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Idea props that add fun to everyday life | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Idea props that add fun to everyday life | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Idea props are items that add original ideas to standard practical items. So, it causes the viewer to wonder what this prop is, and also makes them curious about its use. In addition, there are props that provide an aesthetic sense of satisfaction, but at the same time, the viewer can immediately see what the object is used for by exquisitely combining the fun design and the use of the props. These idea props shine all over the house. In the kitchen, it is placed with food to double the texture, and ideas placed in the dining room or living room create an atmosphere for residents to live in a creative environment. Idea props made by making good use of the space in the dressing room or hallway also have the advantage of maximizing the use of space. Idea props in the library make hard work more enjoyable. Each idea prop has its own points that are different from general interior props. Through this article, we would like to examine the ingenious thoughts lurking in the idea props that are dotted in every corner of the living space.

Light emitted by a piece of line

The black frame in the form of a twisted parallelogram, which contains a softer light than any other lighting, has a very simple shape and is installed so simply that it is impossible to find any connection with the lighting itself. The lines are placed in the space in a line, and the appearance of the lighting gently spreading on the wall in the form of a soft circle feels mysterious. The light bulb provided behind the line creates light when it hits the wall, but it maximizes the enjoyment of viewing with one flat wall and three-dimensional line by making the viewer not directly feel the direction.

Egg bowl made of beautiful wood

It is an egg-only bowl where you can put a boiled egg on it and eat it at breakfast time. In order to match the white texture of the egg, I made a bowl like a beautiful craft using a solid wood with a colorful pattern. In contrast to the bowl that holds the egg in a round shape that feels heavier than an egg, the shape with a thin neck underneath is designed to bring out the overall aesthetics beautifully. The egg bowl, made with exquisite detail, has a thin rim in the middle, and the heavy design supports the egg stably. It is an accessory with a beautiful surface that makes the breakfast atmosphere classic and at the same time adds to the pleasure of eating boiled eggs.

animal shape ice in cold season

The pleasure of seeing the animals on the glacier added to the fun not to drink any ice water on a regular basis. The polar bear and a pair of penguins have a simple shape, so they are beautiful in design and create the illusion of seeing a miniature landscape. When using not only ice water but also ice for cocktails at parties, you can decorate the glass in a gorgeous way without any other decorations for the party. Small changes were made to small items that are always needed on a daily basis, adding more pleasure to drinking.

A beautiful mural that can measure a child’s height

It is a piece of wallpaper that can be measured on one side of the apartment space. It is not enough to decorate a space beautifully with a single self-drawn wallpaper. Again, this can make the space look bleak, and children may not want to measure their height. However, the colorfully colored wallpaper was designed in a form that actively participates in the space. The middle part of the ruler is designed like a pillar of a tree, and the mural depicting various animals between them makes it possible for children to naturally approach in that direction and at the same time to be interested in measuring their height. A special space for children was created with a wooden floor in a space designed to look like an adult for a children’s room  . Another great advantage is that when the child is grown up and no longer needed, it is lighter to dispose of than any other child keying device.

A plate that can also be used for decoration

It is an interior plate that can be used for decoration as well as for eating. A normal plate has no function except for eating, so it can be laid down and stored in a cupboard. However, these handmade and colorfully designed plates are not worth using only for eating. If there is a decorative shelf, these plates   can be reborn as splendid interior accessories as well as decorative sculptures . While faithful to the appearance of the plate by encircling the round background with a lace-shaped drawing, the simple and crude picture of a woman with colorful flowers next to her head can decorate the kitchen table with beautiful colors.

Lighting with a motif of the house

Indirect lighting can illuminate a space in a variety of ways. The circular motif of the house was brought to the living space and lighting was installed. Light is softly emitted from the round window, but the light trapped in the shape of the house spreads out in a straight line down the wall of the house. It has a form that creates an opportunity for residents to feel satisfied with the light when passing through the hallway in a dark house, but at the same time, looking at the shape of the house, and once again confirming the stability of their residence. It is an idea lighting that can satisfy both design and function when you want to produce indirect lighting with a small amount of light in a dark space rather than illuminating the entire space.

flower pots that can be hung from the ceiling

Flowerpots are usually displayed on one side of the veranda. But if you want to have an interior piece that crosses the space, you can think of other ideas. The bowls connected by wires hanging from the ceiling are reminiscent of the shape of a lampshade that is often seen on the ceiling. The flowerpot, which looks like an inverted lampshade, has two holes, one of which is engraved, indicating that the hemispherical container contains soil and that the container is used as a flowerpot. The leaves blooming from a wooden bowl that came down unexpectedly from the ceiling gives a unique and fun feeling compared to other flowerpots. The bottle that rises up on the side can also be used as another flowerpot or vase. If you have enough space for a 360-degree view from the ceiling in your living room or part of your living space, or if you want to give a big point to the space in the corner of your house, this is a fun idea to think about.

