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The duplex layout is for a single-family home with two levels and a single kitchen and dining area in Mundka. Optimal has a wide selection of classic duplex plans, modern duplex plans, and luxury duplex plans for your fantasy aristocratic lifestyle.

A luxury could be something that facilitates such indulgence or enjoyment, or it could be a pleasure that beyond what is reasonable for oneself. Having said that, if we have the resources, we occasionally spend money that isn’t in the budget or that isn’t considered a need but is a pleasure.

Ideas for interior design Luxury front room in Mundka, we’ll admit that at some point, decorating a home can get rather pricey. As a result, we have other types of designs or styles that are ready to use to reduce spending while still achieving an equivalent look for our homes in Mundka.


We will also provide you tips on how to make the most of your design and gather all the supplies you need to create the bedroom of your dreams. You should have a clear understanding of the end outcome you hope to achieve before jumping on the bandwagon. We at Optimal Interior have created a modern luxury home guide to help you update your home, the master retreat, or the kid’s bedroom in Mundka.

Our designers may add special features like intimately rich plans, lavish amenities, and class to any of our luxury home plans to meet your needs in Mundka. These residences, which range from ornately palatial to dignified and tranquil, examine all possibility when it comes to opulent living:

  • Our professional and experienced staff is ready to help you in designing the house of your dreams.
  • Customized services and unparalleled quality allow us to architect design plans to satisfy your needs.
  • We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why you’ll know exactly what you’ll be receiving before you create a sale.


Do you prefer to have a tranquil and relaxing ambiance in your bedroom? Now, whether it’s a tiny space or a vast one, everyone needs a comfortable, elegant, and calm bedroom décor. You need be imaginative when designing a small bedroom to achieve the desired outcomes. The following page contains some design suggestions from interior designers to help you transform your little bedroom into a mini haven:


Light not only offers your bedroom a robust appearance, but it also creates the enchanted impression of an expansive room. Urge architects to provide as much natural light as possible to keep your bedroom fresh. By installing windows that face away from the sun and using light-colored paints and window coverings on the walls, you can accomplish this goal.


When designing the interior of a bedroom, storage is always necessary, but in a limited space, you should try to conceal these areas. Your problem cannot be solved by cabinets or shelves, thus the most straightforward solution in this case is to use woven baskets of various sizes. These baskets will not only ease your storage problems but also give your area a lovely appearance.


Standing table lamps are out of style right now, so if you want to draw attention to more space in your room, try pendant lighting instead. While pendant lights don’t have any such problems, standing lamps take up an excessive amount of room.


Mirrors are an important part of decorating a small space because they give the illusion of space and light. You will make angles and complete the globe, which is necessary to point out in the mirror, if you want greater brightness and to display your bedroom and home design in accordance with your wishes.


A focus is basically vital if you would like to form your room beautiful and attractive.

As a focal point, you should pick something distinctive and remarkable that will catch viewers’ attention. Your decision for a focus on furnishings is frequently an enormous plant or a beautifully illuminated painting. While selecting colours for your smaller area, don’t be frightened.

Feeling awesome now? If you’ll work dedication together with your designer room ideas, you’ll confirm that your smaller room decorating may create an impression for the visitors.

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Best Interior Designer in Mundka

Kitchens combined with the rooms will impress you

Having a fancy kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a lot of money to invest in it, most of the time it means taking into account some of the details that really make it different, details that we sometimes think are indispensable in other rooms and sometimes we neglect in the  kitchen .

We know that when it is put into practice, it will be a solution to the monotony and boredom in the decor, so today in this article we present to you a set of ideas that will change the look of your kitchen.

Hidden kitchens in the living room

The most common scenario where we can find hidden small kitchens is the living room. The most versatile, but most popular, formulas that make them go unnoticed in this room are the use of folding doors. While it is true that this type of closing necessarily means there is some space to open or close the doors, it is no less the fact that, from an aesthetic point of view, they are the most attractive.

A small kitchen hidden in the living room such as the one we see in the photo in a modern and minimalist solution, in addition to enhancing the functionality of both rooms, adds additional charm to the composition. Maintaining the color scheme of the main room, once opened, the kitchen integrates perfectly with the rest of the space creating a unique stage full of elegance and balance.

Kitchens hidden in cupboards

But if there is a formula par excellence for the disappearance of the entire space of the house without giving it up, it means choosing the kitchens hidden in the  cupboards .

Dimensions, in this case, are limited to what occupies the container in question though what was the egg or chicken before? When designing the optimal solution, it will be enough to take into account whether we will make use of an existing hole or we will convert the closet space to integrate the hidden kitchen into the interior.

Integrated kitchens hidden in cupboards provide everything needed to respect the functions that this space is supposed to, without diminishing its appeal.

Hidden kitchens with sliding doors

The idea of ​​choosing hidden kitchens with sliding doors opens up a wide range of possibilities. In this sense, the proposals range from miniature kitchens hidden behind sliding doors that can pass through a cupboard, to more generous (dimensional) scenes resembling the open designs advocated by the open concept that we will deal with further. straight ahead.

