Sport room Best Interior designer near me

Sport room | Best Interior designer near me | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Sport room | Best Interior designer near me | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The gym is a place dedicated to doing exercises and exercises; it can also be a fitness center or a special corner for lifting weights. All kinds of athletes can train in this gym from Olympians, wrestlers and competitors from different games. There are many types of gyms, each with special equipment, training equipment, and machines that you need according to the nature of each of them. We will discuss them in this article.

With the increase in luxuries today, such as food and drinks, remote control, more sitting and less movement, our exposure to diseases and health problems increases, and exercising becomes an essential duty that we must in order to be able to maintain a healthy, balanced life.

Our daily schedule may be overcrowded with work, or we may be negligent because the health club is far away, or because the subscription fees are high. All of these and other reasons may hinder us from getting regular or even continuing to exercise.. Recently, a lot has started to go to the home gym, which saves the person A lot in terms of time and subscriptions, especially since the prices of sports equipment began to decrease due to the increase in the number of producing companies.. In addition, the home gym provides all family members with free subscription to this small club..

Gym design elements


We should avoid hard floors and resort to those made of soft and rubber materials that absorb shocks in the event of a fall, God forbid, and also facilitate the practice of sports movements such as yoga and aerobics..


It is preferable that the walls be in comfortable colors that suit the person’s taste in order to enjoy the place.. We also have to introduce vibrant colors through some elements to revitalize the body and help us exercise with enthusiasm and positive energy.. We also recommend adding some boards with motivational phrases.. One of the most important elements What distinguishes the gym room from the rest of the rooms is the wall of mirrors, which helps us see ourselves when exercising to make sure that the steps are correct. It is also preferable to put a TV so that the person can watch educational videos and practice them in front of the mirror.


We recommend providing the largest amount of natural lighting in the room because of its impact on increasing the person’s activity and improving his mental health.. It is preferable that white fluorescent lighting be chosen so as not to increase the room temperature as it provides a high level of clarity of vision.


Gym equipment vary in price, but when choosing, one must take into account that we do not need the types of sports clubs that are designed to serve a large number of people and over long hours, while the home gym is for people with limited numbers and therefore it is recommended to choose brands of moderate quality.. It is also preferable to choose equipment Multi-tasking for material economy and saving space in the room.

What is the available space inside the house?

If you live in a small space, you will therefore rely on most exercises that use weights, such as: dumbbells or resistance rope, but if you have more space, you can include other exercises that need movement in a larger area, such as: Squat exercises or Hit exercises.

Do you need it? Do you use it?

If you don’t like running, we don’t recommend buying a Treadmill; Because it will turn into a boring decor with time, the goal is to buy tools that you like to motivate you to continue to exercise, your belief in buying products that makes you perform exercises that you do not like from the beginning is incorrect.

What is your purchasing budget for tools?

Budgeting helps prioritize the tools you need, avoids buying extra things that you might not use, and becomes a key criterion in choosing between different types of product.

So, we recommend to you some basic sports equipment that will not cost you a lot of money, do not use large areas and help strengthen your body…

Exercise mat or yoga mat

It is one of the basics that no sports home should be without, as this mat avoids back pain when performing abdominal exercises or any exercises that depend on lying on the traditional carpet. .

Resistance rope

Resistance ropes are a useful tool for beginners and also for advanced exercises to build muscle and lose weight, like weights, they have different resistance levels represented by different colors, you can choose what suits your fitness level, and they are easy to carry for travel.

Hand Weights

When you start exercising with weights for the first time, you can use hand weights, which are easy to carry by wearing them in the hand, and they are characterized by the presence of small weights starting from half a kilo, so it is a gradual start for those who feel weak muscles in their hands, and can also be used in the foot while walking. or running; To strengthen the muscles of the foot if you do not prefer it, you can dispense with it and use traditional dumbbells.

Iron Ball Kettle bells

The iron ball is available in different weights to suit your fitness level, and helps you burn at least 20 calories per minute, and is one of the simple ways to strengthen your body.

