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Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Interior designer near me in Gurgaon

Interior Design ideas and tips

Are you thinking of doing interior design for your space? Before finalizing this, consider the following factors, we will discuss three co-factors for you, one must consider closely when making the first important plan for interior design. The factor “itself is design.” I’m sure you are not surprised but many of us forget to give it real importance.

We need to understand that there are many Modern contemporary traditional rustic design styles available for example Scandinavia and the list go which will be done to explain. You really need different styles in a design when designing it.

To identify and choose which style is more attractive than before, there are many design styles, each with its own benefits so we need it If you like two, then pay extra attention to see which style attracts you more.

Or consult with your designer to see the possibility of more design styles, You should like the combination of the style that you ultimately like Uplift and add more elegance to the place you plan to do it And more importantly, the design style will affect the overall cost amount.

Therefore, choosing the design star wisely is another important factor for the project. Functional once you identify the design style, the main aspect is to create the design Functional great looking designs are sometimes not even function.

You shouldn’t compromise on functionality to get great roads always remember that efficiency increases efficiency functionality is to see how design can make your life easier for example, how well kitchen appliances are used to make things easier in the kitchen or How well the devices are integrated into the design to create your everyday life.

Easy functional design will help you achieve the highest efficiency space. A good design should always ensure that it has the largest level the third important factor remains functionality and is Lippi I hope you don’t want to spend your weekends less in maintenance work.

Maintenance work takes less effort and less cost following some low maintenance techniques to consider when doing this even when it comes to doing fewer interiors, doesn’t clutter up your space with it. Heavy duty interior means less living and working space and also.

This means that more maintenance select simple lighting fittings that are not required. Let’s look at options to shut down blinds like dust or the collector has his own storage plan when it comes to storage so that’s a lot.

You can keep your things behind for less cluttered and less with good convenience, you will be surprised how much effort your maintenance will take a beautiful bottom while using consistent quality of material Tiring so when you can save money on maintenance costs in October Planning for the incompatible always seems like long-term spending is now slightly higher Better quality products will give you peace of mind.

10 great ideas for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms need double effort to achieve the desired result in achieving a beautiful decor and optimal use of the available space, today we will offer us a package of 10  bathrooms that are  wonderful in their beauty and are distinguished by their good use of the small space available in each of them, as these ideas differed between traditional uses But in more modern ways, including completely new ideas that have been applied with great skill, that deserve to have a look and quote them in your bathroom designs.

1. textures

Mounting the surfaces of your small bathroom is an over-the-recommended formula for imprinting character on the room without sacrificing a single centimetre on the surface. The combination of materials, colors and lighting for this design plays with contrasts and volumes to get the sweeping effect.

2. Furniture hanging

The space is not very generous but the idea is great to add visual lightness and make it look your biggest bet on  suspended furniture. From toilets to storage solutions, and even a shiny bookshelf that evokes a staircase, every element of a small, modern bathroom contributes to creating this moody effect.

3. Resource optimization

Bathroom decoration is much more than the surface area provided by the floor and wallsThe ceiling is a building element that you can also put your attention to to add your personal footprint, for example, with a touch of color.

4 – Primary Organization

In a small bathroom, whether modern or not, organization is key. The distribution of elements must be considered from the point of view of functionality, and must even contribute to ensuring the system in order to avoid closure becoming prevalent.

5. Elegant details

Who said that having a small bathroom means dispensing with incredible details? Modern wall paint such as what we see on the bathroom wall is a very attractive solution. Although it does not imply an expansion of space, it adds additional charm to the composition.

6. Transparent screens

Avoiding visual boundaries is one of the most suitable formulas to apply in small bathrooms. Placing a transparent screen in the shower area is a modern solution that increases the visual perception of the room.

7. Eclectic design

And as we said at the beginning of this book of ideas, small spaces are pleasantly dominated by a mixture of colors, textures, materials, and elements of all kinds. It is correct to say choosing an eclectic bathroom is a good idea as the combination of elements in this design that creates contemporary and perfection of style that presents a stunning image in this small bathroom.

8. A group of symmetry

One of the hallmarks of modern style is its commitment to simple lines and functionality of the spaces, all used in interesting lighting. And every one of these buildings is exploited in this design as the bets on the game of symmetry are backed by the use of a large mirror in addition, allowing the space to appear larger.

9. Warmth in the wood

Contrary to what it might seem wood is an ideal material for showers. Sophistication in treatments has allowed, although not very popular, it has become a resource to consider in any modern bathroom. If you want a contemporary residence that infuses warmth, a design like this can be the most inspiring.

