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Wall and wall decorations with an innovative vision | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

In the beginning, when looking at any design, the first thing that catches our attention is the colors of the walls and walls. There is a type of walls in bright colors, that is, they give us joy, vitality and activity, in addition to the frank dark colors that closely parallel the design, and we do not stop at that, but rather address In order to find designs with wooden walls, marble, or some mosaics, which are the small pieces that decorate the walls, in addition to the use of stones and bricks in its different and distinct forms, and another form of oil walls.

As for wallpaper, it is widely used in the modern and contemporary style , and we will review you in This article is about six of the coolest and most innovative and creative designs in terms of its relevance to the style, whether it is classic or modern, and it shows the ingenuity of the designer, and this will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable design for you in terms of material matters and public and private taste.

1- Simple and quiet design

This design appears with the required calm, whether it is suitable for living rooms, or children’s rooms; Where the use of calm colors such as the first degree of green, and the design is not without the appropriate decor for the wall, which is represented by some wooden shapes in the form of triangles that can be used as a place to put books, and lighting here plays a major role in showing the design, and the presence of windows with curtains gives The design is a touch different, and the design matches wood floors and artificial lighting.

2- The luxury of the stone wall

This design has elegance, sophistication and elegance. Where the use of stone bricks in dark red or brownish-brown, which gives the design a kind of difference that fits greatly with the design of the living room, from a comfortable sofa in brown and in front of it a distinctive table, and the views of the design on a charming nature in green behind a panorama glass, This is in addition to the indoor plants that give the design a wonderful natural look.

3- gold title design

In this design, the wallpaper is topped in the golden color of the design, which gives a different touch of the uses of the wallpaper, in addition to being suitable with the colors of the furniture, where the seats are red in soft velour material, and the lighting is artificial, while for the rest of the walls it is in light beige Suitable for all designs and colors of furniture, giving you the freedom to choose the color and model of furniture, all of this combines with light, glossy floors.

4- Simple design with light color wall

The walls of this design are light; Where it is considered appropriate with the design as a whole, it is a design for a modern living room with a wide longitudinal area, and perhaps one of the walls is considered a decoration in terms of the presence of the wooden library with a large area and a suitable height, it has interior lighting to highlight the splendor of the design, while the design lighting in general is common between natural Passing through sunlight and industrial through the means of prominent and buried lighting.

5-Design for a great corner in the middle of the house

It is clear on this design that a part of the house is located between its units; As it is a two-seater with a distinctive shape and different from others, but in addition to that, we find the wall in golden color using wonderful wallpaper with distinct curtains and the floor covered with a carpet of small size compatible with the design.

6- Neutral colors for the walls

Of course, the use of gray, which is known by designers as a neutral color; As it is a color that is very consistent with all designs, whether the furniture is light or dark or in distinctive colors, and the colors of the walls here in the design fit with the floors and furniture, the wall is decorated with a library of a distinctive shape with the overlap of the milky color.

Wall lighting interior design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The placement and design of lighting is always planned as part of the interior decoration, as it plays a very important role in the atmosphere of the room. Among them, an efficiently planned lighting system can create a bright, elegant and sophisticated environment. Therefore, lighting experts recommend a unique type of lighting for every room, depending on the purpose of use and the arrangement of furniture. Today we are sharing fantastic ideas to light up the walls of your home, regardless of the color of the walls and the materials used specifically for the furniture. It is an idea to create a different atmosphere by adding a soft light to the storage space created by digging a groove inside the wall. It has the advantage of adding a romantic illumination while solving the storage space. A novel and cute lighting that goes beyond our imagination catches our eyes. A lamp with a red frame is installed on the wall next to a 2D sofa picture painted on the wall and floor. A playful yet sensible idea is impressive. When choosing outdoor lighting to illuminate your front door, we recommend upright lighting that shoots up from the bottom of the wall as shown in the photo. Although it is inconspicuous, it creates a subtle illuminate and emphasizes a minimalist design. The most popular, simple, and most cost-effective outdoor lighting idea is a wall spotlight that encloses the wall in an attractive indirect light. In the modern house , you can see the sensual atmosphere created by the lamps on the wall. Combining different lighting systems is one way to illuminate the walls of your home. If you decorate the wall in various ways, such as uplifts, spotlights, and buried lighting, you can create a richer look. Dark spaces with stairs can pose a safety hazard. In this case, lighting the ceiling is a good idea, but embedding the lights in the wall of the stairs is a cleaner, more modern way to illuminate the space. In a modern and minimalist building, the light flowing down the wall goes well with it. If you want a light that does not harm the color of the wall and allows the light to flow smoothly, consider installing a landfill. If you are looking for a more colorful style. A simple wall spotlight can create true light art in your outdoor space. You can decorate the wall in a gorgeous way without any decorations. This spotlight serves to emphasize the rough texture of the natural stone wall. If you want to emphasize the texture, a spotlight is recommended. Pin lighting can be used to add personality to the wall. A colorful pattern was created with spotlights by arranging pin lights on the wall. The idea of ​​creating a warm atmosphere through small square lights. The cute lighting installed on the brick wall of the dining room emphasizes the emotional texture of the brick. or outdoor lighting, it is good to select a soft illuminate to create a mood. However, if you adopt the idea of ​​emphasizing the texture of the wall as in the photo, you can add a luxurious feel. A unique lighting idea in the shape of a diamond that gives the wall a personality through the lighting from all directions. When natural and artificial lighting meet, a more unique atmosphere can be created. In the photo, you can refer to the space created by appropriately combining bright windows and lighting. Wall lighting is not just decoration. A small light built-in under the kitchen cabinets, for example, helps keep the sink bright, making the kitchen more efficient.

