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  • Ideas for an organized and functional kitchen | Gurgaon | Gurugram


The kitchen is the heart of every home. Far from being a place for cooking and eating, it is also a place for family, friends and family members to gather. Therefore, attention should be paid to some of the most important aspects of the kitchen’s shape and design to suit two personalities, by providing some important aspects within the kitchen such as having it A spacious cooking area and a small chair to sit down for coffee or snacks, and in that report you can see some ideas that make the kitchen beautiful, elegant and functional at the same time.

  • Ideas for an organized and functional kitchen

    | Gurgaon | Gurugram

1- Allocate a large cooking area

We need a cooking yard inside the kitchen, but we also need a place to put utensils, bowls and cooking utensils. For example, in this picture, something like a large table has been placed to be used for preparing food as well as eating meals on it among family members inside the kitchen.

Ideas for an organized and functional kitchen

2- Choose smooth surfaces

If the kitchen has a small or narrow space, attention should be paid to cleaning the surfaces and getting rid of unimportant things first to make room and give more space, taking into account the selection of smooth and flat surfaces for easy cleaning with soap and water easily.

Ideas for an organized and functional kitchen | Gurgaon

3- Get rid of clutter

One of the important things to consider is to avoid clutter in the kitchen, the process of cooking food can cause some chaos in the place, but the kitchen must be arranged first and put things in their correct places so that the kitchen does not appear in a state of complete chaos as a result of the presence of objects that are not in their places Occasion.

4- open shelves

Open shelves are one of the most practical tools and designs in the kitchen. They make cooking utensils, dishes, spices, and others within reach, as well as give more spaces for storage, arrangement and organization, and besides, they give a beautiful and attractive appearance to the kitchen if they are organized and arranged in a simple and practical way.

5- A multi-use kitchen

This design is characterized by  its versatility through the presence of some special corners as shown in the picture, for example, a full shelf for drinks appears with some chairs to be used as a dining table inside the kitchen. It is really an elegant, practical and multi-use kitchen.

6- Using multiple drawers

Drawers help to organize utensils and cooking utensils in the kitchen to a great extent, where the upper drawers can be devoted to small-sized cooking utensils such as knives, spoons, jars, spices and small dishes, while the lower drawers can be provided for large-sized items such as cooking utensils and others.

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