A plate that makes sharing fun

It is an interesting plate that is divided into cubes and painted in various patterns. Dotted drawings, slanted lines drawn in one or two directions, naturally create a separate space within the dining table. Although it is a flat plate, it is natural and attractive that it is produced in five spaces following the drawing that seems to be drawn carelessly. If a person who eats alone or enjoys a light meal arranges yogurt, bread, and dining utensils according to the boundaries of the figure as shown, it will create a glamorous and varied meal, despite the fact that it is a simple meal and not a lot of food. You can do it.

A memo pad with a character that looks like toilet paper

This is an idea to use rolled paper as a memo paper. It is one of the essential conditions in the library to have a paper to take notes on every time. There are studies that suit a collection of hard and dignified notepads, but if you need a light and fun notepad box, it may be a good choice. While checking the sufficient amount of paper in the geometrically folded cardboard box, you can feel the satisfaction of having a large amount of paper to take notes, and being able to pull and rip in a very easy way doubles the pleasure of taking notes. can give The exterior of the cardboard is dyed in a green that is friendly to nature, and two holes are drilled in the upper part of the memo paper as if reminiscent of snow, showing familiarity as if a character is on a desk.

Idea props with a beautiful imbalance

It is a shelf that is barely placed in the corner of the space. It is a well-known form of shelf that gives stability to viewers with a solid nail and a top plate fixed to the wall, but this shelf was chosen to add pleasure to viewing with a sense of balance. The design with a thin plate and a simple stick that looks like an inverted shovel makes it vague whether this is a shelf when there are no items, and will create an installation space like a modern art gallery.

3.Idea props that add fun to everyday life | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

4.Idea props that add fun to everyday life | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Fabric patterns that give personality to a space

Just like changing clothes every day, the house also wears different clothes every time with a variety of fabric products. Although it is difficult to change the structure of the house or heavy furniture often, the fabric is relatively light in weight, so you can freely create it according to the changing seasons. Since the area occupied by fabric products in the house is large, even just one change has a huge impact on the atmosphere. In particular, if you use an original pattern that matches the atmosphere, it has a great visual effect, so changing even small details can make a big difference to the space.

Fabrics with original patterns are used throughout the house as a material that can completely change the aura of a space. The good thing about patterns is that they can be used with any item. Colors and patterns are also the easiest way to give a point to a plain space. The items most sensitive to changes in atmosphere are fabric products such as cushions, curtains, sofas, and rugs. You can complete a unique atmosphere by applying attractive patterns such as dots, stripes, and floral patterns to small items made of fabric to infuse individuality into the space. Today, let’s look at fabric pattern ideas that give personality to a space with colorful lines and designs through.

Embroidery flower pattern used on sofa

Unlike existing all-in-one sofas, the Hello Emma Retro Sofa series, which is made to be able to freely replace, wash, and manage the back cushion and seat covers, enhances practicality, and uses sensuous patterned fabrics to enhance its value. The back cushion with a beautiful pattern of the vintage flower series, created by embroidery designers with long experience, can be used as an interior item to enhance the atmosphere of the living space. It is a design that draws attention once more with the flowers carefully placed one stitch at a time, and due to the nature of the production process, it is highly rarity, so it will be a valuable accessory for those who prefer unusual designs.

Creating a fabric with a unique pattern using character drawings

In order to pray for human happiness, you can create a dignified and elegant atmosphere with fabric props made with the motif of a character diagram that symbolically unravels the fundamentals of human beings by combining letters and pictures. It is a design that emphasizes the harmony that naturally permeates into people and nature, time and space by utilizing oriental values ​​and dignity. The fabric in the photo expresses the formative elements of a butterfly in a free form, and contains the meaning of wishing for human happiness, wealth, and good fortune. It is a collaboration of art and products completed by reinterpreting the formative elements such as beautiful lines, colors, and patterns unique to from a modern perspective. it is fabric

Checkered pattern suitable for autumn mood

The checkered pattern gives a sense of stability through regular color repetition, and it is a unique pattern with a lively feeling with a clean and concise feel. Even with the same checkered pattern, it can be produced in a variety of colors depending on the color or spacing, so it is popularly used together with the dot pattern. A check pattern designed with a narrow spacing can emphasize a modern and simple feel, and a smaller plaid pattern can add a neutral feel. Likewise, even with the same pattern, you can create a lively feeling with various colors, emphasize a profound feeling by using a low-brightness color, and use a high-brightness color to bring out the popping charm. In addition, there is a wide range of choices as there is a possibility of various transformations that change the atmosphere 180 degrees depending on the thickness of the horizontal and vertical lines and the background color. It is a bedroom with an intellectual and calm atmosphere suitable for autumn by using black and white checkered bedding along with a pendant light that looks like a candle in a crossed frame made of steel.

