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Interior Designers responsibility in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designers responsibility in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Design ideas for Kitchen

What does it mean to have a perfect kitchen? Have state-of-the-art appliances or organize spaces with the best possible functionality? It is very likely that, like most people, you chose the functionality. After all, the kitchen is a place dedicated to culinary activities that, to be well executed must be pleasurable and, for this, there can be no lack of options that make this environment more practical. From the elements that guarantee the organization of the utensils to spaces that allow the use of the space by more than one person at once, it is essential that each choice is very well evaluated to complement the kitchen in the best possible way. And, of course, if this can be done with an extra touch of beauty, the result will be even more perfect.

1. Ensure good space for activities

The choice of the counter is essential for the space to present the best possible functionality. U or L counters, for example, are great for ensuring that more than one person uses the space without major difficulties. If there is room for an island to be installed, the result will be even better.

2. Know how to use some good tricks

Cylindrical bars, hooks and other small devices that favor the practical organization of utensils should always be considered. In this way, objects will always be at hand and practicality will never be lacking in your daily life.

3. Shelves? Yes. Whenever possible

The shelves have essential functions for any environment: in addition to optimizing the organization of the space, they reinforce the decorative possibilities with small plants or elements that enhance the personality of the space.

4. Choose a wall to be preferred

Try to decorate at least one of the kitchen walls to prevent the decoration from becoming monotonous. After all, this is a space that should always be geared towards stimulating creativity and good ideas (rest assured that this will make all the difference in culinary inspirations!).

To do this, use hydraulic tiles or adhesives that imitate printed tiles that can be changed from time to time. With this, you will make the environment even more incredible!

5. Use some storage tricks

Cabinets with extra spaces for vertical storage or even adapted for cellars: the possibilities are many – especially if you have good contact with woodworkers. Look for tailor-made solutions and ensure that every detail has a well-defined function in your kitchen.

6. Play to vertical

Appliance towers are essential to collaborate with modern and functional organizations in your kitchen. Contrary to what many people imagine, it is possible to find good modular pieces to perform this function and, with this, your kitchen will be perfect.

7. Beautiful utensils can also decorate

This project is a great example of this statement. The colorful pans and small appliances on display on the counter were perfect to make the environment more creative and vibrant. In addition to playing the role of beautifying your decor, keeping these pieces at hand will greatly facilitate your day to day.

8. Each in its own square

Smart joinery solutions are great for organizing small utensils and cutlery. In the image, we see a drawer with a predefined design to store objects and, with this, ensure that everything is always in place when you need it.

9. Use the corners

Extending a wall with practical solutions can solve all your storage and decoration problems. This project with shelves, for example, takes advantage of the kitchen corner to make the environment more practical, modern and elegant.

10. Light up the backslash

Finally, a tip that is very worth following: illuminate the backslash with LED strips. The backslash is that space on the wall between the counter and the hanging cabinet. There, you can install some LED strips that are very economical, use almost no energy and are great for ensuring comfort and safety when you need to use the counter at night. In addition, these tapes with small lamps can be found in different colors, which will certainly create beautiful effects in your kitchen.

Interior design ideas for lobby design | Gurgaon | Design Firm

The hallway is the corridor that connects the rooms of the apartment to each other, and there may be one or more corridors in the house, and this depends entirely on the number of rooms in the house. The more rooms, the more corridors. Also, the hall is not only a corridor, it can also be used as a place to show your personality or a place prepared for many distinct designs and decorations, here are some designs for some corridors and how to use this wonderful space to better use.

The spacious corridor

This corridor is the entrance to the upper floor, as it leads to the lower floor, which is also one of the rooms and to the living room. Also, this wonderful corridor with a white color for the walls and parquet for the floors gives a wonderful and wonderful look. By lighting it in the form of a chandelier, as well as side lighting on the wall for bright and brilliant lighting.

