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Tips to redecorate your living room according to your lifestyle

Tips to redecorate your living room according to your lifestyle

The era in which you felt awkward and uncomfortable if you were not like everyone else is slowly changing into an era of strong personality where you feel embarrassed just looking at you wearing the same shirt as me on the street. Recently, it is difficult to find people who do not dye their hair on the street, and although there are trends, not everyone follows them, but in many cases, styling to highlight their individuality or sticking to their own style. This tendency to appeal to ‘me’ is not limited to fashion.

Even at home, the only space in this world where you can fully rest your mind, recently, more and more people are trying to create a unique interior that appeals to ‘myself’. Since it is the space where me and my family spend the most time together, it is undoubtedly a special space for me and my family more than anyone else. Among them, isn’t there a way to decorate the living room, which boasts a wide view and wide space, to reflect our individuality and to suit our lifestyle and taste? Now, why not try to decorate the living room in a unique and new way, according to the individuality of our family and our own lifestyle, instead of following the style of others even in our house? If you want to have a custom living room just for you and your precious family, pay attention to this article from now on.

Living room for friends

The prejudice that there should always be only a TV and a sofa in the living room is NO! Now, let’s get rid of that prejudice and decorate the living room with personality and novelty according to our own and our family’s lifestyle. If you are tired of the loud noise of the TV or the screen that passes so fast that it hurts your eyes, and you want to create a cozy living room that smells like people, how about trying a living room interior for socializing instead of a TV and a comfortable sofa? How about a living room where the family can sit around and chat face-to-face while having a snack in the evening or on a weekend afternoon? Or how about a cafe-like living room where you can sit and chat with your best friends without having to go to a cafe far away?

If you want to make a living room where you can chat and make eye contact with family or friends, instead of a TV in the living room, we provide a bench-type chair and a tea table where many people can sit comfortably, and several chairs in front of it. You can try the same interior. To keep the living room from getting bored with simple and clean white walls, ceilings and tiled floors, if you place a soft wooden table on a cushion or a bright fabric cushion such as yellow or red, a friendly living room where you can chat is complete. If standing is uncomfortable, you can arrange a beanbag in the living room comfortably enough for children to invite their friends to play in the living room, or lay a soft and warm rug and provide a low-status sofa. However, when decorating the living room for socializing, the main thing to note is that it is better to avoid having only a straight sofa and provide an armchair, stool, etc.

Living room with pets

As the number of single-person households increases, many people feel lonely. Of course, not only single-person households but also families with children, due to their busy lifestyles, the only time to see each other is at night or on weekends after school or work. We, who feel lonely and emotionally deficient in these busy days like this, start living with companion animals who can emotionally give and receive affection, heal each other and comfort each other. They give a lot of affection and call them my pet or family, so it is worthwhile to create a comfortable living room for each other when the pet and our family are together.

Living room for reading

If our family likes to read, why not decorate the entire living room with a cozy bookstore or library atmosphere? Fill the entire living room wall with a soft light brown wooden cabinet, and put an ottoman, a bench chair that doubles as a cabinet, in front of it. Of course, it is good to put a soft cushion on the ottoman that does not hurt your hips even after sitting for a long time. This comfortable bookstore-like atmosphere is undoubtedly an interior that makes even people who hate books like books.

Of course, if you are worried that the wooden bookshelves filling one side of the wall will make our living room look cramped, half of the living room wall is equipped with a plain shelf in the same color as the wall to maintain the openness and use the space efficiently. , Let’s put a long sofa to read a book under, or set up a long shelf-like desk according to the length of the wall and put a stool. Reading a book, relaxing, and imaginative living room will be complete.

Living room for hobbies

Many people took it for granted that they had to work overtime and worked overtime, as if they were forced to resign. We, who used to sacrifice ourselves, now believe that such a life has nothing to do with our happiness in our lives, but rather is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. more and more people are doing Finding and maintaining ‘myself’ in order to live a happy life is undoubtedly more important than anything else. And the biggest factor that makes ‘myself’ is finding what I like the most. Having a hobby we can do and enjoy doing what we love often can make us a little happier than we were in the past. In order to bring the happiness of ‘me’ to our home, how about transforming it into a living room where my hobbies and our family’s hobbies are integrated, rather than a living room that is easy to find here and there with a plain and banal feeling? ?

If playing the guitar and listening to guitar music are hobbies, like in the living room in the picture, we can make a media space in the living room where you can watch CDs or videos of performances, with a guitar and speakers, like the living room in the picture. If your family enjoys playing guitar, piano, or flute as a hobby, it is a good idea to create a unique interior without harming neighbors by properly soundproofing the living room, which boasts the largest area in the house, in a musical instrument style. In addition to music, coloring books that relieve stress and increase concentration are being loved by many people. In this way, it can be transformed into a living room like a painting studio, and interest in self-interior is growing, making furniture by yourself and economically. You can also decorate your living room with a DIY space to personalize your home.

