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What is a single family home? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Living in a house is probably the dream of anyone, a couple or a family. This type of housing is characterized by being a space where only one family lives. It is the ideal space to socialize and where there is usually a garden in front and/or at the back of the house that allow you to reinforce the family atmosphere. Who doesn’t have great memories and memories of their parents’ or grandparents’ home? Where the house was always full of cousins, where the table was full of food and the endless conversations put the youngest to sleep?

What is a single family home?

A single family home is a building intended to be inhabited by a single family. This house has a separate entrance and like any other type of housing have advantages and disadvantages.

Which type of housing is most common?

It is curious to know that the majority of the population residing in Portugal lives in houses, unlike the European Union average, which lives in apartments.

Various reports conclude that 42% of the population lives in villas and 35.4% in apartments, 22% in terraced houses and 0.2% in unfit buildings that are not ready to be inhabited.

With regard to the conditions of houses in Portugal, the biggest problem indicated is infiltration and humidity (19.7%). The remaining problems are related to the lack of lighting (8.6%), the lack of bathtubs or showers (2.7%) and the lack of sanitary conditions (2.4%).

What types of housing are there?

Single-family house :

It is a house with 4 fronts that allows a degree of privacy and considerable autonomy if properly inserted in a context of isolated houses. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive as it requires a greater investment in infrastructure per inhabitant. From the point of view of cost per square meter, single-family housing is always more expensive since the facade area is higher.

Semi-detached house :

The semi-detached house results from the association of two houses abutting each other with a very identical or even identical aspect (twins). The semi-detached house allows for considerable savings in construction costs since it reduces a considerable part of the façade area, ending up with only three fronts.


Townhouses are nothing less than the result of several houses abutting each other, allowing them to have only two facades, one facing the street and one facing the interior of the lot.

It is the most economical type of housing with the greatest constructive efficiency. In urban terms, it is a small investment and allows housing to a large number of people. Also for this reason, it is the oldest housing type in large cities.

Multi-family housing / Apartment:

The definition of multi-family building presupposes that several families live in the same building and that it guarantees the privacy of each one of them. Apartment is the most common name and typology. In this type of construction there are areas common to all residents and private parts to each one.

Housing in a condominium:

The definition of a closed condominium results from a set of buildings or isolated construction located inside a private lot with restricted and conditioned access by the owners. It usually results from an urban context that contains in its interior some features for the joint owners, such as a swimming pool, playground area, gym, gardens, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a single family home?


– Total privacy, peace of mind

– There are no service charges to be faced

– There are no administration costs for managing common areas;

– Ability to explore outdoor areas (garden, terrace, etc.);

– Possibility of having a private garage and/or parking space;

– Possible possibility of increasing the living space;


– High cost of land or ready-to-live-in housing;

– Constant maintenance and direct costs to the owner;

– Necessary renovations to meet the needs of a family over the years;

– More isolated and easier to be robbed or vandalized;

– Location: less housing in city centers, increasing travel time to work, school, university;

What are the maintenance costs of a single family home?

There are no administrative expenses with a house, it is true, but there are others. It is necessary to have an idea of ​​the type of expense you will have with regard to maintaining your single family home.

But after all, how much does it cost to maintain a house?

The running costs of a house are much higher than when compared to an apartment. Owners complain that expenses double in these cases, especially with regard to heating.

Keep in mind when building or purchasing a house, which system you will want to install: find out about the most economical options and, of course, those that need less maintenance. Sometimes a higher initial investment pays off in the long run. There’s nothing worse than not being comfortable in your home in the winter for fear of having the bill at the end of the month. In order for any of the heating systems to work, it is very important to think about insulation.

What is a single family home? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What is a resort house? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Many people may want to enjoy the resort to their heart’s content at the resort house. During summer vacation, you’ll want to relax in the cool mountains, rivers and oceans. Also, if you can ski and snowboard in the snowy mountains during the winter vacation, you will be able to enjoy the harsh winter cold. The best way to enjoy such a resort is to stay at a resort house. Therefore, here I would like to introduce a resort house where you can fully enjoy the resort in summer and winter.

Resort house you want to think about in summer

For example, in the summer, many people will take long vacations and enjoy the resort during that period. A resort house that is perfect for such a summer resort may be a style that makes you feel close to nature. For people who usually live in big cities, the time to feel close to nature is very valuable. Living in the woods, where you can feel close to nature, makes such time possible.