 2. Simple corridor

As shown in this simple, quiet corridor, it is distinguished by its striking white color that helps the feeling of spaciousness. Also, at the end of this corridor there is a door to a room, and on one side of the corridor there are three mirrors. And at the beginning of the corridor there is a large wardrobe, and on the other side there is a wall hung with some wonderful paintings. The bright lighting helps to show it.

 3. A corner of the corridor

A table with two shelves can be placed in this corner to place flowers on the upper and lower floors, and the mirror can be of different shape by being in the form of adjacent squares. Add a beautiful and distinctive appearance to the place.

 4. Small corridor

This corridor is considered small because it connects between the main door of the house and the ladder of the upper floor. This space can be used by placing a small table to put some accessories and paintings on it, and lighting the room in the shape of a full moon adds a wonderful touch to the place.

 5. Corridor mirror

On the side of the corridor, there could be a woman with a small table to put some antiques and vases on it, and it could be one or two floors to make more use of this wonderful space.

 6. The satellite

This wonderful corridor is characterized by the use of industrial tools such as wood and metal, on one side of the corridor there is a large glass window that helps the passage of sunlight into the corridor. Underneath it there is a wooden sofa for resting, and on the other side there is a wooden staircase leading to the upper floor. And at the end of the corridor there is a cabinet with a wooden door in a wonderful and attractive brown color.

 7. Modern corridor

This corridor is characterized by combining the entrance to a room and the living room, and the combination of the milky and beige colors for each room and the corridor connects them. There is also a wonderful statue in front of the room door, along with the dispersed lighting that helps to illuminate the place wonderful.

 8. Wall corridor

And at the end of the corridor, it could be a wall that is used as a multi-storey table, to put some antiques, statues on it, or some flowers. And to have a different design, it was a closed part and an open part to put accessories on it, and it will give a wonderful look to the corridor.

 9. Modern corridor

This modern corridor is characterized by the presence of many paintings in it, on one of its sides there are three wonderful paintings in bright and different colors, and at the end of the corridor there is a wonderful painting, and under it is a small cupboard in which things can be placed. On the other side there is a door to the room leading to this attractive corridor.

 10. The classic arcade

Also, this classic corridor is distinguished by its quiet design and the absence of many accessories, it’s wonderful white color as well as the color of the charming parquet floor, at the end of which there is the ladder leading to the upper floor and the design in the form of cobwebs next to the stairs, all of this makes it distinctive and wonderful.

 11. Rural corridor

And this corridor appears on the rustic touch, as it resembles in its design the old house and using wood as the pillars on which the house is focused. And also the door that leads to the corridor resembles the old door of a country house.

 12. Corridor table

The corridor can also be used if the corridor is wide by placing a small table and topped by a wonderful circular mirror, and on both sides of the table, some wonderful trees can be placed for an attractive natural appearance.

Interior design ideas for lobby design | Best interior design firm

Design a boy’s bedroom | Best Interior Designer near me

As a parent, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching a child grow up. All the parents in the world risk everything they have and live every day trying to see their child happy. When a baby is just born and a newborn baby is brought from the hospital to face our house, the nursery is decorated with overwhelming emotions.

Mats are laid out, and mobiles, toys, and music that are said to be good for emotional development of babies fill the house. Little by little, the house is filled with baby items, and as time goes by, the child grows up and goes to kindergarten and school. It is at this time that the parental touch is needed once more.

This is because interior work is needed to decorate the nursery so that the child can adapt to the social environment and learn independence. When it comes to items used as a baby, it is not significantly dependent on gender, but when it comes to going to kindergarten and elementary school, the needs of each gender change little by little. Let’s figure out how to decorate a boy’s room. How to design a boy’s bedroom?Design a boy's bedroom | Best Interior Designer near me At this age, children are usually very clear about what they like. Rather than telling your parents that you are a man and it is better to do this with this, encourage your child to choose a theme that he or she likes. There are children who especially like adventure stories in the jungle or forest since they were babies, and there are children who like sports such as soccer, baseball, and swimming.