10. Binomial Perfection

Among the most common combinations in the decoration of modern spaces, the black and white border is a classic duo. The motion illustrated in the photo distinguishes, through color, the shower area from the rest of the room, and the repetition of black as a background is another modern resource in the design of modern interiors: the niche wall above the toilet.

7 budget ideas for a small apartment

We show you a Portuguese interior design studio established with the aim of creating spaces tailored to meet the needs and expectations of each client. Also, the  good experts who make this kind of transformation, these professionals suggest creative and dynamic solutions to get the most out of every space you are interfering in. Let’s see one of their signature works.

1. Exquisite details

The project to which we dedicate the book of ideas consists of adapting a Portuguese house to create the perfect holiday setting, with all the amenities of a well-designed apartment.

The design team works to give an appropriate response to all requests of each client but also provides us with a list of effective answers to specific needs that we can keep you informed of.

2. The perfect place to rest

Through simple and delicate embellishments, the professionals responsible for the renovation of this apartment create the perfect spaces to relax and recharge our energies. A good example of this is this room, which is characterized by absolute simplicity. For his decor neutral tones are used, and we will also find in the rest of the house, along with furniture and accessories made of natural materials.

3. A very welcoming space

One of those materials most used is wood, which ensures a unique atmosphere in all rooms of the house, creating comfortable and welcoming environments. This small space, which merges  the living  room and dining room in a summer house, is a good example of this. The holiday home should look for creating a place to enjoy at certain times of the year, for this, you do not need an excessive amount of furniture and decorations.

4. Simple design

In this type of apartment it is desirable to resort to what is absolutely necessary to ensure the comfort of the spaces. Eliminating a few extra items also means less time to do chores and put the house in place when you get ready to enjoy a few days of vacation. The simple design and the freshness of all the rooms decorated here translate into happy days.

5. Perfection and lighting

A home that has abundant natural light is always more welcome. And natural light is one of the main elements of good interior design. Here we see one of those bright spaces that is very comfortable, the living space that we showed before and which we are now discovering in direct connection with the outer space. This communication with the outdoor balcony is produced by a large sliding glass window.

6. Outer Space

We now see a wonderful outdoor balcony, as we look out from the living room of the house. In addition to great simplicity, the house that we see offers many environments where residents have the opportunity to enjoy and interact with a truly unique outdoor landscape. This small sea-view terrace is one of them, the perfect place to enjoy a cool summer afternoon.

7. Total relaxation

There are places that make us dream and convey the feeling of freedom and peace as happens with this little corner created on this other porch, located on the roof of the house. And its style, as with the one below, has a rustic and informal touch, thus contributing to the relaxing atmosphere this place conveys.

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon


Due to the nitty-gritty details involved in a complex building environment where there are various vendors, contractors, and stake holders engaged, every complicated luxury project needs to have a balance between time, cost, and quality.

By properly designing the project from the beginning, this balance can be achieved. We at Interior A to Z offer comprehensive design-build solutions for our projects in order to accomplish this. This guarantees that the design, contracting, procurement, and execution processes are streamlined and expedites the project delivery. For our clients, we allocate resources in the most economical manner.

We offer a seamless integration of design through project management and on-site execution through our best interior design and build solutions, which produces the distinct benefits of a single point accountability throughout the course of the project – from inception to completion.

We are the project’s driving force, ensuring its success. We think that venues should have a print that is particular to their vision. We produce designs that express your personality and essence while incorporating your values and culture. Our build teams step in at this point to translate our creativity into reality.


Interior A to Z has full responsibility, and the design-build service develops with innovation and technical mastery. This guarantees highest quality, high standards, and economic effectiveness in both implementation and design. Each of our clients receives personalized services from us. Your aims and prospects are the foundation for all planning and design.

Any project that is effectively finished is built on efficiency in time, an adequate budget, and the highest quality. These are the goals that our expert interior design teams strive towards throughout the project. Our professionals are always available to handle any technical issues that may develop during project execution and deliver your project. To ensure seamless operation throughout, all planning and procedures are worked out from the outset of the project. Our design and construction team guarantees that the quality will remain within the project’s allocated budget.

After the client awards the contract, the contractor is responsible for providing all project-related services, and the Interior A to Z team guarantees project fulfillment. To help you comprehend, the simple summary is provided below:


This is the initial phase of the project. To determine the project’s requirements and scope, an owner’s visioning meeting is held. Look and Feel, Style, Spatial Planning, Schematic Design, Detail Design Development, and 3D Visualization stages are finished following the visioning activity.


During this stage, the designers produce BOQs that are suitable for building drawings so the contractor may provide a quote. This guarantees accurate quotations and estimates based on the needs of the client. The contracts are then negotiated by Interior A to Z on behalf of the clients. Once all vendors and contractors are selected, Interior A to Z uses effective project management tools to guarantee timely delivery of products that meet industry standards for quality.