Create a lovely dot pattern curtain

Decorate your home in a bright and lovely way with dot-patterned curtains. The dot pattern can be used in a variety of places in any space, so it is a preferred item because it is easy to use and has good utility, a domestic interior design company , produced a pastel blue-toned dot pattern curtain suitable for a living room with a warm and cute Provence-style interior  . Let’s use a dot pattern to give a unique and bright atmosphere to a boring space.

Scandinavian zigzag pattern

Let’s add a cute atmosphere to the modern living space by using the zigzag pattern that stands out, a domestic company  , completed an accent interior by directing a black and white rug with a zigzag pattern in the living room. Let’s create a Nordic style living room atmosphere with a modern and warm feeling by matching a zigzag pattern rug with a chic feel to a warm wooden floor, furniture, and white curtains.

A pattern suitable for a lovely children’s room

This bedding is made with the motif of the lovely images of children, and the production with cute designs and colors stands out. A unique and lovely bed was created by matching double-sided bedding with a cute house-shaped illustration on a stripe pattern and cushions made with motifs of trees, churches and houses that evoke the landscape in front of the house. On the wall facing the bed, a wallpaper with a pattern in the shape of a cute house like the one used for cushions was used to add a cute feeling. It is a design that does not use additives harmful to the human body for children’s skin, and uses fabrics dyed with traditional natural dyes to further enhance its value. It is a stylish bedding that naturally drains water as it is washed, and the pattern made with a motif that will guide you into the world of cute children is impressive.

Beautiful color floral pattern

Trees and floral patterns visually create an atmosphere that brings nature into your home. Let’s elevate the atmosphere of the bedroom with a bedding with a bright floral pattern. created a double-sided duvet that harmonizes with a delicate floral pattern with a light blue color and a vivid floral pattern to create a voluminous and rich bed space. These days, trendy geometric patterns are added to the edges and patterns of various sizes are combined to create a sensual and popping atmosphere.

White blue stripe pattern with fresh charm

Let’s decorate the bedroom in summer by creating a refreshing blue stripe pattern. It is a bed with a stylish and modern feel by matching the stripe pattern with white and blue that creates a refreshing and cool feeling just by looking at the bedroom decorated in white color. The color and pattern of stripes reminiscent of the marine look and the sea seem to bring out the refreshing smell of the bedding in the hot summer. Excessive use of stripe patterns in the bedroom, a space for a good night’s sleep, can cause distraction, so let’s create an attractive space using only minimal interior points such as cushions and curtains.

handmade stitch fabric

Give the space an accent with a cushion embroidered with flowers and vases on a simple canvas fabric. Although the graphic line is utilized, it is a cushion design that gives a unique texture by hand-stitching instead of a printed image. Flowers finished with appliqué treatment and white stitching line treatment infuse individuality into the space with a witty design. Match it with a chair, sofa, bed, etc., and use it as an interior point.

Botanic pattern to create with wallpaper

Let’s bring nature into your home by using botanic patterns with plant motifs, such as images of gardens and plants. You can complete the space with a subtle yet sophisticated feel with a repetitive but not boring plant pattern. Instead of considering the curtains and walls separately, they created an attractive wall space by applying the same botanic pattern as an extension of the interior.

A feast of graphic patterns

Let’s use polka dots, stripes, and zigzags, as well as mustaches and triangle patterns, which are standard in Nordic designs, to create a chic and modern atmosphere. If you use various patterns harmoniously without being excessive, you can create a sense of colorful space without adding other decorative elements. The bed cover, which has a natural color feel on linen with patterns of numbers and alphabets, gives a vintage and stylish feel, and it is a bedroom interior that blends naturally into the space by matching cushions with Nordic patterns in various styles. Just like this, cushions and bedding can greatly change the atmosphere of a space.

A natural pattern that looks like a watercolor painting

A feast of colors created by matching a cushion with a colorful pattern to a transparent chair frame made with a bamboo motif is beautiful. The vertical stripe pattern that seems to be spread by drawing a brush with watercolors becomes a natural and sophisticated point of the space. Also, the wall pattern of flowing lines, as if drawn with a brush, naturally harmonized with the fabric pattern, creating an attractive space. Let’s plan a unique space with the natural harmony of furniture using fabric patterns and mural wallpaper.

