Your home is more beautiful and simpler with these tips
  • Your home is more beautiful and simpler with these tips | Gurgaon

  • Your home is more beautiful and simpler with these tips

Your home is more beautiful and simpler with these tips | Gurgaon

Do you know what is the keyword of any successful home design ? simplicity. It needs to look easy and straightforward, but far from dull, it should portray elegance and clarity, but not bombard one’s senses with excessive decor or unnecessary embellishments. Many of us are missing out on these essential qualities, as our interiors have become a dumping ground for many memorabilia and pieces that have accumulated over the years. And while there is nothing wrong with displaying a beautiful array of souvenirs whether it be crockery or snow globes, it should look simple and uncluttered, this is the secret to a perfect interior.

To set you on the path to simple yet elegant spaces, we’ve rounded up some examples of interior designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. So, scroll, and feel the inspiration rise…

Quiet bedroom

We think this example is excellent in depicting a simple yet beautiful and welcoming bedroom, any bedroom should remain relatively simple in its design to create a calm and relaxing style. The more clutter and accessories you feel, the more cluttered it feels—the last thing a space should be about providing sanctuary, harmony, and sweet dreams. Focus on storage, color scheme, and keeping clutter free.

Storage in your kitchenUseful ideas for a small kitchen Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Kitchen utensils, accessories, and other household items seem to float on those tables like magic, making the kitchen one of the hardest places to keep clutter and simplicity. Focus on two things: always putting everything in its correct place, and adjusting your storage spaces if necessary. And remember that the kitchen is first and foremost a work area, meaning that those counter tops and the island must remain clean and clear.

I keep the essentials

It may seem difficult, but it is not impossible to simply live with only the basics in your home, take a look around your house and see what you use and what only collects dust. Do you really need to stick to all this stuff? You cannot imagine the peace that comes from getting rid of clutter, stepping into a clutter-free space, and calling it home .

Texture creates a lotWall Decorations Creative and Inspirational Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Stop relying on a range of accessories and other loose objects to create interest in a room, and instead bring texture and pattern through other means. Our blissful serene living room has a beautiful feel through these wood-paneled walls, which are all the personality and charm this room needs. The pattern also ensures that the room maintains a sense of simplicity and cleanliness. Any memorabilia and other pieces will only ruin the clean look

Let texture unite the elegance of your home

When working to create a simple and often minimalist scheme, you need to make sure that your interior is united in aesthetic goals, building materials and furniture can help with this. Study the entrance hall in our example. Notice how the side panels, mirror frames, and doors combine in tone, look, and style. From home trainers to in-house architects, we have it all right here at home, and so much more. Check out our specialist page. In the same way that colors and materials can create unity in the home, you can also match your furniture pieces to the style of the interior. This also helps blend everything together and is a harmful alternative to creative contrast. Watch our example above. Notice how the pieces of furniture match the colors and style of the background. Neutral tones always succeed in evoking streamlined spaces, nothing more than white or one of its many colors A white board is ideal for making a blank canvas, allowing you to choose colors and pieces to fill it in. If you’re not sure what style or path you want, choose a white for the theme.

Wooden dining rooms of different decorative styles | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Today we take you on a quick tour of 6 stunning wood textured dining rooms in different popular decor styles from Contemporary/Modern, Classic, Scandinavian, Country/Country and Eclectic.. Let’s start our tour together now and share your opinion on the best dining room with this book of ideas!

1- Scandinavian rectangular dining room

The first dining room with us today is of the Scandinavian decorative style, which is known for its simplicity and sophistication in the world of decoration, and it is also known for its contemporary composition that is far from frugality, which makes a large segment of the public come to it when furnishing their homes.

2- Selective look

As for the second dining room, it is of an eclectic style known for collecting the best characteristics of different decorative styles to finally have a very special and unique composition and appearance, as is the case here in this room, which enjoys an indescribable brightness in words as well as the amazing consistency that we feel in every big and small out.

3- Very modern and elegant

The third room with us today is of a modern/modern style, and this is very clear in its different design, in which the decorator replaced the  traditional seats with a large sofa based on the wall and a set of chairs with a new and innovative design, where the legs of each form a wooden triangle that complements its third side by joining it with the floor.

4- The simplicity of the municipal style

Observe here the simplicity of the municipal style in the design of the dining room with all its details, which relied only on a very elegant and rectangular wooden table surrounded by three wooden seats, the other material, and a simple buffet parallel to it and resting on a red brick wall that takes us to the heart of the countryside in a jiffy!

5- A classic in a very limited space

A classic-style model that you have not seen before, not only because of its clever design in the very limited space in the bottom of the stairs, but also because of the sizes of the furniture pieces that make up the room, which we notice how small compared to the huge sizes known for the classic furniture that we usually encounter in various furniture stores.