Swiss Ball

The Swiss ball helps solve various back problems, and protects the spine when used to perform abdominal exercises. Using the ball works to operate all the muscles in your body to maintain your balance. Just make sure to choose a ball that fits your height.

Foam roller

If you need a rest, you can spend a day in front of the TV, and all you do is press your feet on that foam roller, which works to relieve muscle pain and increase flexibility.

Sports watch

These watches are characterized by monitoring your heart rate and body burning rate during exercise, which helps you assess your athletic performance. There are many types of these watches at different prices.

You can hire an expert to design a gym for your home with the latest methods and technologies at the lowest costs.

Sports Hall or home gym | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Exercising daily makes it possible to live longer, it seems. But working five days a week seems impractical, with the little remaining energy being used for family, friends, or just him. That being said, owning your own gym is a viable option and maybe less expensive than you think. Cancel your monthly gym memberships in your city, you never go there anyway, and work out at home!

What machines should you install in your gym?

It obviously depends on your sporting practices. Do you do weight training or do you prefer to run? Here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas:

– Dumbbells

– Yoga mat

– Gymnastic ball

– Treadmill

You can also set up a mirror, not to admire yourself but rather to adopt the correct postures during your exercises.

In which room can I set up my own gym?

Do you have a spare bedroom? An extra room in the basement? You just have to transform these spaces as you wish in order to make them your gym.

What are the points to take into account when setting up a gym?

Think about the noise pollution that your exercises could create and therefore the inconvenience caused to the occupants of the adjoining rooms. Choose a secluded room where you won’t disturb anyone and pay attention to the choice of materials. Do not hang a punching bag from the ceiling if your gym is located in your attic, for example.

The home gym: ideas and inspiration

Throughout the design of your ideal home gym, you can save your favorite images and organize them in your personalized Interior A to Z idea book. As you go, you will collect all the inspiration you need to complete your project. Interior A to Z ideas are very varied and are categorized according to house styles. Be aware of the limitations imposed by your budget, the size of your space or the style of your home. The sports equipment in your room must fit into a limited space and depending on the choice of equipment you will make this equipment can quickly increase your budget. When you begin to think about what the design of your home gym will be, first think about why you are adding a gym to your home.

What’s the perfect design for your home gym?

The answer is simple: it depends on your personal taste. There is therefore no single answer to this question since the reasons behind the desire to build a home gym are unique to everyone. Ideally, the design of this room should have a logical organization. While filling the available space, there must be enough space left to move between the different pieces of equipment. If the design of your gym is too cluttered, then the effect will be contrary to the desired result and your gym will look cluttered. The design of your home gym should reflect an impression of comfort, self-confidence and above all productivity. There’s no point in building a home gym if it doesn’t invite you to exercise regularly.

Where can I find ideas for my home gym?

There are many sources of inspiration. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to add a personal touch to your gym. After all, this is your home! As you browse the Interior A to Z website, you will find countless examples of already existing gyms that will provide you with inspiration with ideas for styles, plans and equipment to use. Keep all that inspiration at your fingertips with building an Interior A to Z idea book. The Interior A to Z Idea Book is your personal virtual book with all your favorite ideas. You can even add notes to your idea book to facilitate a better representation of your ideal home gym.

How to build a home gym?

There are generally two ways to design and build your home gym. The most common method involves you being in charge of the design and construction of your gym. The working time will therefore be longer, but the project will cost you much less overall. The second method is to hire a professional who will know how to convert your room into a home gym and will also be responsible for purchasing and installing all the necessary equipment. This second method guarantees that the home gym of your dreams will become a reality, but the cost of carrying out the project will be more expensive.

What colors to choose on the walls of a home gym?

As with the rest of your home, the choice of colors depends on your personal taste. However, some color combinations are not always suitable for certain rooms and their function. While warm, welcoming colors are perfect for your living room, in your gym you should instead use colors that give you self-confidence, motivation and productivity. Be careful, this does not mean that the colors must be sterile and cold. Different colors will bring a distinct atmosphere to your home gym. A bright orange creates a lot of energy and brings fun to your workout. Pale colors and powdery blue bring a fresh feeling to your room, which can make you exercise longer.