The contractor is alone in charge of every aspect of the project during implementation. As a project management consultant, Interior A to Z manages all vendors and contractors to ensure effective project management.

Overall, Interior A to Z’s design-build services will minimize cost overruns while also saving you time. We are aware of any potential issue that can develop throughout a project, and we plan our efforts accordingly to reduce any risks.

Interior Designers in Lucknow Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions | Gurgaon

Once the designer is finalized, when can we start work-at-site?

Before beginning the real site work, the customer should let the designer freeze the majority of the documentation, determine the materials to be utilized, and select the appropriate contractors. It is better to take your time than to rush things at first and subsequently increase your costs as a result of job delays and constantly changing layouts.

What will be the duration of time for completion of project?

The interior designers determine the amount of time needed to complete the project once the layout designs have been finalized with the customer after taking into account all of his requirements. The projected completion time is established after taking into account all the variables, including designing, purchasing materials, making civil modifications, and having laborers carry out the task.

Is assistance of designer needed in procurement of the materials?

We delegate the purchase of materials to our clients. Nonetheless, if needed, we can help the client find high-quality materials at a reasonable cost. In either case, we always act in the best interests of the customer by rigorously adhering to a fee-for-service model and passing along all professional discounts and commissions to them.

Is determination of cost possible before the beginning of a project?

Certainly! There are two methods for doing this. To determine the interior design budgeting estimate, we created our own practical system. All of the job items are precisely defined, quantified, and budgeted using a methodical approach. We give the client a final cost estimate before the job begins. If there is a tight budget, we can always go backward and come up with the best design solution we can for the price we have. We are always mindful of our clients’ spending limits.

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Hiring Interior Designer In Gurgaon

From the benefits of hiring an interior designer to how hiring an interior designer works, we’ve got all your questions answered.

Buying a house is an important step in everyone’s life, but it only becomes a “home” when it expresses the personality of its occupants.

Home is where you feel most comfortable and reflects your lifestyle.

Interior designers spend years studying space management and mastering the art of customizing spaces to suit your needs.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about hiring an interior designer for your home.

When hiring an interior designer it is very important to find a qualified designer as they are not only responsible for creating the right atmosphere for each room but also for doing it within your budget.

If you hire the right interior designer, you will get a practical and multifunctional space and an oasis to which you will want to return after a hard day’s work.

If you’re still wondering why you should hire an interior designer, the top benefits of hiring an interior designer are listed below.

They Excel At Space Planning

One of the main reasons for hiring an interior designer is that they know the basics of space management and how to make the most of the space in your home. This involves a functional analysis to determine the size and shape of each part based on its use. Without effective space planning and management, you end up with an inadequate floor plan, resulting in a cluttered and unattractive home.

They Have The Right Qualifications And Experience

If you want to remove a tooth, don’t search the internet and do it yourself.

Go to a certified dentist as they have the skills and knowledge to do it right.

Likewise, designing a house is the task of an interior designer.

They have the necessary qualifications and professional experience to offer you a home design that suits your preferences.

They Help You Identify Your Style

They will have in-depth discussions with you to help you define your style and offer solutions to integrate it into your interior design.

And while we’re on the subject of style, check out these elegant living room designs created for our clients by the interior designers at Interior A to Z:

They Are Like A One-Stop Shop

When you start designing your own home, it seems easy enough at first.

Then you start to understand that it requires networking with different suppliers and a basic understanding of materials.

It can be time consuming to do this yourself or in collaboration with a contractor.

Instead, when you work with an interior designer, you get everything from a single source: competent advice, creative ideas, resources, detailed planning and qualified contacts.

They Ensure Things Stay Within Your Budget

For most people, this is the biggest benefit of hiring an interior designer.

They take care of your budget from the start and provide solutions that fit within that budget without compromising on quality.

In fact, they guarantee that you won’t make any costly mistakes, saving you big bucks.

They Save You Valuable Time

Interior designers are up to date with all current and future trends in their industry. They also know the right vendors to turn to for the final project. You invest time in sourcing quality materials and products within your budget. All these factors save a lot of time and effort.

They Present Fresh Ideas

You can search the internet for home designs and try to recreate them.

But an interior designer brings unique ideas to the table that you may not be aware of.

They are trained to create designs that bring the space to life and make the most of it.

Check out some of the coolest bedroom design ideas from interior designers from A to Z.

They Maximize Functionality

The ultimate goal is never to have a home that looks good.

It is one that is equally beautiful and functional.

Interior designers know how to design everything in the house in a way that makes life easier.