6- Tropical and warm

We conclude this quick tour with a stunning dining room designed in a tropical style, wood is its main component as we can clearly see here, and the green touch surrounds it on all sides.. This is how you can design the dining room according to the tropical style!

Wooden furniture to make your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wooden furniture has been used since ancient times. Its malleability, as well as its resistance and beauty have been the main reasons for making this material the favorite of furniture creators. Thanks to technological advances, today there are many ways to make, finish and treat wooden furniture to extend its useful life without neglecting its aesthetics. Depending on their design and function, they can be placed in different types of spaces and some pieces are true works of art. In this book we gather several models designed by professionals that are characterized by their functionality and design. Let’s get to know them!

Modern design

The support tables for the rooms are always very useful. They are usually placed in the center of the space, in front of the armchairs or to the sides. Those in the center are usually the axis on which the furniture in this space is centered and the lateral ones are used mainly to place lamps. A curved design can make your room look modern.

Made to measure!

The main advantages of wood are its versatility and the way in which this material can be finished, either with paints, lacquers or apparent. It is ideal for complex designs on shelves, wardrobes, bookcases or support furniture. Thanks to its physical characteristics, it is resistant to deformation, which is why it has long been used for shelves.

Very functional!

Wood furniture does not necessarily have to have the same finish. Depending on the designer’s proposal, an interesting combination with natural wood can be achieved on countertops and shelves and include laminated or painted cabinets in a particular color. The overall design must be taken into account so that the style of the furniture is integrated.

With incredible finishes!

The ease that wood provides to be worked gives a lot of creative freedom to the furniture designs that can be achieved. Placing wooden blocks at different depths on a tabletop creates a set of doors and drawers that, thanks to the white lacquer finish, are hidden in the same pattern.

Romantic and elegant

The dressing table is a very practical piece of furniture that can be placed both in bedrooms and in dressing rooms or bathrooms. It is furniture in which beauty and skin care items are kept. A cover, shelves and drawers are the elements that make it up. It is essential that you stand in front of a mirror.

Practical and contemporary

Kitchens are furniture where the wood design tends to present many variants, both in finishes and in colors. They consist of modular furniture in lower and upper cabinets that can be left in laminate or lacquer finishes, combining colors such as red and white.

Kitchen + dining room = Great!

Even though kitchens have changed little in function over the years, their design does not have to be static. A modern and elegant look can be achieved by combining furniture, cabinets and islands with different finishes such as having natural wood with reddish and black finishes, combining them with the color palette of the interior design.

100% elegance

The hallways are spaces that are right at the entrance of the houses. They are places where supporting furniture such as credenzas or tables are used to place a decorative object or to have the telephone. A floating piece of furniture, attached to a wall, is ideal as it frees up space, as well as being a decorative element on its own.

More practical, impossible!

The dressing rooms are spaces where wardrobes are placed attached to the walls throughout the entire space. They are usually manufactured on site and generally do not have doors to allow access to all clothing. The partitions for hanging clothes, shelves and drawers can be left in a light finish to make the space inside feel more spacious.

Moisture resistant and colorful

Bathroom furniture has become very relevant in recent times. They are an ideal complement to sanitary furniture that is placed under the sink, which can be placed on the cover of the furniture or embedded in it. Its doors and drawers allow you to store your own bathroom items. Wooden furniture to make your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wooden Furniture For Home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wooden Furniture For Home

From modern, very minimalist, to traditional, romantic, even rustic … Wooden furniture can be like that. Because wood is warm in it and will always be our greatest ally when designing and arranging even the smallest home space. From multi functional and mobile devices, perfect for small apartments, to decorative gems, where every detail has been taken care of, there are really many possibilities. A good carpenter will suggest interesting solutions and certainly choose something perfect for your kitchen, living room or wardrobe. See some of our proposals for interesting wooden furniture in various styles!

Modern living room

In modern interiors, there will be a place for wood. It can perfectly fit into a minimalist or eclectic style. This elegant living room has a TV wall with an interesting dachshund-type wooden cabinet. In addition, to give it an original look and emphasize the modern character of the interior, a wooden panel was installed under the TV, which enhances the dark, matte color of the wall. Wood in such an arrangement will always work well, it will add class, style and elegance to it.

Modern shelves

The basic rule that owners of small spaces must follow is that each additional  shelf  saves space. But in large apartments, such interesting wooden shelves will work just as well. They can be an interesting library and a way to arrange the wall. What better way to store books, home collections or other valuable gadgets?

Minimalism and classy

Wood has a lot of class to it. It is a natural and timeless material, therefore it fits perfectly into the ecological trends that prevail now. See how interesting a modern, wooden piece of furniture looks in an apartment in a vintage style. The bench where you can sit down while putting on your shoes is made of wooden boards and metal legs in the style of loft furniture. It looks very classic and tasteful at the same time!