Decorative touches that you simply can apply to the walls

Wall decor may be a major a part of harmonious home decor, and with the proper accessories, colors and elements on your walls, you’ll create a homely and fun atmosphere. Making changes to the planning of your home can improve the general appearance of it. While this might appear to be a really daunting task, it’s easy, with the proper help, to implement the planning of your dreams.

When it involves wall decor, our interior designers will assist you choose the proper colors and pieces to match your home design. That’s why they always work closely with their clients to assist them achieve optimal results no matter the changes they request. Some people go bold; others choose bright colors or stick with neutrals. You’ll decorate the walls of your home with plants or maybe some shelves. It’s clear that the choices for beautiful wall decor are endless; determine with us a number of them.

Wall map

If you’re a lover of outstanding designs, you’ll implement this unique design on one among the walls of your home, especially the wall of the office room. We discover that designers have implemented a prominent map on this wall up gray and milky colors, which are the most colors for the planning of the space. It really may be a wonderful and weird idea.

Distinctive fence

You can make this wall the most artistic design of the front room, so we discover the weather utilized in it from small prominent stones and ornamental wooden panels to form it distinctive in the least . Subtle lighting was wont to accentuate the features of the wall without overwhelming it.

Modern design with elegant mirrors

Place some stylish mirrors on the blank walls of your home, to bring more light thereto and make the space look bigger. We discover here that unique and modern sorts of mirrors were wont to match the fashionable design of the front room, and therefore the mirror frame was utilized in gray, which is that the main feature of the space.

Leave it normal

The finishing touches on the wooden walls give the posh home you would like you’ll wish for, to not mention the comfortable and comfy atmosphere the utilization of wood brings. Here we discover the main target on one sort of wood within the design of the wall, floors, stairs and even the handrails, so as to unify the planning and not be distracted by many elements.

Wooden shelves for display

The use of shelves is one among the simplest ways to display your favorite decorative pieces, as they decorate blank walls in a simple and straightforward way without costing you huge sums. You’ll make and hang some simple wooden shelves yourself to feel accomplished and modernize your home.

A white wavy wall

Instead of boring smooth walls, why not add some distinctive artistic motifs to them? It is a good way to embellish the space you would like, and add texture and dimension to a wall. Be happy to implement such a definite idea if you’ve got some empty walls that can’t be solved.

Distinctive geometric patterns

Think outside the normal range and add some bold patterns to your wall, it’s chic and distinct thanks to create an inventive design inside your home. Through this instance we see how the wall with the tiny brown triangles attracts the eye of everyone who sees it, it really is different. The lighting unit and therefore the yellow utensils attached thereto increase the individuality and creativity.

A wall of green pastures

When plain walls are boring to you, why not consider making a dangling garden along the wall? That green wall of plants causes you to feel that you simply are sitting in one among the green pastures and fresh nature around you. It’s a glance that’s refreshing, lively and pure.

Stylish artistic profiles

Hanging some artwork is a simple thanks to transform the whole scene in your home, but takes care when choosing these paintings to match the remainder of the planning. We discover here that a glass panel was utilized in pure milky color that matches the tablecloth and therefore the reform the beautiful outside view of the ocean and the clear sky, it’s truly an integrated painting.