They use their creativity and modern solutions to effectively use every corner of your home.

Is Hiring An Interior Designer Worth It?

Sure, the reasons for hiring an interior designer sound compelling, but do they justify the cost of hiring an interior designer?


Designing your home with the help of a builder might seem like a simple solution, but it can result in a lot of unwanted expenses.

You can choose a nice design from the internet and ask the builder to duplicate it.

You may agree to create a theme but not be able to customize it to fit your space. This results in additional costs when attempting to fix the bug, or worse, it’s repeated in its entirety.

Interior designers spend countless hours finding creative solutions and modern designs that add value to your home.

From the color palette to the furniture material to the layout of the room, they offer expert advice on everything.

When you choose to work with a brand like Interior A to Z, our talented interior designers create highly detailed renderings to show how each space will look.

If you are wondering how much it costs to hire an interior designer, prices range from INR 3.5,000 to 7,000 for 2BHK apartment based on designer experience.

So you can sit back and relax while the designer works to transform your apartment into a home.

You’ll get it right the first time, no rush.

Hiring an interior designer is therefore excellent value for money.

What To Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer

Know Your Budget: It’s a myth that hiring an interior designer on a budget is an impossible task.

But from the start, you need to be clear about your budget.

Because once designs are ready, it can be very difficult to change them to save costs.

Be Clear on the Schedule: Another important thing to know before hiring an interior designer is your home’s interior design schedule.

You will have a seamless experience when you are on the same page with them as to how long it takes to complete the project.

List the services you need: An interior designer can help you in many areas, but do you need everything?

Find out about the services you need so you don’t end up paying for things that don’t matter.

Find out what suits your lifestyle: make sure you separate your absolute must-haves from the deserved ones and let your designer know.

This includes determining what your lifestyle requires and what aspects are non-negotiable.

Do Research: Lastly, search for the things you want to see in your dream home.

Whether it’s a color scheme, a piece of furniture, a kitchen cabinet, or a shelf, collect photos of everything.

In this way, you can easily communicate your taste and aesthetics to the interior designer.

Questions To Ask An Interior Designer Before Hiring Them

Finishing the interior of your home is a costly affair, so it’s important to meet with your interior designer ahead of time to ensure the end result is what you envision. Here are some questions to ask an interior designer before inviting them on board:

Do You Have Any Experience Designing Projects Similar To Mine?

The cost of working with an inexperienced designer is too high for the amount of money you will be spending on later changes. Then ask them this question to find out how experienced they are. Listen to them share their experiences as they talk about their approach to the project and their work ethic.

Can You Show Me Some Of Your Latest Work?

Hiring an interior designer becomes very easy when you see their work.

Request before and after photos, customer specifications and budget.

This will help you understand whether the designer managed to translate the customer’s needs into reality.

It also shows if they know the latest trends and are able to successfully adapt them for the client’s project.

What Are Your References And Client Feedback?

A talented interior designer is backed by strong testimonials and positive reviews.

Find out what their past clients had to say about their work.

Do they have people who vouch for their skills, qualifications and achievements?

If they are new to the industry and don’t have any references to share, be sure to check their references before selecting them.

How Will You Be Sharing Your Ideas?

Before you hire an interior designer, learn about their design process.

How and when do they share their design ideas?

What if you don’t like a certain design?

Do they create renderings for each part or sketches?

Good interior designers are transparent and will enlighten you on everything to do with decorating your home.

How Much Do You Charge And What Can You Offer Within My Budget?

It’s always best to find out if the designer can deliver the services on budget before entering into deeper discussions.

Ask them exactly what they can do regarding the prices they offer for their services.

Of course, they can’t give you exact numbers until all projects are completed, but the price range they give you should be within your budget.

Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer

Do you want to know what it’s like to hire an interior designer?

We hear you.

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect solution for your home.

Top interior designers, shares some key tips to help you make the right choice:

Is The Designer As Excited About Designing Your Home As You?

It’s important to work with someone who shares your enthusiasm because ultimately their commitment depends on it. Working with a designer who doesn’t show passion for your project can be scary.

Do They Actively Listen To Understand Your Needs?

Avoid interior designers who don’t consider your specific needs when planning the entire project. If they don’t listen effectively, they can’t create a space that fits your vision.

Is Their Design Sense In Line With Your Expectations?

What if you want a minimalist design but the designer wants to create a very sophisticated look? If your design senses don’t match, you may not be happy with the end result.

Do They Believe In Saying No When Required?

We hope this has helped you clear your doubts about hiring an interior designer.

Now that you are eager and excited to decorate your home’s interior, book a free consultation with our talented interior design experts at Interior A to Z today!