If you want to build a resort house in such a place, a mountain lodge style may be good. With plenty of wood, you can smell the wood even inside the house and you will feel like you are in the woods. Also, if you use the large windows to capture the outside scenery, you should be able to feel the nature outside even closer.

Resort house you want to think about in winter

If you like winter sports and want to enjoy a resort in the winter, you may want to build a resort house in the mountains. If you have a place to stay near a ski resort, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on a daily basis. If you want to build a resort house in such a place, you have to think about enjoying the snow and the harsh cold. Therefore, I would like to recommend a building with a wood stove.

Heating is essential in winter, but if you only use air conditioning to heat the building, you won’t enjoy the atmosphere. However, the wood stove not only warms the living space, but also gives you a visual sense of warmth. Of course, the wood-burning stove will be an accent to the space, and you can enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of the resort house.

Other resort houses

It’s not just the mountains that enjoy the resort. A place where you can easily go to the sea is also a perfect place to build a resort house. What should we think about when building such a building on the beach? Therefore, I would like to recommend a house with a view in mind. If you have a large window overlooking the coast and the sea, you will always feel close to the sea. Also, for those who enjoy marine sports such as surfing, why not try building a device that allows you to easily enjoy such sports. For example, if you have a shower near the doorway of your house or outside your house, you can prevent sand and other debris from being brought into your house.

What you want to think about at a resort house

If you are building a building in the mountains, consider the humidity. Of course, it is necessary to carefully consider measures to protect against the cold and snow in winter. If you want to build a building on the beach, you have to consider the sea breeze and salt damage. You may also have to think about typhoons depending on the land. Therefore, you may want to consider a building that incorporates traditional living styles of the land that are in line with the climate, such as tiled roofs.

Let’s build a resort house using Interior A to Z!

If you’re thinking of a building where you can enjoy a seasonal resort, why not consider a resort as a house? If you are interested in these buildings, try Interior A to Z’s free consultation. With Interior A to Z’s free consultation, you can fill in the construction budget etc. and recruit architects. Therefore, let’s convey the style of the building you are imagining, such as the modern style that suits modern life and the traditional style in the area. Architects registered with Interior A to Z will surely apply for such recruitment.

What is a resort house? | Best Interior Designer near me

What is a greenhouse? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Top design firm

It is basically a room dedicated to planting in special conditions and protecting plants and flowers from weather fluctuations and changes. It is often used with full walls of glass that allow the penetration of sunlight with the availability of the necessary ventilation factors for the room and plants. Together we will learn about different types of greenhouses and the different decorative styles that you can choose Including when designing your form..

What are the types of greenhouses?

Victorian Conservatory

This type of greenhouse is the most popular type of greenhouse, characterized by its elegance, beauty, design with external curves and spaciousness from the inside, thanks to its high roof with multiple faces, which is sometimes designed in a conical shape and at other times in a circular shape.

Edwardian conservatory

As for this type of greenhouse, it relies on a suspended ceiling with a rectangular base, which gives a classic feel and this makes it different from Victorian designs in addition to having a larger area. This Edwardian greenhouse space makes it an ideal place for leisure and relaxation.

Orangeries Conservatory

This type is based on solid walls built of concrete or brick, and the design is decorated with glass doors and a ceiling of the same material, giving it a classic, traditional look.

Shaped greenhouse

The greenhouse can be designed in the shape of the letters P, L, T and U and may combine the previous different options to get a design out of the ordinary.

Lean to Conservatory

The design of the greenhouse or conservatory according to this model is based on a sloping roof that is mounted on a long wall adjacent to a building and slopes downward.

What are the decorative patterns that can be used in the design of a greenhouse?

Asian style

According to this style, the greenhouse is mostly without a roof or with a small one, which makes it semi-open to the nature around it, which is certainly reflected on the feeling of the users inside it, as it acquires a more spacious look, and it is designed internally with touches of Asian culture and traditions, so we find wooden furniture is the choice The first includes furniture and pillows with Asian patterns colored in yellow, red and orange, as well as the plant element, which is characterized by its strong presence and strong colors with warm lighting lamps..