Exposed brick wall

Adding exposed bricks to embellish your blank wall is one among the fast and effective solutions that you simply can implement, and it’ll add slightly of beauty and difference to any space. Throughout this design we see that the exposed bricks match the economic style utilized in this kitchen.

Chalkboard wall

If you’re an ingenious person or calve children then chalkboard wall are going to be perfect for your home. It adds an opportunity to write down your daily to-do list, grocery lists, and even doodles for your kids, it’s really an excellent thanks to try.

Wall Interior Design for living room in low budget | Top designer firm

Wall Interior Design for living room in low budget | Design Firm

15 Living Room Expansion Ideas for Cool, Open Spaces

The proportion of apartment dwellings in India is overwhelming, with more than half of the population living in apartments. Maybe that’s why, as time goes by, the public’s interest in apartment interiors and remodeling is increasing. Considering this local situation, many interior designers are pouring out creative and beneficial ideas for apartments. Among them, the so-called ‘living room extension’ is a remodeling idea that has attracted many people’s attention by extending the living space to the outdoor space to make the interior appear larger. Today’s article introduces 15 living room extension ideas suggested by domestic and foreign experts. Take a step-by-step guide to inspiring living room extension ideas in the article below.

1. Spacious dining room obtained by extending the living room

First, let’s look at the domestic case. Interior expert expanded the space by breaking down the boundary between the living room and the balcony, and planned a relaxed living and dining room here. The composition in which the living room and dining room are placed on the same line is impressive. 

2. Eliminate the presence of the door

Unnecessary interior walls and doors are the main actors in making the space seem narrow and stuffy. Let’s take a look at the sensuous residential space shown in the photo. The glass door that crossed between the living room and the balcony was removed, and the living space was extended to the balcony, creating a cool open space. If you boldly tear down the rest of the walls except for the necessary walls and doors, you can secure a fluid and continuous space like flowing water.

3. Another possibility of balcony space

The balcony in the photo was conceived as a space for home offices and workshops, breaking away from the limited use of the balcony that existed for laundry. If the balcony had been used for its original purpose, the living room would have to cover the home office space. It is a good example of another possibility of a balcony space.

4. Living room with no trace of balcony

In general,  even if the living space is extended to the balcony, the space is visually separated by making a difference between the living room and the balcony flooring. If you want to make the space look more expansive and spacious, try unifying the living room and balcony flooring with the same material. This is a way to completely remove the traces of the balcony so that it belongs to the living space.

5. Open space towards the courtyard

Courtyard offering your own private outdoor space. If you want to be immersed in the charm of this courtyard, let’s create a cool open space towards the courtyard by minimizing the presence of doors and walls.

6. Bench storage

If you want to create a more three-dimensional and functional space, try using a bench-type storage cabinet. With this, you can secure ample storage space as well as a rest area where you can sit and rest for a while.

7. Lightly separate with a glass door

Next, let’s look at foreign cases. It is impressive to see the beautiful nature in the living room through the wide glass windows. A thin window frame was chosen so as not to obstruct the flow of eyes, and the front was planned with a fixed front window.

8. Roof Terrace

If you want to feel the charm of both indoors and outdoors at the same time, try using glass windows actively. The walls and ceiling were planned with glass windows to capture a beautiful 360-degree view, and it was created as a cozy space with insulation.

9. Living room with scenery

If the environmental conditions in which the house is located are good, you should be able to enjoy it 100%. Take in the beautiful view of nature in the living room through the fixed glass front window.

10. Outdoor Dining Room

As in the house in the picture, if you place an indoor dining room in the living room and an outdoor dining room on the balcony, you can freely decide where to eat according to the weather and mood.

11. A space for tea time

A small table and comfortable chairs were placed on the way from the living room to the balcony to create a space for tea time. It is an attractive space where you can enjoy a cup of sweet tea with abundant sunlight coming in from the balcony.

12. Living room with a sense of openness

If you want to maximize the feeling of openness in the living room, break the boundary between the living room and the outdoor space and plan the living room with a high ceiling.

13. A space created with colorful plants and lighting

If you want to add a different view to your living room, how about using colorful plants and lighting?

14. Living room with native courtyard

The house in the photo was planned to lead directly from the living room to the yard. The yard covered with soil, not grass, has a local feel of a traditional space and goes well with our sentiments.

15. Living room with a cool panoramic view

The living room with glass windows in the shape of an ‘L’ provides a cool panoramic view of the city center, creating a very sophisticated and urban image.
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