Wooden partition wall

The wall that visually separates the zones of one room from each other is not a piece of furniture, but a kind of beautiful and useful decoration, so we decided to include it in this list. This wall is made of a base, which is a wooden flowerbed, and of lamellas. These are called Hausder and they are handmade wooden panels. They are a perfect decoration of any space!

For dreamers

It’s time for a bit of romance … Wood in the bedroom can surprise many! There is nothing more beautiful than a canopy which neatly decorates a bed. Of course, a wooden bed!

Romantic console

Let’s stay in this romantic mood for a while, into which the previous photo introduced us … For all those who love this atmosphere, we have beautiful, stylized furniture or antiques, perfectly matching classic interiors and elegant apartments in an eclectic style. Maybe you have an interesting antique from your grandmother, if so, it is worth investing in restoring it and enjoying the unique charm of its uniqueness.

Rustic atmosphere

Take a look at this traditional wooden kitchen interior in a rustic concept. Beautiful, fronts of kitchen cabinets, classic handles and characteristic, strong accessories emphasize the unique atmosphere of this rustic kitchen. The wall above the counter top is also lined with wood to enhance the effect. Take a look at how cool the peninsula’s thick top, made of solid plank, looks … a miracle!

Wood on the terrace

Furnishing a garden is a completely different topic than furnishing and home decor. When arranging the yard, we take into account many factors, mainly weather. Wooden garden furniture fits best with plants, so we often choose them, and with appropriate protection, they can be exposed to the influence of weather conditions. Here is an example of wooden deckchairs which, despite their heavy material, look light and have a streamlined shape.


Wooden dining table ideas that influence the atmosphere of the dining room

The eating desk has a massive presence that may be stated to be the primary individual of the eating room . Among desk materials, timber has been cherished for a long term due to the fact it is able to put in force diverse shapes and might explicit diverse hues from shiny ash timber to crimson cherry timber. What’s more, timber tables are clean to hold and feature the benefit of matching any style, from minimalist to rustic to industrial. Today, I introduce diverse thoughts for a timber eating desk in order to decorate the surroundings of our eating room.

A dining table that fills a large space

Placing a huge textured eating desk in an open area creates a comfortable and high priced atmosphere. The indoors fashion dressmaker who embellished the eating room with inside the picture graph created a deep feel of area with the aid of using arranging the eating desk to suit the form of the area.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian fashion is primarily based totally on a smooth, herbal look. The eating desk with inside the picture graph is a piece that mixes a gentle and heat shape with smooth traces the use of wooden. Indeed, the Scandinavian fashion has a tendency to area precise emphasis on tremendous wooden and processing in place of ornate decoration.

Matching dining set

Having a wood desk and chairs as a fixed is a fantastic manner to acquire a unified style. A chair made as a fixed is going fine with the layout of a wood desk and may whole a neat interior.

Expensive but luxurious material

Oak, beech, cherry, pine, and different styles of stable timber are really well worth the price. If you are taking excellent care of it, it may remaining longer than every other material, and it may upload an amazing presence that can not be felt in plywood or plastic.

Rustic charm

A easy spherical desk is best for an intimate putting and comfortable conversation. The eating desk with inside the image expresses its fashion with a spherical tender design, herbal timber finish, clean floor and mild appearance.

Design to fit the mood

If the general domestic decor offers a sensitive and complex feel, a eating desk with a diffused silhouette is recommended. In the eating room with inside the photo, mild wooden tones and smooth grey tones integrate to create a lovable visible effect.


Dining units fabricated from timber are famous with people who price their precise warm temperature and touch. In the photo, you may seek advice from how the nice and cozy mild of the wood desk can destination the environment of the space.

Plywood material

In general, plywood is regularly used for timber furniture. It is less expensive than stable wood, and on the identical time, it is able to save you misalignment along with warping or shrinkage. The eating desk with inside the picture graph is fabricated from plywood and is tons less expensive than a timber desk of the identical size, even as preserving a steeply-priced feel.

Wood finish

A best end is crucial due to the fact in case you overlook the renovation of the timber table, moisture and dust will seep into it. Therefore, whilst deciding on a timber table, select a product that has a sleek and faultless coating as proven with inside the photo.

Dining table with a variety of colors

The wooden dining table has the ability to harmonize many different colors without any ambiguity with the most natural color feeling. Therefore, if you use the color of the wooden table well, you can achieve perfect harmony even with colorful chairs and various types of lighting like the dining room in the photo.

Bright dining table

If you use a dining table made of light color wood, you can decorate the space more light and bright. In particular, for a white interior, a wooden table with a bright and light color is recommended rather than a dark wooden table that adds weight.
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