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Interior furniture with your own personality and taste

Point interior accessories for your own personal space. Furniture selection is very important for interiors that contain individuality and taste. This is because interior furniture is not only necessary for living, but it can also serve as an object in a space. Because furniture is different for each space, carefully select furniture for each space and select materials and colors in consideration of harmony with the overall interior. For example, a sofa or table in the living room is the most central piece of furniture in the living room and plays an important role in setting the atmosphere of the living room. At this time, if you select a design, material, or color that is the point, the living room interior with personality is completed. In this way, if you think about the point furniture that fits the space in advance, you can choose interior furniture without difficulty.

If you want to know what kind of furniture can give points to each space, pay attention to today’s article.

Living room full of stars

Tables and tables, which are the most central furniture in the living room, determine the atmosphere of the living room depending on which design you choose. and the unique design that maintains its shape by weaving and fixing the star shape to each other stands out. As a point for the living room , natural materials such as beech, maple and birch are used to make the living room feel natural. I wonder how the multi-sided star-shaped lights installed on the table will illuminate the living room with soft light.

Lighting with traditional beauty

Interior lighting with a modern interpretation of traditional beauty. This luxurious red-violet standout product is a bookshelf lamp stand with modern design elements such as traditional beautiful lines, colors, and patterns. It feels elegant and elegant but does not lose its modernity, so it is suitable as a point lighting in a living room or bedroom where a lot of people gather.

A rinser with a natural look

You can create an industrial style by making good use of old and rough accessories. The pretty interior accessories with wood and metal in the photo are  a unique design. The rough wood was painted with white color to give it a point, and it was completed by inserting a metal rod. It even serves as an object along with the accessories hung up on it with a natural wash that takes advantage of the natural feeling.

Shelf made from crude clay, a natural material

Beautiful dishes such as wine glasses or coffee cups can be displayed in an open cabinet or on a shelf to give a decorative effect. The storage cabinet in the photo shows the sensibility of the maker, which is made out of clay. A cabinet with a more natural feel with a rough texture completed the kitchen with storage as well as decorative beauty.

If you want to make your kitchen more comfortable with the warmth and naturalness of the earth, how about choosing interior furniture made of natural materials?

Mirror to make it look three-dimensional

In the interior, mirrors create a mysterious and sophisticated atmosphere with the effect of making the space appear spacious and three-dimensional. The product in the photo is a mirror from, which connects mirrors of different sizes with rods to give fun and uniqueness to the space, making the space unique. In general, interiors using mirrors are common in commercial spaces, but when applied to the house, it gives a different feeling. It is reborn as a special object according to the processing method of the mirror and the location where it is hung.

Minimalist shelf for books

It is an interior furniture that helps organize not only books, but also various small items such as CDs and DVDs. In addition, it can be conveniently assembled without tools for user convenience, and can be used usefully in all interior spaces. The interesting structure of the X-shape shows two functions: storage and object role when the eyes are drawn at once and put it indifferently in the remaining space. Made of natural birch wood, it adds a natural look to the interior space.

Star-filled table and chairs for kids

The children’s desk should be light and easy to move, and the design should be suitable for the child’s eye level where the child can stay for a long time. This is a small table and chair for children as a product. This product, made of wood material that gives comfort and stability, gives a star-shaped point on the dining table on a chair with a star-shaped texture so that the child can see at a glance. The table is connected between the two chairs, so there are no separate table legs, so it is more comfortable for children to sit on.

A book full of books in the center of the wall

From a distance, it looks like a single picture frame, but it is a storage cabinet for books placed in the center of the wall. You can create a small space for books by making a frame with a diagonal line inside a large square frame, and you can store it freely without a fixed frame. To prevent books from falling, lines are added to the surface of the books on display to create a stable structure. If you choose furniture with a unique design like this rather than a simple storage cabinet in the living room or study, you can add fun to the space and complete your own unique study.

Huge english lighting

Lighting is emerging as an important factor influencing the atmosphere in the house. Ordinary lighting that can be commonly found around has been designed with a new feel. A huge A-shaped light made of metal, which seems to be used in commercial spaces, but it is a unique lighting that can be used at home as well. You can select from A to Z, and if you arrange the words you want and set them up in the space, the house that feels like a cafe is completed. A small socket light bulb is placed inside the English frame made of metal, giving it a cute feel. If you put it in an indifferent space, your eyes will look more like an object rather than a lighting.

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