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Home Working Place Design

The past year was difficult and breakthrough for us. With the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, we have undergone a massive transformation, affecting our culture, social life, family life, economy and our professional lives. We moved from comfortable, spacious offices to the sofas of our living rooms, with a laptop on our lap.

We thought the situation would be under control in a matter of weeks or months at most. Unfortunately, this has not happened, and Europe is struggling with the third wave of COVID-19, and we are already used to working from home.

But what to do to make this work convenient, effective and comfortable? How to arrange a home office space when we live in a small apartment?

Check out the advice of our experts who have smart ways to create and organize your home office even on a tiny square!

Everything you need

You will admit that remote work has its advantages. While there is no substitute for human contact, coffee breaks and gossip in the office kitchen, working from home can be fun. We save the time we used to spend on commuting, and in return we have our four hangmen. That is why it is so important that the home office is comfortable and well organized. The above example is an ideal situation: a separate room, perfect light, a bookcase and a filing cabinet. Everything is dressed in warm shades of wood and white.

Corner in the living room

Sometimes we do not have a room that can be used at home. Relax! nothing is lost! Even in the living room, you can easily plan a place for a desk. Here, they are placed perpendicular to the couch, so you can keep an eye on the whole house while sitting at the desk. Behind the back there is a large bookcase that will help you store important papers. Remember, however, that in such a situation an ergonomic office is essential. Also, make sure you have a good chair and adequate lighting.


This solution is simply brilliant! It is wonderful to have such a development at home, because after finishing work, we close the entire office and enjoy peace, forgetting about work. Experts from Nomad Studio have created such a project especially for people working from home, but it will also work well in the room of young people, students or older children.

What desk?

A home office is primarily a desk space. This space will be the closest to us for many hours worked. It is worth investing in the most comfortable solution. The desk should be large enough to provide a comfortable place to work. The minimum size is those with a minimum width of 90 centimetres and a width of 120 centimetres. It is worth taking an interest in desks with adjustable height, but if ours does not have one, the ideal height is 75 centimetres.

In the dining room

The dining table is usually needed only during meals, and often those more solemn, e.g. weekend dinners. Usually it is used less frequently in everyday life due to the fast pace of life and the need to eat out. Therefore, you can safely adapt it to the needs of a home office. It is best if the computer does not disturb the relaxing nature of the room. If it is only needed occasionally, no special preparation is required. When you are working on a laptop, temporarily using the dining room table as an office is usually not a problem.

Behind the wall

Even the smallest corner is suitable for a home office. Here, a part of the kitchen was used, which was cleverly separated by an openwork partition wall. In fact, you only need a few shelves, a tabletop and a comfortable chair!

With a green accent

When arranging a room for work at home, it is good to remember about a small green accent. We are talking about plants, of course! Thanks to them, the entire space will not seem raw to you and will definitely take on color. Each room arrangement should take into account various types of potted flowers, as they have a positive effect on our mood.

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