Classic style

According to this style, the greenhouse depends on choosing very classic elements, whether they are chairs, tables or sofas. For example, the seats are made of luxurious leather, for example, or velour, with the use of dark colors in their fabrics somewhat. The classic greenhouse is completely covered with a high ceiling and the building itself has an open plan to the garden and swimming pool with a tempting scene to relax and spend some private time.

Mediterranean style

In this style, you find a mixture of nature and the sea and its colors and classic or modern design according to the owner’s desire. It depends on pieces of furniture with various materials, mainly wood and plastic, and the interior view of the house is in neutral colors such as white and light beige. Sometimes some design a small meeting place, other times they design a small library with flying shelves.

Industrial style

The color patterns used in the greenhouse are neutral, and the light gray color is the most used. As for the materials used internally in the furniture and decorations, they are made of metal and glass. According to this style, the design of the glass house is very formal, and it is a style that surely has its fans.

Modernist style

According to this style, the ceilings are mostly made of glass, and the colors used in the furniture, walls, and decorations are vibrant.

Steps to build a greenhouse

There are 4 basic steps to designing a greenhouse or conservatory, and any such project takes an average of 3-4 months to complete:


The scope of work is planned and approximated by the contractor, showing you the list of materials to be used in the construction and the required furniture, carefully considering your budget and considering the selection of items accordingly.

Borders and walls

After the planning stage, markings are made of the boundaries and places on which the greenhouse is to be built, and then comes the stage of building walls and small fences around them according to the previously prepared design.

Furniture and furnishing

Then comes the stage of furnishing, including chairs, tables, and decorative shelves that are added to the interior space to enjoy the most beautiful aesthetic view.

Doors and windows

Design work for doors and windows is done after the two phases of painting and furniture selection.

You can hire an expert to help you design a greenhouse in your garden.

What does the perfect dressing room look like? | Best Interior Designer near me

What does the perfect dressing room look like? | Best Interior Designer near me

What does the perfect dressing room look like?

The perfect (modern) dressing room combines elements of the classic boudoir with those of a walk-in closet. A dressing room is a space where you can store all your beautiful clothes and shoes and where both the master and the lady of the house can quietly choose their clothes and can dress and beautify themselves. But an ideal dressing room is more than that: it should be a space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax at your leisure. Whether it’s a phone call or a beauty sleep, your dressing room really should be your place. It is therefore very logical that more and more people choose to turn an empty bedroom into their own dressing room.

Where can I find inspiration and ideas for a dressing room?

With countless examples of beautifully designed dressing rooms and other interiors, Interior A to Z is the ideal place to search for inspiration for your ideal dressing room in peace. You can think of the complete picture of a dressing room, but also the implementation of details such as furniture, lighting and accessories. Sign up for free and as a member you can get started creating your personal idea book with all the inspiration and ideas for your ideal dressing room.

How do I set up my ideal dressing room?

When you are busy making your clothing choice, it certainly helps if you are in an environment that stimulates your inspiration. That is why a dressing room is extremely suitable for giving free rein to your creativity in terms of furnishing and design. Whether you like a modern furnished space or a boudoir in which Marie-Antoinette would feel at home, there is a lot possible in this area. Whatever your taste, the main goal is for your dressing room to have cabinets and storage options that don’t hide anything, but instead show you what you have in your house for clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. A closet with doors is therefore unthinkable in a dressing room! Balance and symmetry are important. And especially if both man and woman use a dressing room, it is important that you both feel completely at home in it.

What color should I choose for my dressing room?

Basically there are two approaches to the color choice of a dressing room. The first principle assumes that the clothing and accessories should receive the most attention and that you adjust the colors accordingly. A room with soft white tones and possibly some black elements ensures that your attention is drawn to the clothing. This creates a calm visual effect. The other approach is actually the complete opposite. With bright colors and, for example, striped wallpaper or a beautiful baroque design, you can create a very stylish room in which you feel completely at ease. The clothing is then less present in the room. It completely depends on your taste and also on the destination you want to give to your dressing room which of the two directions you choose.

What kind of floor should I install in my dressing room?

A soft carpet is ideal in a dressing room. Especially if you choose colors in pastel shades, this can give a beautiful effect. Would you rather have a wooden floor or laminate? This is also a possibility. However, it is recommended that you also opt for a soft or natural look with wooden floors. In addition to being decorative, it is also very comfortable to work with loose rugs in the case of a wooden floor, for example in front of your closet or in front of your mirror.

