Ideas for designing small homes in the modern way

Ideas for designing small homes in the modern way

Owning a small house means giving up old things and unused items that are stored uselessly! A small house means avoiding excessive decorations and optimizing every inch of your home. Simply a small house means a great opportunity for creativity and innovation, and searching for non-traditional ways to overcome the narrowness of space.

Small houses force us to think like it or not! It is also not satisfied with modern and modern designs, and classic designs with large sizes and many decorations are not suitable for it.

And today we will show you 13 ideas from 13 different homes from all over the world! In it, modern and modern designs appear at their best…

1- horizontal lines

The idea of ​​using horizontal lines to create an optical illusion that makes us feel the extension of the room and gives us a feeling of spaciousness and  spaciousness . Horizontal multi-length on the wall of the room.

2- Use Eames chairs in the dining room

Eames chairs are modern chairs with streamlined designs, do not have armrests, which makes them do not occupy a large space, and we can include them towards the table without any obstacle so that most of them disappear within the space below the table. Therefore, the use of this type of chairs in the dining rooms In small homes, it is suitable for giving it modernity and spaciousness.

3- Glass doors

There is no doubt that adopting the open spaces method in small homes has many advantages in overcoming the narrowness of space, but there are many things that make some people prefer to put dividers and doors between rooms.

Among these matters is the presence of children in the house and the desire to prevent them from entering some places that may harm them, such as the kitchen, and the desire to separate the noise of the television in the living room from the bedrooms, and many other things.

So we offer them a genius and practical idea! And they are the glass doors that do not represent an obstacle to the view or the passage of light, and thus have preserved the main objective of the open space.

4- Carpet with geometric shapes

The straight geometric shapes in black and white in the carpet made the place look modern, especially with the modern yellow chair in the room.

5- Round tables

If the narrow room has rectangular or square shapes, the round tables are the ideal solution to provide some spaces that allow freedom of movement in the place.

6- Harmony of decoration with accessories

Using accessories with designs and colors that harmonize with home decor is very wise, as the presence of a lot of colors will distract and obstruct the view, if you want to add more touches, you can do so through the diversity of materials, not colors.

7- Plants are indispensable

Exploiting a small corner to place green plants and small bushes would enhance psychological comfort and serenity in the place and then overcome the feeling of malaise caused by the small space.

8- Replace the table with the kitchen bar

Use the kitchen island to create a small bar where you and your family can eat, instead of the dining room that occupies a large area of ​​the house. As did the professional designer in the small family home.

9- Exploiting the balcony

The balcony can be an ideal outlet for all members of the house, when one sits on the balcony, he feels that there is no limit to his imagination and he can relax and clear his mind after a day of hard work, so taking care of the balcony in small homes especially is considered a priority, because it compensates the family for the lack of space the home.

10 – Using the Minimalist Style

Using the minimalist style in the design of the bedrooms is appropriate because it does not allow chaos to occur and makes the room constantly tidy.

11- Replacing the bathtub with the shower

There is no doubt that the bathtub is great for recreation, but it takes up a lot of space compared to the space occupied by the shower, so replacing it with a shower in small bathrooms is important to get an ideal bathroom that is not crowded, and the bathtub can be replaced with modern designs for showers that make the water rush through holes in the wall Which achieves relaxation in the same way as bathtubs and spa baths .

12 – open common spaces

Making the kitchen, dining room, and living room on the same straight line in one common space, to enjoy together the same lighting and ventilation windows, without obstructing the view with doors and barriers that exacerbate the narrowness of the space.

13- 3D wallpaper

Innovative murals and 3D wallpaper are ideal for achieving the optical illusion required to increase the room’s spaciousness by drawing multiple windows such as this mural.

Ideas for designing small homes in the modern way