Living room with media room

Although it is the largest in our house, we do not need to leave the living room as a space for just socializing, if our families do not gather well in our busy daily lives and we do not invite guests. If you have a lifestyle that is different from others, you can decorate and use the space appropriately like yourself and our family. If going to the cinema as a couple after work or on the weekend is a little happiness in our busy daily life, we can transform a neglected living room that occupies only a large area into a nice media room.

Let’s install a blackout curtain in the living room and a large-size TV so that you can focus on the movie while blocking out external light or noise like a movie theater even on a calm day on the weekend. Of course, a beam projector and white walls would be the perfect home theater instead of a TV. In addition, if speakers boasting full sound are installed in each corner of the living room, it will be a perfect media space where sound can be realistically exploded from all directions. Of course, instead of a hard sofa so that you can relax and watch a movie while watching a movie, a pull-out style sofa bed or a lounge that means to lie down comfortably or one person can comfortably stretch and relax, creating a luxurious atmosphere You can put a creamier lamp in the living room.

Living room with home office

When we are tired of sitting alone in the office and working overtime despite the heavy workload, or when we are dreaming of leaving our current company and moving to a new company, or are contemplating starting a business, we sometimes do work at home. The reality is that a home can no longer exist solely as a place to rest. While performing various tasks at home, the house has also been changing, showing various aspects to suit our various lifestyles. In particular, in the face of economic instability, we have no choice but to work from home, and if there is no adequate space for this, work efficiency will be low and we will only spend time. So, we can set up a home office in our house so that we can finish work as quickly as possible within a short time with high work efficiency and achieve excellent work performance  . However, if there is no extra room and we need to set up a home office somewhere in our house, but can’t think of a way, you can use the living room, which occupies the largest area in the house.

As in the living room in the picture, it is recommended to provide an office table and chairs right next to the sofa, and a table stand as it is a corner of the living room and the lighting does not light properly. There is a way to arrange it next to the sofa like in the living room in the photo, or it is a good idea to use the space behind the sofa by lifting the sofa from the wall instead of always attaching it to the wall. If there is space behind the sofa, you can design it in a L-shape with a sofa by placing a desk facing the large window in the living room, or you can place a desk on the wall and place a plain shelf above it to secure storage space.

Living room with dining room

If the house is small and there is not enough space to eat, so putting the dining table in the corner of the kitchen made you feel cluttered and cluttered. You can also take the method of using it as a dining room. This is because, on busy days, the time spent with family members sitting around the living room and chatting with each other is longer than the time spent eating delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals at mealtimes. Also, since family means people who eat together, it seems that the time we eat together is more meaningful than the time we spend together in the living room.

Therefore, if we are eating uncomfortable in a small kitchen despite having enough space in the living room, we can place a dining table in the living room instead of a sofa and install pendant lights to create a friendly dining space. Or, in the case of the veranda extended living room, since sufficient space is secured, a dining table is provided on the wide window side of the living room that was originally the veranda, and a sofa and a side table are placed in the kitchen or the rest of the living room close to the hallway, so that one space can be used for two purposes. It can also be used efficiently.

A house where communication and love bloom, living room interior without TV

From now on, in the middle of our living room, there is a TV as if it were a formality. It has been a long time since the TV has become an important home appliance that is indispensable in our daily life. TV is a medium that delivers vivid news every morning and evening, as well as a friend to soothe a dull moment. Therefore, it may be difficult to imagine getting rid of the TV, which has been protecting our daily lives for a long time. But let’s think deeply about the important value TV has taken from us. When did family conversations begin to decline? From now on, in the living room, the common space of the family, there were only nunji games to win the TV channel and a meaningless battle for the remote control, and no other conversations disappeared. Even if they are in the same space, instead of making eye contact with each other, they often focus their attention on the TV, and the intermittent shallow laughter that appears on the screen is bound to scatter in an instant.

Because of this problem, the recent movement to eliminate TVs in the interior world is becoming more and more active. A living room without a TV that is still a bit unfamiliar. What kind of change will happen to our house when we boldly remove important items rather than adding something?

Now is the time to pay attention to the open living room. 8 advantages of an open living room

As the living space becomes smaller, such as a small apartment, it is better to pay attention to an open space that contains various functions in one space to increase the efficiency of the space and add a sense of openness. An LDK-style living room that combines living, dining, and kitchen spaces is a good example of an open space. Although in the past, it was common to divide the living space by clearly drawing a line according to each function.

1. An open living room that can complete the space with one concept

If the space is divided into several inner walls, it is common to style each space with a different story and concept rather than unifying the interior design as a single concept. However, in this case, the budget will inevitably increase and the construction period may also increase. The appeal of an open living room is that it can efficiently remodel and style the living room, kitchen, and dining room in one large space under a unified concept.

2. An open living room that captures both style and function

The big advantage of the open-type living room is that there are no obstacles in the way of movement, so it is easy to move, and it provides a short line of movement so that you can access other spaces very conveniently and functionally. In addition, compared to the old-style space structure of the past, which divides the space by function, like a partitioned reading room, an open living room can provide a sensual space full of openness that can be seen at a glance.

