is a source of joy, happiness and relaxation, so if you have a large area for the balcony of the house, you can use the simple form and configuration inside the balcony.

5- Unusual lighting

If you are a fan of staying up late and spending fun nights and enjoying the fresh air, you can use colored lights or with soft lighting that add beauty and splendor to the place.

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