One of the issues to consider in our selection of hidden kitchens with sliding doors is that you have to leave enough space between them and the furniture itself so as not to detract from the interoperability inside. In the photo, the proposal allows to connect or divide the kitchen and living room to the pleasure of creating environments adapted to each moment.

World of possibilities

Although the concept of hidden kitchens refers to those who remain far from prying eyes by a system that allows them to disappear, the truth is that it is possible for a concealment magic ceremony without this complete. An alternative that will print a very unique style to hide the design is only a part of it: shelves, pantry, and even appliances can be a good option.

If what we’re looking for is a modern stage without giving up the charm of hidden kitchens, you can always bet on imitating pieces of furniture with the landscape making it go unnoticed or displaying elements like a center island or sink area. The version is more flexible in terms of concealment, it can be kept hiding some resources such as tables or work surfaces although in these cases, technically, we can talk about hidden kitchens but extended or rather folding parts.

Hidden kitchens and investment

If we are talking about investment, to calculate the price of hidden kitchens, we must take into account factors similar to those of any other design. The first thing to analyze is the area and distribution. From now on, questions will be reflected in the budget, such as whether there is a need to carry out renovations, take measures in terms of electrical or plumbing installation, or even paint or flooring depending on whether the kitchen will be hidden a little later by sliding doors or combined into a piece small furniture.

Other variables that may affect the final investment are related to materials and measures although it is an item of habitual use and with an occupation for the future, it is advisable to seek expert advice for not acting well. It’s expensive.’

Hidden or integrated kitchens?

One of the practical applications of hidden kitchens is to find them in the growing popularity of the current open concept. The trend advocates removing visual boundaries between rooms, while incorporating spaces traditionally separated by walls. In this scenario, modern hidden kitchens are an intermediate solution between the usual zoning and complete integration. What advantages do they offer, then, compared to open-plan designs?

In practice, both proposals assume a greater optimization of space and, thanks to a great variety of designs, are very attractive pieces in both cases. The main attraction of hidden kitchens with sliding doors or any other system for which they advocate the complete connection of the environments must be done specifically, with the fact that the first guarantee of a certain independence.

In addition, depending on the system chosen to hide them, it is possible not to deal with some smells and noises while cooking food and even being able to hide behind doors or close some issues such as clutter or dirty dishes.

Ideas to renovate your kitchen at the lowest costs | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Kitchen renovation is always an expensive if not stressful exercise but in most circumstances the effort pays off as it increases property value and makes users feel good about the change. Most kitchen improvements on a budget are limited to changes like a new coat of paint on the walls or on the cabinets followed by new lighting arrangements, new appliances or new appliances like the sink etc.

The best way to go before planning any kind of kitchen remodeling or improvement project is to set a budget and then start exploring for avenues available in the market. Do a detailed research on the prices of fixtures, paints, materials, and other essentials you may need to make the desired kitchen makeover.

Here are budget friendly kitchen improvement ideas that can be used to make changes in the kitchen some of which can be made as a DIY experiment if you are experienced and a contractor can be hired for the same.

1-Change cabinet doors

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen cabinets, light colors and a reliable joiner can come in handy. You can find more useful kitchens by dividing parts of the cabinets or expanding some of them. If you plan on doing a renovation from the ground up, you can have a sample made of the cabinets given in this example. This elegant model with easy shelves and drawers is very suitable for the kitchen.

2- A modern and decorative touch

Aesthetically or functionally, tiles made of ceramic, glass, or stone are the perfect way to keep a kitchen splash area clean where it is regularly exposed to water, food debris, and food stains. Colorful tiles with attractive designs or even plain tiles without any patterns or ornaments go a long way in making a kitchen makeover a good exercise.

3- Neutral tones

Painting the kitchen in soft light colors also makes the area feel spacious with an inviting touch. These light colors can be chosen for the background of a small kitchen creating depth in this area. Use only contemporary and natural light in your kitchen to create a sense of liveliness.

4- Use every square meter of kitchen space

Simple wood chip shelves contrast against the white wall and give this kitchen a modern aura. A beautiful wall panel opposite the cooking area with a single rectangular table, molded aluminum handles and open shelves above the art table give the kitchen an overall look. In this modern kitchen, every inch from floor to ceiling is used as per the requirement.

6- Add a touch of luxury furniture

Why not use uniquely designed furniture to inspire creativity in the kitchen when space is available? No one said boring old iron stools should be used for the kitchen bar. Watch these luxurious stools, each uniquely different from the other, and get inspired to add jazz to your kitchen from expert kitchen design experts.

7- Changing the units of the tanks

In modern kitchens, we usually see modular designs and products that can also be implemented in small and narrow spaces. Likewise, modular kitchen cabinets and cabinets make good use of space and materials as they can be tailored to fit the available space. For information on modular cabinet designs and installation in the kitchen, use experienced kitchen planners.

Ideas to renovate your kitchen at the lowest costs | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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