3. Open living room with a beautiful blend of different styles

There are many ways to isolate an open space without interior walls or partitions. How to finish the flooring with different types of flooring depending on the function of the space! In the photo, the beautiful open living room in a modern and rustic style has a unique patterned tile finish on the kitchen floor to visually separate the space, and beautiful wooden flooring on the living and dining area floors. In addition, the kitchen furniture is white and the living room furniture is mainly made of natural wood to create a differentiated space.

4. A dynamic and open living room full of vitality and openness

A bright and open space with a lively and dynamic atmosphere is the characteristic and charm of an open space. The spacious dining kitchen in the photo only visually separated the space with different flooring materials, and did not install any obstacles blocking the movement, so it was possible to create a free-spirited and cool space. A large wooden dining table, a chair with a popping point color, and creatively designed pendant lighting created a more lively and dynamic atmosphere.

5. If you are looking for a modern, minimalist style, an open living room!

White, which reflects light, is the most loved color in open spaces that are bright and open. In addition, a bright space is a basic condition for creating a cleaner and more light space atmosphere. If you are pursuing a modern or minimalist style, we recommend an open and visually neat open living room rather than a complex space structure.

6. Open living room with creative layout

An open space is a creative and free-spirited space. Therefore, let’s approach the layout of the open living room in a more creative way than the conventional method. The layout of the open living room propose placed a corner sofa in the corner of the living room, and the sofa was placed in the direction of the dining table rather than the TV to create a more communicative space. In general, the TV, which has become the main character of the living room, is faithfully fulfilling its original role as a supporting role rather than the main character in this space.

7. Beautiful open living room complete with kitchen island

If you want to complete a more functional and beautiful open living room, install a kitchen island. The kitchen island, which extends from the existing counter-top, can be used for a variety of purposes by providing additional worktop space and a mini table space for light meals.

8. Open living room using existing structure

The open living room in the photo is an example of creating an open space by using the existing space structure as it is. The kitchen facilities were aligned according to the existing apartment structure, and the space was lightly separated with a transparent sliding door. A small kitchen bar was placed in the kitchen to provide a space for two people to eat lightly, and the front of the kitchen was used as a small living room and work space.

Increase the quality of space. 6 ways to place your TV sensibly

Some homes do not have a TV depending on family preferences or choices, but most people have a TV at home. TVs, which used to be heavy and space-consuming home appliances, have become thinner as technology advances and do not require as much space as before. Even so, if only a TV is placed in an empty space, the interior of the entire space can become ambiguous. It is time to think of the TV as a part of the interior and to have a sense of careful arrangement. If you are looking for sensible interior ideas for TV placement, pay attention to today’s article. Here are 6 living rooms that can inspire you.

1. TV arrangement as if it became one with the wall

When choosing a TV, you usually look at the size and shape first, but in fact, the color of the TV frame is also optional. Among them, black is the most preferred color by most people and it is also an easy color. Now let’s pay attention to the living room in the picture  . The client of this house chose a TV with a black frame, and accordingly, the TV art wall was also selected in black. The curtains do not deviate too much from the black series. The TV fills the space with an obvious presence, even though it is the least visible in the space. The TV, which became one with the wall, became a wonderful interior point of this living room.

2. The most common but most comfortable TV layout

There are many ideas, but the most mundane design doesn’t mean you can ignore it. The most modest ones are usually the ones that are loved the longest. Installing a cabinet or long shelf, placing the TV on top, and storing books and other small items underneath is the easiest and most universal interior idea for a wreath.

3. A wall? storage closet? And placing the idea to store the TV in it

The living room in the photo is also connected to the storage idea. The idea is to install a storage cabinet that fits snugly on one wall of the living room to add storage space as a wall. You can open and close the custom-designed sliding door as needed, so you can close it when you’re not watching TV. If you have a TV in your living room, but want to limit TV usage for the sake of the kids or for some other reason, this might be a good idea too.

4. It may be a stereotype that TV seats must be fixed.

Why do you always think the TV should be fixed in the place you first thought of it? Occasionally, I turn the direction of the TV or lift it up and move it from time to time. This is often the case when a large number of people gather or when watching TV in a different place than usual. Another way is to place it on a chair or accessory that is the right size, and then lift it up and move it from time to time. Of course, the bigger the size, the greater the risk of damage to the product, so you need to be careful.

5. How to arrange the TV as a focal point in the living room interior

It is an interesting way to literally think of the TV as a point element of the interior. In this case, like the living room in the photo, minimize the color and material of the entire space, and direct the space on the TV side to be emphasized softly. In addition, do not forget to add warmth to the space with wooden materials or flowerpots.

6. How to arrange TV using corner space

In general, TVs are placed with a flat wall behind them. But why not the corners? If the size of the TV is not too big and you want to give the living room a sense of spaciousness, it can be a good way to use the corners. Remember that TV can be a good way to use it even for families who are not the number one in the living room.

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