Which dressing room style suits me best?

So many people, so many wishes! In addition to wishes, people’s tastes are also very diverse. So it is mainly up to you to find out which style of dressing room suits you best. And important is whether you use the room alone or in pairs. In the latter case, especially if it concerns a ‘he/she’ dressing room, it is important that the room is not too feminine, but also certainly not too tough. In addition, it is important what type of clothing you wear and especially how much clothing you have! If you are crazy about shoes, it is very important that you have the space for them. The same, of course, applies to any other random item of clothing. Do you also like a fashionable or a country style or something completely different? You should also keep this in mind when making a choice for the interior of a dressing room.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my dressing room?

There are many ideas for fun decoration and decoration in a dressing room. You can think of atmospheric lighting behind or in your cupboards, special nice cupboards or beautiful racks for your shoes and special solutions to beautifully display your bags. A few things are of great importance for every dressing room. There is no dressing room without a large mirror, you must of course be able to see how you look in the outfit you have chosen. A dressing table is also indispensable, possibly also combined with a beautiful mirror. Something that should certainly not be missed is a bench on which you can try on shoes or just sit quietly. Do you think you are often in your dressing room with several people? Then opt for a slightly larger sofa. Of course it depends on the size of your dressing room,

How do I use accessories in my dressing room?

Accessories can give your dressing room that little bit more. You can think of a nice mix between modern and antique elements, which gives you an eclectic style. You can also use nice vintage elements, such as an old candlestick or perhaps a beautiful old chandelier. The most important thing is that your personal taste comes forward and that you (and possibly your partner) feel completely at home in the dressing room. But other elements can also give a very playful effect. Maybe you still have an old suitcase in the attic that would look nice in your dressing room. Or a nice stool that you can use for many purposes. A nice mix between decoration and functionality can turn out very well in such cases!

How do I turn a small room into a dressing room?

Even a small space can be used as a dressing room. In the case of small rooms, you can choose to use very bright colors. That is precisely why you get a very playful and spatial effect. A large mirror also contributes to this of course! Efficient use of space is also very important. You can think of high cabinets so that you make optimal use of the room. If you have so many clothes that not all of them will fit, it is best to adjust the clothes you hang and display to the seasons. You can store the clothing that you do not use elsewhere in special clothing boxes. So you see, even with a small space you can get along just fine!

Is there a guide to designing and furnishing a dressing room?

With Interior A to Z you can get a lot of inspiration from all the examples that can be found in the field of changing rooms and other spaces. Don’t you feel like decorating your dressing room all by yourself? Through Interior A to Z you also come into contact with many experts such as interior architects, designers and other professionals who can create your ideal dressing room. To give you some extra inspiration, here are some examples of styles in which you can furnish a dressing room.

Country-style dressing rooms

A country style dressing room should radiate peace, simplicity and space. You can achieve that effect by choosing calm cream-like colors on the wall or by using natural colors such as very soft green or soft grey. Soft wooden floors can enhance the rural effect, especially in combination with a matching carpet or carpet. You can get inspiration by thinking about the French country style and you can also look for matching cabinets, furniture and accessories. This style is also very suitable for a ‘he/she’ dressing room.

Minimalist changing rooms

If you want a dressing room that is mainly used as a walk-in closet and also does not like too much frills, then it is best to opt for a minimalist design. In this case, a practical and simple layout is paramount. In this case, the color scheme will mainly consist of white, black and possibly shades of gray. Laminate fits perfectly with this style, but for comfort you could choose to place a nice light carpet in the middle of the room. This is the ideal dressing room for men, but business-oriented women can also work well with it. Minimalist certainly does not have to mean less beautiful and can be very well integrated into a modern home.

Classic dressing room

A classic dressing room is for people who really want to go the extra mile with their dressing room and enjoy it to the fullest. Feel like a king or a princess in your classically decorated dressing room. Choose beautiful baroque wallpaper on the wall and stylish classic cabinets. Hang an old-fashioned chandelier in the middle of the room and it looks like a small palace. A beautiful antique sofa completes this style of course!

What does the perfect dressing room look like? | Best Interior Designer near me

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