A soft and subtle yellow is particularly suitable for sports halls without windows since it will create a positive and sunny atmosphere in a space where there is no natural light. The room ceiling is often a somewhat overlooked part of the design concept; however consider that you’ll spend a lot of time scrutinizing it when doing sit-ups and other exercises. Choose a gray or a steel blue, colors that will bring you even more determination. However, think about the fact that you will spend a lot of time scrutinizing it when you do sit-ups and other exercises. Choose a gray or a steel blue, colors that will bring you even more determination. However, think about the fact that you will spend a lot of time scrutinizing it when you do sit-ups and other exercises. Choose a gray or a steel blue, colors that will bring you even more determination.

What floors should I use in my home gym?

Whether your gym is located on the ground floor or upstairs, you need to choose a durable, non-slip floor that you feel safe on. It must be strong enough for the use of your equipment, especially your heavy weights. On the floors of professional sports halls, we often find rubber with the use of sports mats that unroll or interlock with each other. We recommend the horse stall rugs. Not only are they durable and strong enough to withstand the shock of your weights when they fall to the ground, they are also inexpensive and available in a variety of sizes. Laminate parquet is another very affordable solution for your floors.

What equipment should I integrate into my home gym?

It depends on your goals. If you want to build muscle then you will need a variety of weights, dumbbells, benches, and sturdy weight racks to store your equipment. If you want a more general focus on your fitness, the most practical sports accessories will be yoga mats, gymnastic balls, benches and kettle bells. If you have a bigger budget, you can also buy a treadmill, a rower, an indoor bike.

One of the most profitable pieces of equipment is the multi-function weight machine. The prices for these machines vary a lot. They are recommended because they allow working the majority of the muscles of the body whether it is the legs, the arms, the shoulders or the back.

How to convert an extra room into a home gym?

The conversion process is pretty straightforward. The room must first be stripped of its entire interior, all its furniture and floors if they are unsuitable for the future use. Pay attention to the location of your home gym; consider that noise can disturb other rooms in the house. The ideal would be to soundproof the walls with special insulating foam that will prevent the noise from spreading outside the room. Be sure from the start of the place of your equipment in the room to avoid the last minute rearrangements that are a little too tedious.

What style should I choose for my home gym?

The chosen design reveals a side of you. Choose a design that is not only practical but also reflects your personal taste. The colors and organization of your sports equipment can transform your room in the blink of an eye. That is why it is very important to understand the primary purpose of your home gym. You can however mix different styles to create something original.

The modern gym

The modern style gym is often a combination of classic and minimalist design that respects the hottest trends while remaining practical. Modern type designs are all the more beautiful, as they only need small modifications to stay trendy and in harmony with the latest fashions. Small alterations to the color of the walls or the modernization of the equipment when the budget allows it are sufficient to maintain the modernity of the room. Again, consider using soft, subtle colors like yellows and blues to brighten up your gym, especially if there is no natural light.

The rustic gym

The rustic-style gym uses wood, bricks and any other warm themes that hark back to the Scandinavian style. The rustic style has recently seen resurgence in popularity especially in living rooms. Using exposed wood parts, furs, hardwood floors, and warm colors like browns and greens can add a rustic touch to your home gym. You can easily overdo the cozy aspect associated with the rustic style and too much effect kills the effect. For your gym, choose a simple design with some rustic style echoes.

The minimalist gym

The minimalist style gym involves incorporating the bare minimum. For a successful minimalist-style gym, don’t load the room with personal belongings and other mess. Clean lines and organization, enough space and simple colors are key features of this type of design. White, dark blue, green and black are colors that will easily enhance the minimalist style of the room. The space available is essential to the minimalist style. You therefore need to integrate enough storage space and cupboards on the walls. Rough concrete and parquet are also typical features of minimalist designs.

Sports Hall or home gym | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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