There are children who enjoy reading books, and there are children who like stories that stimulate imagination, such as dinosaurs and spaceships. Parents may have a rough idea of ​​what areas their child likes, but it is better to have the patience to wait for the child to express his or her opinion first, rather than the way the parent gives the answer first and the child agrees. A child who has his own room is excited. If you have chosen a theme for your favorite field, the next thing is color.

The process of choosing the color of wallpaper, furniture, curtains, etc. is necessary, and the opinion of the child is also important at this time. However, some parental control is needed to ensure that too many colors are not put in one space. If the theme chosen by the child is colorful and there are many patterns, it is better to choose neutral colors for furniture and accessories. Otherwise, the space may become too cluttered and prevent your child from training to focus on one activity.

The next thing to consider is what kind of function to include. Whether in kindergarten or elementary school, children should be able to sleep in their own room, play and, if necessary, study or engage in hobbies. Unless there is a separate study room, most of them are designed together in the bedroom, so think about how to arrange the bed and desk organically. Furniture that shows this layered structure with a bed and a desk in one can also be a good idea.

Boys’ bedroom color palette and pattern selection

As mentioned earlier, if you are planning a boy’s bedroom interior, you should first decide on a theme with your child and then choose a color. For example, if the theme chosen by the child is related to nature, blue, brown, or gray colors may be selected as the central color. These three colors are also the most used colors in boys’ bedrooms. Also, if the theme chosen by the child is rather colorful, has many patterns, and is complex, it is better to choose neutral colors such as beige, soft green, and white for the color of the space.

Boys’ Bedroom Furniture

Once you’ve chosen your colors, it’s time to choose your furniture. As mentioned earlier, preparation for a space where the child can sleep should be prioritized. You can put a bed, or prepare a thick mattress so that you can sleep comfortably on the floor. In order to stimulate the imagination of the child, you may find a bed with a unique shape rather than a regular bed.

If you look at the market, there are various types of furniture such as spaceships and caves. Whether in kindergarten or elementary school, there are assignments and the schoolwork is starting little by little, so a desk is also needed. If you have a separate study room, it’s a different story, but if you don’t, you should consider the desk as well. You also need a closet and a closet to organize basic items such as children’s clothes and books. In some cases, a sofa or a small table may be placed, and a play space tailored to the child’s taste may be created so that the child can have fun indoors.

Boys’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas

After choosing a theme, matching colors, and choosing furniture, only the final stage remains. This is the decoration stage. As a parent, you would want to decorate them with things that look good, but it is better to choose this by collecting the child’s opinion rather than pushing it unconditionally.

Depending on what your child likes, you can put stickers that match the theme, set up a blackboard on the wall for a child who likes to draw, hang pictures of your favorite cartoon characters, or hang up maps. have. Also, don’t forget that curtains, pillows and bed covers can be included as decorative elements. Keep in mind that if you put a cover with your favorite character on it, your child will become attached to his or her room easily.

How to make the most of space in your boy’s bedroom and store it

Not necessarily, but boys are more physically active than girls. He jumps between furniture and furniture, runs inside the house, and plays around with toys. The last step in the interior of the boys’ bedroom is the process of checking that the children’s room with such a lot of activity is not filled with things.

In particular, if you have a lot of bulky toys, such as prefabricated toys or robots, you need to think about storage. Even if it’s not right now, it’s better to think about it in the future and provide enough storage space. For example, consider multipurpose furniture. You can think of furniture that is a bed but has storage space using the space below it, or that the upper floor is a bed but the lower floor is a space with a desk, and both sides have storage space. Installing shelves on the wall is also a good idea. In addition, if you have any questions about the bedroom interior, please contact an interior decoration & interior design expert through Interior A to Z. Design a boy’s bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Interior Designers responsibility in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design

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